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Heroshot/splatershot guide

A S+ Heroshot mains perspective.

  1. Flamelord054

    I feel like I always see tenatec players in ranked but almost never anyone playing the original and I feel like this weapon deserves more love that it gets now even and maybe I can get at least a few more people playing. I will briefly go over the main and sub and then go over gear and how the main and sub work together.

    Main Weapon:

    The main Weapon is nothing too special considering it is the balanced weapon. It kills in 3 hits and can be knocked down to 4 by and defense up main but you can fix this with a single damage up sub. The range is decent, has a good strafing speed and a good ink efficiency rate. But the real key to this weapon is that it is average but has almost no weaknesses, the only one I find it has is its range against longer ranged weapons, the way around this is to move around a lot, this helps you avoid long range weapons and it helps avoid bullets in mid range confrontations so always a good option.

    Sub weapons:

    The sub weapon here is the wonderful burst bombs.With this weapon the burst bombs have two good uses, 1) as an approach option. It has a longer range than the main so using it while approaching and if you get a direct hit it lowers hits to kill to 1 and a indirect hit lowers it to 2. 2) It can be used to hit people over obstacles and when around corners. This is very self explanatory.One thing that I cannot stress enough is the fact the bombs, while they have better range than your main weapon, you can only throw 4 with a full tank, so DO NOT try to use it as a ranged weapon unless you can get a direct hit easily.

    Special Weapons:

    This weapon comes with the burst bomb rush special weapon. First off, a little known fact about this special is that it isn't infinite bombs, it is infinite ink which comes in a pinch when fighting more than 1 opponent without a full to half empty tank. Here is where you can use bombs for killing but not the best for close range combat. Also can be used for area control or to snuff out opponents.


    This weapon can fit both a defensive and offensive role if used properly. While going offensive you want to move around as much as possible and try to not run towards a opposing player until they are within your bombs range to throw one and approach. On the defensive side of things it is good to try to stay hidden to ambush anyone who comes your way.


    This weapon benefits from both run speed up and swim speed up to be able to move everywhere fast. Bomb range up is also a good choice because you can start your approach sooner.Damage up can be almost necessary for starting splatershot/Heroshot players to increase the effectiveness of the burst bombs and fight against players using defense up but is not necessary once you get more used to this weapon. Last but not least comeback, it is helpful on any load out because it helps you get back into the action as fast as possible and boosts stats for 20 second after death. My recommended set is
    Hat: Pilot Goggles for bomb range up and for the added benefit of the special lasting longer.
    Shirt: Krak-on 528 purely for the fact that this wraps all of your speed is wrapped into a single slot so it is easier to change other parts to fit other situations.
    Shoes:Cyan Trainers because of the fact that the main weapon can be shot down to 4 hits by 1 defense up main and this help the situation plus it increases the effective range of burst bombs,combine that with ink recovery which is never a bad situation and you get a dope pair of shoes.

    The Heroshot and the splatershot are extremely viable weapons and it is surprising that few people actually pick up and I hope that with this more people can pick up this great weapon.
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Recent Reviews

  1. AlsoDededork649
    Meh, a sizable amount of typos and grammar mistakes that makes this guide seem rushed and messy. Some advice is obviously fixing the typos and possibly for the gear section, add pictures and recommend certain hats/shirts/shoes.
    1. Flamelord054
      Author's Response
      Fixed exept pictures
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