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Ink mines

"Ninja bomb"

  1. ReeSquidGig
    You can use ink mines almost anywhere:, but only once, and normally, it explodes automatically after 30 seconds if no one puts ink on/over it, it's the perfect weapon to use if you suspect someone's trying to hide and ink you, This weapon's perfect for that. If you use all damage up abilities for your gear, it will have a better radius, and my opinion, the ink brush that comes with an ink mine is the best weapon to use with this.

    Abilities to use: The good abilities to use is ither sub-ink reducer, because it is a lot of ink, normally if you accidentally press the button twice. Also another way to use this sub efficiently, is The damage up abilities, and if you are like me, if you have quick respawn, and the tiny abilities are damage up, it can be easier to knockout people, even if it blows up far away from the person, there is still a 50/50% chance they will get splatted by it.
    Unexpected places: Good places to put ink mines are where people are most expected to try to sneak by,

    A good way to listen out: If you have good hearing, and your Tv , or what ever you are playing on, you can hear it blowing up atleast even on the other side of the stage, which is a good alarm for trespassers.

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Recent Reviews

  1. MotorGamer
    Doesn’t really give a good description on how to use them
  2. GamerJed
    I can't even consider this a guide. It just lists off it's purposes, which everyone knows. 1 star. I'd give less if I could, honestly.
  3. PyrexO2
    This guide seems very short and doesn't have any reason to actually be here. If it was to be on the topic of ink mines, i would suggest telling players what gear would go with the weapons that have ink mines, as well as how to efficiently use and when and where to place them.

    Hopefully this doesn't scare you away from making more reviews, i believe everyone has great potential and that you definitely can improve

    1. ReeSquidGig
      Author's Response
      :) Thank you for reviewing this! yay!
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