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Splatoon 2, meet Squidboards 2!

Today we're proud to announce a visual overhaul to Squidboards! To prepare the site for the freshness of Splatoon 2, we've given the whole site a fresh coat of ink. We hope you enjoy the new look!

Along with the visual changes, there have been a few structure changes to the site as well. The old Maps, Weapons and Gear boards have been merged together under Competitive Discussion. As well, Regular Discussion and Multiplayer Discussion have been merged together into Regular Discussion. These forums are now grouped together under the Splatoon 1 category, and a new Splatoon 2 category has been added. Booyah Base now houses the forums that are not game dependant.

These adjustments were made to consolidate things into fewer forums so that discussion is more focused. Let us know what you think!

Finally, the biggest change with this update is a brand new homepage for Squidboards. Visiting Squidboards now gives you an easy look at the map rotation, upcoming events, active discussion and the latest news and content from the community!

Our goal with the new homepage was to give new and veteran users alike a great landing page for Splatoon. Be sure to point new players to Squidboards to get a jumpstart in the scene, and tell us about other things you'd like to see on the homepage.

In the coming weeks, we'll be looking for some additional volunteers to help with moderation and keeping the homepage updated with fresh content. Keep an eye out for that if you're interested.

Thanks for reading, and happy splatting!


These new forums are feeling funky fresh; very much like the freshness of Splatoon 2! (especially the hot pink!)
Looks great! I was thinking though, it'd be nice to have a place for listing links to merchandise that's for sale, whether it's professional/official or fan-made. That'd be so cool, imho.

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