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The Least Favored Weapon That You Have Tried.

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by ZEROrevive, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Reila

    Reila Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Feb 8, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Scope chargers in general. I am more inclined to use the short range chargers like Bamboozler and Squiffer or the Splat Charger when I am in my masochistic days. Scoping is uncomfortable, it feels unnatural and too restricting to me. It is why I couldn't get used to playing Widowmaker in Overwatch, even though I like sniper weapons. No, I wasn't a dirty Hanzo main. Sombra <3

    The brushes are not my kind of weapon simply because I don't like mashing buttons. It is tiring and I don't want to ruin the shoulder buttons of my little Switch. I enjoy playing roller weapons, but I feel like the skill ceiling of the weapon is so low, I don't have the desire to put time into playing it. I know, this is a dumb reason, but it is a reason nonetheless.

    Also, I love playing dualies, but when I play the weapon, it feels like something is missing. I don't know why. How weird.
    Lastly, I mained the Heavy Splatling in the original game, but the weapon is yet to click with me in Splatoon 2.

    Edit: Man, I just keep posting in the Splatoon 1 forum by mistake. Ignore this lol.

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