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The Squeezer... Double Action Army


I'm back. After a long time away from Splatoon 1 I've witnessed it evolve into something amazing over time. It has it's own celebrity players, large scale events, and a huge underground following here in the west. I haven't written a weapon guide in a long time. The last guide I wrote was for the Luna Blaster back when it released in Splatoon 1. Needless to say a lot of my guides are outdated now, and the "meta" has long since come into form.

I have my opinions about "meta" but let me start with saying, that back in my day - the inception of the scene - I wrote map guides, and weapon guides. I've never been one to search out fame. I don't care if you leave a like, or follow - I love constructive reviews - feel free to leave those, but a following has NEVER been something I have wanted when it comes to my hobbies, or the "content" that I create.

I gave up on Splatoon 1 because I never had a team to call my own. These days I do! So I've been far more active and perceptive to the shifting "meta" and the weapons that dominate the competitive scene.

I'm not DUDE, but I come from a time when DUDE was just another nobody playing Splatoon. Back when Ugliestpieceofbread was a big streamer for the game, and when DUDE and him talked frequently.

I just wanted to open this up with my perspective. Many in the scene don't know who I am. The "celebrity" splatoon players don't know me, and can't remember anything I've done. That's because the scene long left me behind, and I it. So I'm not harshing on these players, I am simply stating that my opinion will be taken as that of a nobody, but I am far from a nobody when it comes to my knowledge and experience with this game.

With that out of the way - let's get on with the guide.

Welcome to my guide on the Squeezer. The next hard to use, slept on weapon, that requires precision and accuracy but it's versatility is inkredible! (*AHEM* excuse me for that, my teammate and co-creator of my splatoon team must be rubbing off on me.)

The Squeezer is a unique double action shooter that shoots one very fast, very accurate, and very damaging ink bullet if you tap the trigger. Where as when the trigger is held it loses accuracy, and killing power, but gains ink spread, so as to allow it to fair a bit better in close, and give you an option for painting to build special, or map control. The sub it comes with is a Splash Wall - not one of my favorites, and a bit odd for what it is but we'll touch on it's kits versatility in a bit. The special is the Sting Ray - AKA the current meta special being used in every comp these days.

The weaknesses of the weapon hinge on player skill, and knowing it's rate of fire. Let's start by stating that generally this gun will have a rough time against ink armor - period. If the opponent uses ink armor you will probably be left in the cold during a 1v1. For this reason the gun can be overwhelmed by a co-ordinated special push. Meaning if they double up on ink armor (*AHEM* NZap...) you're screwed. The other issue is that this gun can be rushed down by the Brella rather easily. It has it's ways around this, but the Brella will give it problems. Think of you using a pistol/magnum, and the opponent wielding a riot shotgun... Not a pretty outcome for the Squeezer.

The other weakness this gun has is it's ink efficiency. As if losing automatic action wasn't hard enough, the gun is super ink hungry when using manual fire. Also while it's kit is versatile it doesn't make a lot of sense for the weapon. The Splashwall leaves a lot to be desired during fire fights, but causes this gun to be used similarly to the H3 Cherry from Splatoon 1, luckily this guns mobility is far superior to the H3s.

As you can see the gun's manual fire is unique in that it travels quite far, and can kill in 3 shots.

So let's start with the Manual Fire. There are a few things about this action that make it the preferred method of fire.

When tapping the ZR Trigger you get a shot that does about 38 damage at optimal distance. Three of these will result in a kill, making the gun (when used in manual fire mode) kill as fast as the Splattershot Pro, and the Splattershot. The gun actually out ranges the Splattershot Pro, by a bit - and has a similar fire rate, dependent on your ability to fan the trigger. Similar to the L3 Nozzlenose - a weapon near and dear to my heart - using a rhythmic but slow press of the trigger will result in reaching the maximum fire rate without wearing your finger down.

This mode of fire also allows a unique trait.

Many have heard of "sub strafing" or buffering your sub weapon while swimming to reduce swim frames when changing direction. It allows the user to change position quickly and confusingly to the opponent. It does however require a bit of dexterity. The squeezer allows you to do this with it's manual fire. The shot comes out so fast that you can use hit and run tactics more effectively than with other guns. (for that reason I suggest swim speed up.) Below is an example of this in action - pardon my twitchy, and sloppy aim. I was merely trying to illustrate the ability in question.

Lastly I wanted to point out that you can jump and manual fire without losing accuracy. There is no spread. It stays as accurate as it does when you're on the ground. This means that when hopping to avoid damage, you as good as your own aim no matter what.

The other firing mode --Automatic-- allows you to paint more effectively at the cost of range, accuracy, and damage. However it does give your finger a rest, and the fire rate is slightly better as is ink consumption. Here's an example of the loss in kill power and then after - it's better painting.

As you can see you will mostly be using the Manual Firing mode to kill, and the Automatic to help with map control, and build special.

The trick to the gun is using it's two different firing modes to mixup your opponents and adapt to situations accordingly. The gun will require skill though, since the manual fire will require precise aiming, strong dexterity, and ink consumption awareness.

The kit is something I can't quite explain. Most of the versatility lies in the weapon itself. The Splashwall gives you some defense against approaching closer ranged weapons such as Sploosh-O-Matics, Dapples, etc. This guns kit is obviously meant to compliment it's superior range. The issue is that the Splashwall has limited utility - especially on certain maps, and Object Shredder will tear it apart. (I run a Dapple kit with Object Shredder, I know) This means that the sub is meant as a situational tool that can't really be used as often as other subs might.

The special (which as of writing this guide is "meta") is Sting Ray. This can be used for area denial etc. The kit isn't all that special honestly. The main weapon is incredibly versatile, and Sting Ray justifies it in comps as is. We'll talk more when the Foil Squeezer releases.


Abilities you may consider running with this weapon are as follows

  • Run Speed Up - Similar to the L3 this the running in between shots benefits from this.
  • Swim Speed Up - Because the gun fires it's individual shots quite fast, you can use swim speed to implement a hit and run style to gameplay, playing more of an assist role, or pestering skirmish's from afar and distracting would be flankers on your teammates.
  • Thermal Ink - This gun REALLY benefits from thermal ink due to the range of the gun.
  • Ink Saver Main - You're gonna run out of ink fast if you rely purely on the manual fire mode.
That's all for now... I will return and update this guide as time moves forward, meta fluctuates, and new kits emerge.

It's good to be back, and keep in touch!
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