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The TRUE Guide: How 2 Roller!

"Rolling around at the speed of sound..."

  1. Razzmatazz
    This Guide has to parts: One about the Dynamo Roller, And one about every other Roller...
    The Dynamo Roller:
    The reason the Dynamo is so different is because of it's "flick" If your wondering what the "flick" is, it is the splashy-ish move when you press [ZR] instead of holding it. The flick on the roller is.. how do I say it... OP*!!!!! Very OP! It reaches MUCH farther than it should. This is what made the Dynamo Roller have several Nerfs** and STILL be the most powerful weapon in the game. Basically... what I'm trying to say is... USE THE FLICK OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S HOW U WIN!!!!!!!!!!

    Every Other Roller:
    be in front... roll around... if you see an enemy use the flick and when they get close, go back to rolling AND IT WILL KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Over Powered
    **Making it weaker

Recent Reviews

  1. pinky
    i dont think it emphasized the umph of the roller
  2. ZEROrevive
    This guide is missing many key points, and saying that the Dynamo rollers are OP isnt true...

    What I would suggest:

    -List tatics to use with each type of roller. You vaguely explain Dynamos, but fail to explain differences between rollers like the Carbon and the CoroCoro.

    -Explain their weaknesses/disadvantages (Dynamos slowness, carbon being the weakest in damage, ect) and how to work with them. No single weapon is OP.

    -Give some tips for using their specials to your advantage. Things like how to use Gold Dynamos Inkstrike effectively.

    If you can add these details, I'm sure you could make a good guide.
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