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Moray Towers: Everything I see. (Guide Version 2.0)

This is a quick overview of the new map Moray Towers and some of the strategies for it.

  1. Major oopsie, fixed.

    As it was pointed out to me, the Splat Zones info I had was wrong. The Blue Square no longer means anything, as I have remedied this issue by telling you the correct location of the Splat Zones (B point.) Also, I added a bunch of information on Splat Zones, because I was there and I thought, why not?
  2. Total Rework 8/9/15

    ComPLETELY rewrote the entire thing (except for most of the introductory paragraph) to be a bit more in depth. Whew! This one took a while, and is a bit wordy now, but I think it will be worth it.
  3. Update 2 on 7/15/15

    Updated picture with a new sprinkler location.

    Added separate pictures of the map with the following:
    * Only Paths
    * Only Sprinkler Locations
    * Only Inkable areas that are rarely inked.
    * Only Splat Zones and Tower Control info.

    Some of those images have the point locations and some of them don't.
  4. 7/15/15 update

    Added a paragraph talking about Splat Zones and Tower Control, and updated the picture respectively.
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