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Squidboards Update #6 - Meet the New Staff!

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, Jun 3, 2015.

TheRapture, Jun 3, 2015 at 2:04 PM
  1. TheRapture

    TheRapture Dystopian Future Paint Desperado

    Sep 20, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Hey everyone!

    Hope you're all enjoying Splatoon. Ranked Battles, N-Zap and Port Mackerel already? Hype as hell, if you ask me!

    Anyway, we've been working to put together a larger staff as the site grows and the community gets bigger. We had around 100 applicants apply for moderation and writing positions. But we had to cut that number down to a more reasonable one, and it was quite the process to do so! We had so many great applicants.

    Now, we'd like to formally introduce you all to your new staff members. You'll be seeing them around the forum and contributing content to the site from now on, of course alongside myself, AlphaZealot, and Warchamp7.

    Your new staff members are as follows:

    Global (Super) Moderators:
    @Trieste Sp and @IsmaR

    Welcome Center Moderator:

    Splat Zone Discussion Moderators:
    @Platypudding and @Undr

    Splat Zone Tournament Moderators:
    @Kat and @Mayday

    Booyah Base Moderators:
    @jp4464 and @Setu

    Inkopolis Plaza Mod:
    @<π. and @Mayana

    Writing Team:
    @SmashCapps, @Ookami Hajime, and @AVSolo

    I hope you all get to know your new staff members well. Thank you all for applying, and thank you to our new staff members for joining the team!

    *If you were not selected, you will be sent an email addressing this very soon.
    #1 TheRapture, Jun 3, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2015
Founder of Squidboards and current Squidboards admin; tournament organizer/event director of Smash Attack at Next Level; Overwatch commentator with Softlocke/COW League.
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, Jun 3, 2015.

    1. Actorio64
      Welcome to the family of Squidboards. :D
    2. dcooper
      congrats all of you.
    3. SmashCapps
      Woot woot! Excited to bring my top class writing to Squidboards! Though I'm still wondering if I need a change to SquidCapps or not...
    4. TheRapture
      Woops, screwed up the OP. The list is now accurate. Wish them luck and a nice hello! ^_^
    5. Terabyte
      Welcome to the staff guys! Hope you do us well and best of luck with your positions. :)
    6. CodyMKW
      Welcome and good luck to the new staff! :)
    7. EnderGamma
      Grats on the staff positions!

      Also is there any update on that community montage?
    8. RotomGuy
      Congratulations to new staff members!
    9. Hi_C
      Congrats to all the new staff members! Awesome to see SmashCapps on the team too! This man puts in OT on SmashBoards and /r/Smashbros which we are all grateful for. Thanks for finding time for us too with your busy schedule :)
    10. jp4464
      Glad to be a part of the Squidboards staff; I look forward to helping out as many Inklings as I can!

      Hope to see you all at the Booyah Base :)
    11. Reila
    12. Trieste Sp
      Trieste Sp
      Now, I have a reason to be more active here. I'll be pretty much everywhere. ;)
    13. <π.
      Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I look forward to serving you all!
    14. StarForce
      Oh wow about time I was dying to find who made it. Congratulations new guys i mean new higher guys. I know 4 of them who we have talked to some extent, jp4464, Setu, Trieste SP and Kat. Happy for you all. I'll apply in the future again to join you all so wait for me on the next round. Time for Law & Order now ;)
      jp4464 likes this.
    15. WaifuRaccoonBL
      Will the email addressing why we weren't picked be personalized or a more general catch all?
    16. Flight
      Which one? SVU or the original?

      Anyways, congratulations. Won't be applying next time due to lack of activity.
    17. StarForce
      Aww you should join me next time. Maybe you will get chosen.
      Flight likes this.
    18. SquiddiamFancyson
      Congratulations to all of you on your success! :)
    19. Howl
      Welcome everyone to the staff team, I hope you guys do a good work!

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