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Pictures of Everyone


Inkling Cadet
Nov 2, 2015
about my post earlier...

that wasn't a photo of me...
Don't ask why I made a fake post: looking back, it was pretty pointless, and I honestly can't remember why I did it.
here's a real one instead.

(sorry, @Anaru & @G1ng3rGar1....and maybe everyone else on here...)
Don't worry about how you look, we won't judge you for that! You don't need to apologize. Great job being brave enough to post a real one! (I still haven't)

EDIT: Oh, you're apologizing for lying. Whoops, how am I so dumb... I can sort of understand why you did it, but just don't do it again. I'll forgive you though, thanks for being showing a real picture. You're really nice to everyone here, so it doesn't matter how you look, you're a still great person! I'm glad to be able to know you!
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