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Weapons Guide For Moray Towers

After you read this, you will be getting some mad kills and points on Towers in no time!

  1. Ben21Falcon
    Hey everyone, Ben from Squids Next Door here. Today I present to you a weapon tutorial for the newly released map, Moray Towers. Moray Towers is a very interesting map. It has many narrow paths and a couple large areas. Unfortunately, Inkbrushes wont do well on this map because they require stealth and on this map, there are really no places to be sneaky, or to place the Sprinklers. But a weapon that will excel on this map is the Carbon Roller, with its wide inking range, u can quickly cover the narrow paths. And once that Special meter of yours is filled up, BAM! Inkzooka! The Inkzooka is a very helpful Special weapon on this map because it can quickly cover the narrow pathways, leading you to enemy territory and also covering a lot of space. Its sub weapon, the Burst Bomb, can also be helpful when trying to get to the enemy territory, because just throw that bomb on the wall, and there you go.]

    In general, most chargers excel on this map. Just like the inkzooka, you can easily guide yourself along the narrow pathways. In particular, the New Squiffer is excellent because it carries the Ink Mines. Having all the narrow paths on this map makes it more likely for your foes to step into the mines. That is the only thing the RG has going for it on this map, unfortunately. The New Squiffer also has the Inkzooka behind its back, which has already had enough explanation on why it is outstanding on this map.

    All of the Squelchers are pretty good on this map also. The Jet Squelcher's probably take the gold medal over the Dual Squelchers. The Custom Dual has the squid beacons, which aren't really need because how quick you can get to the enemy base, and the Killer Wail isnt really that helpful.

    In conclusion, Rollers (except for Inkbrush) and Chargers are your best bet for main weapons on this map because of the Rollers wide spreading range and beneficial subs and specials. Chargers are great because they can quickly cover the path ways and make it quicker for you to invade enemy areas. When it comes to sub weapons, there are only a few that benefit you a whole ton. The Seeker is really great because it doesnt have to do a whole lot of turning to get to your enemy (if you are on the narrow paths). All of the bombs are helpful for getting up walls and quickly covering the few larger areas. Finally, when it comes to Special Weapons, Bubbler and Inkzooka are going to be your best bet, Bubbler is helpful because it isn't to hard for your enemies to find you on this map with its open areas, and the Inkzooka just covers area vertically really quickly. Kraken can be helpful because you can quickly find a foe and splat them.

    Thank you all for tuning in to my guide, it might not be the best, because it is my first time trying something like this though. This has been Ben, from Squids Next Door.
    See you next time.
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