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Rules to Defeating the Secret Final Boss

I just recently beat Inner Agent 3, and when I sat down to do it, it only took a couple hours since I gave myself a bunch of rules for each phase of the fight. Here they are:

(3 is short for Inner Agent 3)

1) Try to swim-strafe whenever 3 rolls to the side, or after getting a few shots in. Like an actual player, it takes them a moment to lock onto you if you strafe.
2) For most phases, get as close as possible while still doing the above. 3 finds it more difficult to adjust their aim the closer you are, and it makes getting bodyshots simpler.
3) If you’ve lost your armor, swim away from Autobombs as a priority - even the splash damage can kill you, and that’s a very large area. If you’re not swimming away optimally, you will get caught in it.
4) If there aren’t any Autobombs and you’ve lost your armor, either unload into 3 and finish the phase if you think you can, or circle the perimeter of the stage, only popping out to ink a path - 3 shouldn’t be able to hit you if you keep moving.
5) Keep adjusting your aim - 3 seems to strafe away from your shots even when they aren’t dodge-rolling across the map, so aiming in a single direction will make you miss, and every millisecond is important.
6) throwing bombs makes 3 predictable, as they will always roll away from the bomb. If you can hit them with your Octoshot properly though, you can actually get them to roll into the bomb, which is almost enough for an instant splat.
7) remember that 3 heals over time, so if they’re covered in your ink, attacking them to end the phase might be the best option you have.

Phase 1: Inkjet
1) Hide behind the rectangular crate to avoid Splashdown damage.
2) jump out of the cover and finish them off asap. If you have good aim, this is the quickest way to end the phase that I’ve found.
3) if they survive to use Inkjet, either quickly finish them off in the air (which is difficult but a good way to practice your aim), put an obstacle between you and them until they land, or stay away from obstacles and jump towards them, allowing the projectiles to travel past you and explode far away.
4) keep track of their landing point, and time a bomb so they land on top of it. Remember that they’ll dodge-roll after taking the bomb damage, and finish them off.

Break 1
If you finished them off quickly, ink most of the turf and then recover your ink. If not, ink as much as you can but having a full tank is your priority.

Phase 2: Bubble Blower
1) Close in fast, moving aroundor through the bubbles to get to 3. The bubbles should head towards the centre.
2) as you close in, try to shoot past the bubbles to hit 3. If you miss it usually isn’t too much of a problem, but shooting gives you a path to get to them, andmakes the, easier to finish off.
3) Hug the wall to stop 3 using their bubbles to splat you or hide inside, and jump around as you shoot them to run them out of options and end the phase.
4) if that fails, just try again, being careful not to get too close to the last round’s bubbles.
5) don’t even bother attacking the bubbles, they’re not worth the extended attention.

Break 2
Ink up a bit. If you struggle more with phase 3, ink the edges. If you struggle more with phase 4, ink the centre.

Phase 3: Autobomb Launcher
1) Close in and shoot. This is essentially phase 1 again, except missing the early kill loses most of your turf, so it’s important to get good at predicting 3’s movement and adjusting to compensate. Take them down quick and move on.
2) remember the rules for Autobombs in general.
3) When 3 uses the Launcher, they’re usually preoccupied with throwing bombs, so you can shoot them down without taking as much damage as usual.

Break 3
Ink the centre of the stage (inside the glowing square), and make sure you have a full tank.

Phase 4: Tenta Missiles
1) 3 won’t shoot for a while, so pay attention to which side the UFO is going to.
2) Lay in your ink until the UFO stops, then quickly jump over the line (from the glowing square) towards the UFO, and throw a bomb just as you jump. It should land directly at 3’s feet if aimed properly. Recover ink, avoiding the missiles, and you should have just enough time to throw a second bomb in the same way before the UFO moves and 3 begins healing.
3) if not, keep the centre of the stage inked and your tank full, and try again in the same way.
4) If you’ve thrown the second bomb properly, don’t wait for it to explode and go straight to Break 4.

Break 4
Ink the entire stage. It should be mostly inked already, and trust me, you need it and the full ink tank.

Phase 5: Hell
1) while 3 is using Splashdown, swim around either crate (I prefer the rectangular one since the cover seems more consistent) to put it between you and them, inking a path as you go.
2) for the third Splashdown, try to have it land in a corner without obstacles.
3) retreat to the rest of your inked stage, shooting 3 at around mid-long range. DO NOT APPROACH as 3 can Splashdown on the spot when hit; instead just rely on your aim and strafing. Make sure to remember all the other general tips though.
4) if you get a chance, try to re-ink the area around your favored obstacle so you don’t have to worry as much about it if the fight drags on too long.

Break 5
Do nothing. Forever.
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