In-Depth NZap '89 Analysis/Guide

In-Depth NZap '89 Analysis/Guide

By SND | Ben

One of the most uncommon weapons in the game is the NZap '89. You may think it isn't to well, but I will dig deep down and help you all become a NZap master.

First, the Nzap has a great amount of Fire Rate at 70. This makes it very viable in turf war, and with the Inkstrike it will be one of the biggest threats in that mode. It has a decent amount of range at 50, and a somewhat low amount of base damage, which is 28. In order to get kills with this weapon, you are going to want to space properly. For longer ranged shooters, like the Jet Squelcher and the Splattershot Pro, you are going to want to get up in their face. Even though it has a low amount of damage output, it's very good fire rate makes up for it and gives you fairly easy kills. For shorter-ranged weapons like the Splash o matic and the Luna Blaster, you are going to want to keep a distance, because you have more range and they won't be able to hit you.

The Sub-Weapon for the '89 is the Sprinkler. Unfortunately, sprinklers wont really help you get kills, but they can help you cover turf and sit on the Tower and somewhat defend it. In Splat Zones, the sprinkler can also be useful to ink the zones. You can also hide and wait for the opponent to take out the sprinkler and surprise attack them.

The Special weapon for the '89 is the Inkstrike. Overall, it is a meh special. You can use it in turf war to cover turf fairly quickly. It is very useful in Splat Zones because it can easily change the momentum of the game by covering the turf of one zone. The bad thing about it is that it has an animation when the hitbox is inactive, so you have a decent amount of time to get out of the Inkstrike zone before it hits.

When it comes to gear, Damage Up is your best friend. With a base damage of 28, it lacks damage, so this ability should help it a lot. Other mentionable abilities are walk speed up, because you can cover turf faster with your high fire rate. Ink Recovery Up and Ink Saver (Main) are also very good because you will be using ink a lot with its very high fire rate.

Overall, you are going to have to be careful with this weapon to succeed with it. Also make sure to use your subs and specials wisely. Watch out for snipers, because those will also be a big problem. The NZap '89 is a very good weapon, and it should definitely be used more in competitive play.
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Good guide until I got to your damage up recommendation. Damage up does not reduce the amount of shots to kill, which is why it isn't useful here. There are a couple of guides about this. Also, you say snipers are problems, but you don't say how to deal with them. You should definitely recommend haunt and tenacity abilities. The inkstrike isn't bad, it just needs to be placed well. A little more length would make it better.
okay thank you and i will take that into consideration :D
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