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Rainmaker : CHAOS GUIDE

Strategy in Chaos, Guide to Rainmaker Ranked Battles

  1. finnaggann
    Decent beginner guide, you definitely neglected on the details, but for people stuck in c or b this is useful. Kind of wish you actually made allowances for some of the weirder weapons, that can't or shouldn't play like the 3 basic types. But maybe players who need this guide should not play those anyway.
  2. Th3bomb93
    i would say the default plan is a too, but often in maps like camp splatterfish, there is often two way of meeting the same goal. often people dont know protocol when it comes to defending RM when its in your teams hands, you should always have 2 front and one tail just to make sure no one ganks you (lol terminology- works here too), plus often if the swimmer is a quicker motion, trail a faster roller, if they dont die... Game Over.
  3. BarneyLTD
    I had to play so many matches to discover this lol. A really great introduction to those who not too great with rainmaker. Can't wait to see you improve on it
  4. Glitch ^~^
    Glitch ^~^
    Perfect thank you very much :)
  5. FinInfinite
    Everything makes sense.
  6. Lynn
    Everything about this is excellent, I've learned so much already from this.
  7. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
    The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
    Thanks, I'll keep this in mind. I'm so terrible with rainmaker...
  8. SquiliamTentacles
    Well written guide with practical usage. Good job!
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