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Octobrush: The Hidden Gem

Octobrush: The Hidden Gem

Alright, so here we are. In this update, I will be teaching you which abilities work best for a defensive and offensive play-styles.

First, I will be talking about a defensive play-style. One of the most crucial abilities your going to need is quick superjump . Okay, okay, here me out, this may be a strange ability to have, but it is needed. What quick superjump helps you is that when you get splatted, your going to want to get back to your spot as soon as possible, assuming you've placed beacons. It's handy to knock off a second or two off that pesky superjump time. Here's an example, say if I was perched over your teams splat zone in moray towers and you jumped down to attack an enemy, he get the better of you and splatted you. That enemy has probably already gotten to work on capturing your zone, so you're gonna want to get back there, quickly. That's why quick superjump is necessary for a defensive play-style.

Moving on to our second ability, cold blooded. There isn't much to say about this one. What cold blooded helps with is that if someone uses an echolocator, you can remain hidden, may not be that useful, but can come in handy in some situations.

Now, our third ability can be a range of things. It's up to what you prefer. You can have ink saver so that beacons take up less ink and when in combat can get you a few extra swings. Or, you could go for quick respawn, to get back into the action even quicker. Whatever you choose.

That was just a quick update on what you could use for an defensive play-style.
The next update will be abilities for an offensive play-style.

BYE ^_^
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Now, lets talk strategy. This is for people who want to play more offensively, since I've covered some defensive strategies in my last part.

When playing offensively, beacons are essential, placing them as you press forward is key to victory. As well as trying to stay in ink most of the time.

If its Splat Zones, place beacons is sneaky spots near the enemy's splat zone. Make sure to push it every so often, keep the pressure on them. Be sure to splat any enemy's trying to get to your splat zone.

In Tower Control, basically apply the same strategy I talked about in the last part, but try to stay on the tower more.

In RM, a good think to do is try to get near the enemy's spawn and place sneaky beacons. Try to spawn trap them. If you die, or a teammate wants to get to the enemy's spawn, can just super jump back. Still try to escort the Rainmaker when you can.

That's pretty much it, sorry that its so short, nothing much to talk about this time. Next time I will be talking about what abilities to use while using the Octobrush.

BYE ^_^
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Alright, so your interested in using, or maining the Octobrush? It is one of the most handy and versatile weapons there is. Well, today I'll be teaching you the basics of the weapon and when to push, when to defend and who to fight or back away from. Lesson start!

First things first, you can use the Octobrush, extremely defensively or extremely offensively. Knowing how to adjust your play-style depending on the situation is extremely important. As well as when and where to place beacons, they are the heart and soul of the Octobrush's play-style's

For combat, you wan't to jump quickly to the side of the player or sneak up on them and smash ZR. The Octobrush dishes out plenty of damage, usually in 2-4 good hits. If you run out of Ink during an encounter,
RUN, RUN, RUN, do not try to regain ink.

In Splat Zones you're better off defending a splat zone then trying to capture it. Make sure to place beacons around your zone, don't place them on it. An Inkstrike could easily destroy them all.
HIDE! HIDE! Hiding is essential when defending a splat zone with the Octobrush, hide in ink until they approach the zone, and BAM! Easy kill. This works unless they set up a splash wall and shoot through it, then try to sneak up behind them and get them that way.

In Tower Control, the Octobrush's job is to push past the tower and clear the way. Also setting up beacons ahead of the tower or on it, if you set them up on it, the opponents ink will hit them instead of you, as long as your behind them. If you decide to ride on the tower, place beacons of course, and hide in ink on it at all times. If you in a sticky situation on the tower,
JUMP! An Octobrush needs to be alive most of the time on the battlefield because of its role.

In Rainmaker, you must escort the person holding the Rainmaker. Place beacons along the way and try to be in squid form when not in combat. You can pick up the Rainmaker if you choose. There isn't much too say for Rainmaker.

All in all, the Octobrush is an exceptional escort and scout. Please give me feedback, as this is my first guide. Part 2. will be coming soon, it will be about certain techniques or strats for different maps.

BYE!! ^_^
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