In-Depth Tentatek Splattershot/Octoshot Analysis

In-Depth Tentatek Splattershot/Octoshot Analysis

By SND | Ben

So a lot
of people have been wondering about the Tentatek Splattershot. It is one of the most balanced weapons in the game, with almost even range, damage, and fire rate. It has a decent amount of fire rate which helps it with up close combat against ranged weapons. It lacks range, so you must space properly to win match ups against longer range weapons like Splattershot Pro and Jet Squelcher . Despite it's mediocre range, its sub and specials help it get the range it needs. Suction bombs allow it to be sneaky and try to hit longer weapons and chargers. The inkzooka is one of its best tools because it can help you take out chargers and splatlings, which are some of it's hardest weapons to go against.

Because the Tentatek is very balanced, it doesn't have any BAD stages. It does fairly well on every stage. One stage that it does not do well on is Moray Towers, mainly because Snipers excel on this stage. The stage I feel most comfortable playing on with it is Port Mackerel, because it is closed off and you have room to shoot the Inkzooka and fire off Suction Bombs.

Overall, the Tentatek is one of the best weapons in the game because of its balanced stats, and its tools that give it the range it needs. It isn't too hard of a weapon to play, just make sure you watch out and space properly against ranged shooters.
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Good quality, but quite brief. Solid advice but lacks any sort of specialized knowledge one may expect from a guide.
Short and sweet. A bit too short though.
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