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Where shall I snipe? A guide to sniping locations Part 2

Sniping locations, RELOADED. Learn even more places to charge. *Image heavy*

  1. LAX
    This is a good guide overall. I do think you should add separate additional tips depending on the mode.
  2. TheChuChu!
    I feel that this is a great guide for snipers-in-training (like me). I'll be sure to remember these different spots for my sniping :3
  3. Reset Bomb Jigglypuff
    Reset Bomb Jigglypuff
    Amazing guide, I have had a much better time singing ever since I read this guide!
  4. pixelatedcody
    Good explanations, but I can barely see the letter markings on the maps..
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I tried to make them as visually striking as possible without taking up too much of the screen, but I'll keep this issue in mind with Bluefin Depot when it (eventually) comes out. I apologize for the inconvinience: Mayhaps when I get time I'll remake the images with bigger lettering.
  5. Kebab
    Love the guide! Useful tips on where I can snipe my enemies :)
    I didn't think that 2 guides was necessary but it doesn't matter

    Also having the inkling test it's range (And taking a screen capture) on those spots could be useful!
    1. Grimlai
      Author's Response
      I don't have a capture card, but if I did, I would most certainly use it for this. Good idea, though.
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