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How do I fight Blasters as a Splatana Stamper?


Senior Squid
May 4, 2023
I struggle with fighting every blaster but the Clash Blaster (Because its range is pitiful). Sometimes, I try to kill it from a distance with a charge slash-normal slash combo, but they end up outranging me and killing me from the indirect damage. Other times, I try to sneak up and get in their face to oneshot them, but they turn quickly and I take a direct hit from point-blank range. What should I be doing differently, or is there a guide for this?


Inkster Jr.
May 3, 2023
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General rule with blasters is to avoid their effective range. Learn where they direct and avoid that specific range. Further, they cant hit you, and _closer_ to them they have a much harder time aiming, essentially having a pinprick hitbox


Jul 2, 2018
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I agree with what's said here, and to add - I'd recommend taking the blasters into the training room, and testing where each one's indirect range is, since that's the distance Blasters want to be from you. After figuring that out, it's up to you, depending on the blaster you're fighting, whether you wanna close in and force them to land a direct, or stay out of their range and pepper them from afar with slashes.

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