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Ink mines

"Ninja bomb"

  1. Ranked mode winners

    If you use a luna blaster, ugh, oh! amazing! You use that for tower control, and damage up abilities, that's a smart thing to do, and if you use quick respawn, and even defense up, on all gear, it's guaranteed to let you win, if you use defense up, you can use the ink mine,... and run, you might not get blown up, if they try to hit you if you are in danger of being blown up, the ink mine might be your best friend. damage up can help you if more than one person is after you, good for...
  2. Ink mines

    You can't use inkmines on nets, walls, or slopes, but it is good to use in ranked battles when there are close combat battles, also unlike what I didn't mention before, in the last guide, You should use ink mines in places unexpected, and most weapons don't have these, but a good weapon to use is the new squiffer. :)
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