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Rollers are the best @ helping you reach your goal

  1. CapBoyAce
    This didn't really help me learn the roller.
  2. Andy_Plays
  3. TynamoRoller
    Uh, Burst bombs are fixed on a two=shot splat, no matter how many damage upgrades are equipped. Also, focus on the point of it, not the subs.
  4. Ethereal Reaper
    Ethereal Reaper
    This isn't a guide so much as your opinion
  5. Flamelord054
    Seriously stop making guides
  6. aidenduh
    Simply put, I did not learn anything new about rollers, or how to use them, in this "guide". This is basically what Sheldon would say about every roller in his shop if he didn't learn how to use proper punctuation... As this entire section of text is one sentence. When people look for a guide on how to use a weapon, they probably want to learn the strategy that this weapon excels at using, what gear compliments it well, and what role they should be playing on the team.
  7. AlsoDededork649
    Slightly (and I mean slightly) better than some of your other ones, but still has some of the same problems
    -Not completely focused (>50% of this was about subs)
    -Random ramblings about the different rollers which isn't exactly easy to follow
    -The same complaints the other two brought up

    I've said this before, but put more time into your "guides" before you release them. They aren't benefiting the community as how guides are supposed to.
    1. ReeSquidGig
  8. LittleMon
    Seekers in the first place can't seek someone unless you got the target marked on him when he was in inkling mode. Seekers are easy to dodge and can easily be blocked by walls and fail to do sharp turns. Second, you cannot as in NEVER get a 1 hit splat with a burst bomb. No matter how much dmg up you have, burst bombs with NEVER instantly kill someone. The damage will be stuck at 99.9, You can't always squish people with a roller, *cough* *carbon* *cough*. Carbon is not always the best. It has strong points but has weak points. None can say it is the best. Please put more effort, real facts and helpfulness into your guides. This is most of the time a opinion. And yes, full stops.
  9. Posso
    "you can knock people out with one single bomb" This is 100% false.
    You mention nothing about the roller itself and only state obvious uses of sub weapons. Also use full-stops, there were more commas in that guide than E-litres on Moray Towers.
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