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What is your list of best to worst maps?

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by RoyLee, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Ametrine

    Ametrine Inkster Jr.

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    1. Saltspray Rig - I adore the symmetry and the sheer amount of things you can do on this map. Chuck a sprinkler on the moving grind, plant an ink mine in one of the many choke points, ride the lift to surprise attack enemies above or below - this map has everything. The fact that spawn camping is impossible helps a lot.
    2. Flounder Heights - this map is huge, and there are a bunch of possible routes, which makes it hard for the enemy to predict where you are coming from. The cicadas and the sign of the map showing the match in real time are nice touches.
    3. Walleye Warehouse - very balanced and fun to play on. The design can be a little underwhelming now when we have maps like Flounder Heights and Moray Towers, but it still feels fresh to me.
    4. Urchin Underpass - before the redesign, I felt that this map hardly gave me room to breathe. But the redesign gave us an open space with a lot of platforms that I can't help but adore.
    5. Blackbelly Skatepark - it's a really cool design, but the ever present possibility of spawn camping prevents it from being placed higher.
    6. Kelp Dome - it kinda feels like a maze with all these big rooms and few means of navigating them. It's still a load of fun, though.
    7. Arowana Mall - it has its weaknesses, but they don't take over the entire spirit of the map.
    8. Moray Towers - this map could place higher if beacon users *cough cough* Krak-On rollers *cough* knew what the heck a beacon is. But without beacons, this map is just very clunky to navigate.
    9. Camp Triggerfish - it's a nice break from the usual playstyle, but all those grids and the subpar floodgate system bring it down.
    10. Bluefin Depot - I have so many mixed feelings on this map that it's better to not bring them up. I'm glad they didn't give the thing two splat zones, though.
    11. Port Mackerel - **** this map, **** its cartoon hot dog husband, **** his stupid sunglasses and **** the ketchup kids. This map is the epitome of anti-fun. This would be a fine map if the goddamn containers could be climbed. But no, give us a very enclosed map with no elevation whatsoever that encourages spawn camping. Thanks, Splatoon Team! You really did do a great job there!
  2. Achamo

    Achamo Inkling Commander

    Jul 5, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Anything that isn't "Port Mackerel", "Walleye Warehouse", and "Arowana Mall" is fine with me. I need my open space.
    Port mackerel has those long narrow hallways I dislike so much, since I use Ink Brush; something with no range at all, I usually have to retreat from most of my fights, not to mention those moving trucks troll me WAY too often and either block my escape, or ruin a good splatting opportunity.

    The same goes for Arowana mall when on the side spaces. Too narrow.

    I love Kelp Dome and Camp Trigger fish the most. Love the design on Camp TriggerFish the most overall. Both maps are huge and the freedom there is great! I can sprinkler bait and squid-ninja behind people easily with all that open space those stages offer.

    Got mix feelings when it comes to Walleye Warehouse. It feels like a Squid of Duty war zone stage where both teams need to pressure each other back and forth by splatting. A lot of splatting.

    All we need is RED ink with that stage, and it would be a perfect bloodbath scenario.
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  3. BKTang'

    BKTang' Inkling

    Oct 13, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Why so much hate for Arowana mall :(
    It's one of my favorite map, I'm always happy when I see it in the rotation, especially in ranked
    Best to worst as a charger point of view (and for ranked) :

    1. Bluefin depot
    I love this map, there are a lot of spots for sniping, you can sneak into your opponent's base, and it's great not to have separate zones for splat zones!

    2. Arowana mall
    As I said above, it's one of my favorite maps. It's the kind of map where I know where to go or what to do whatever the rank mode is. Also there are a lot of spots for chargers to control the middle

    3. Camp triggerfish
    It's huge. There's a lot of water. The path for tower control is charger friendly. The separate splat zones facing each other but forcing you to go all the way around is a good idea imo

    4. Walleye warehouse
    I like this stage cause you can reach the main area (which is the middle) in so much different ways! It's a really open stage and it can lead to pretty intense battle

    5. Kelp dome
    This map is amazing in turf wars as you can do a lot of points easily. The good thing in ranked, there's a lot of strategy as there are so many paths to reach the splat zone / tower / rainmaker.

    6. Blackbelly skatepark
    I love this stage for rain maker, I don't really know why, maybe because it can be really really fast. It's kinda meh for splat zones or tower control

    7. Urchin underpass
    I'm not a fan of the new version of urchin underpass, it doesn't seem really balanced with the big wide area in the middle, and the little narrow paths close to the base. Mixed feelings about this

    8. Saltspray rig
    Easy to snipe on this one, alright. But it feels so difficult to come back when the other team have the point

    9. Port mackerel
    Roller, krakens and blaster land imo, as a charger I don't really know where to go, except going back and forth to see if there is someone in the three main paths, but I feel a little useless haha

    10. Moray towers
    I see you, thinking "oh he's a charger and he doesn't like moray towers? but it's sniper land!"
    Yeah I know, that's why I don't really like it. There are so much E-litre when this map is in the rotation, it's not even fair! Being splatted from 10km away, come on! Hiding behind a wall? Nope, E-liter saw you, surprise! And I don't even talk about the ranked mode.
    Splat zones? boring, I've never seen a KO on this map.
    Tower control? how are you supposed to go this high when an E-liter waits for you haha
    Rain maker? The hardest map for this imo

    I don't talk about Flounder heights because I've never played it on ranked, I can only say that it's a beautiful map!
  4. Kiver

    Kiver Full Squid

    May 12, 2015
    Likes Received:
    1. Kelp Dome
    2. Bluefin Depot
    3. Port Mackerel
    4. Walleye Warehouse
    5. Urchin Underpass
    6. Saltspray Rig
    7. Blackbelly Skatepark
    8. Camp Triggerfish
    9. Arowana Mall
    10. Moray Towers
    11. Flounder Heights
  5. TehRealSalt

    TehRealSalt Inkling

    Aug 18, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Figured I might as well do this, too.
    1. Kelp Dome - I love the layout so much. It manages to make a big expansive layout and make it not feel too difficult to defend or attack. It's great in all modes, too!
    2. Flounder Heights - I like this for the same reasons I like Kelp Dome, though I think it's just a tad bit too easy to get into the other team's base. That's the nature of this type of map, I suppose. I've only been able to play just one match on Tower Control here, so Ranked may or may not be bad here.
    3. Hammerhead Bridge - Tons of paths and the intricate layout makes for tons of fun in my book. Played this one in SZ and TC, and it was a blast in both.
    4. Blackbelly Skatepark - Decent in Turf, but total chaotic fun in Ranked. The compact nature lends itself to a lot of crazy matches. Not a good choice for Rainmaker, though, as the matches are a bit too easy to knockout in. Huge nitpick of mine however is the drop-off in the middle; it simply irritates me when I'm trying to make a retreat. Not a big deal, though.
    5. Saltspray Rig - Fun times in all modes (however, at the time of this writing I haven't played on Rainmaker). Could stand to make the topmost area a bit easier to attack, but it's not essential (but still helpful, of course) in anything besides Turf.
    6. Urchin Underpass - My favorite map at launch. While I prefer the old one because it felt more compact, I think it was changed for the better.
    7. Walleye Warehouse - Nothing to say. It's a good, standard map.
    8. Camp Triggerfish - The gates opening at the last minute is a cool strategic addition for Turf, even if it's not in Ranked (which is what I mostly play). Fun, but I prefer other maps.
    9. Bluefin Depot - Not much to say here either; not bad at all, I just prefer other maps. I've not been able to play this one in Rainmaker yet.
    10. Arowana Mall - Contrary to other people, I actually enjoy this map in all modes. It's best for any of the Ranked modes though because of the added route next to the middle, which solves the biggest problem with this map.
    11. Port Mackerel - A lot of what I like about Splatoon, with its vertical levels and freedom in choices, is hardly present in Port. I wouldn't say it's bad, but it's just not a good fit for Splatoon. It's a lot better in any of the Ranked modes, but I still don't think the design is a fit for Splatoon.
    12. Moray Towers - Lots of people hate this map, and for good reason. It's basically one big choke-point. It's also way too easy for a charger to dominate in this map. As long as the opposing team is okay and don't overextend, then it's very difficult to take it back. It's (kinda) cool in Tower Control, though! Have not been able to play it in Splat Zones or Rainmaker, but I'd imagine Zones being *urgh*.
    EDIT: Hammerhead Bridge is out now.
    #25 TehRealSalt, Sep 17, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2015
  6. DeltaFixer

    DeltaFixer Full Squid

    Jul 27, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Pre-list note: I at least enjoy almost every map in Splatoon. There are only two that I dislike, but the ones that are enjoyable can be ranked. Also this is obviously all my opinion.

    God Tier:

    1. Walleye Warehouse: This is by far the most balanced map. Any weapon type can be good here. The map is small and close together, but doesn't make you feel like you're a claustrophobic. Perfect map for me.

    Great Tier

    2. Kelp Dome:
    Great wide open map. Several different paths to mid. Only problem is TC can get annoying if one team is stuck at the choke point but that's it.

    3. Urchin Underpass
    I was a fan of this map even before the redesign. The redesign moved it to Great Tier. Not a very friendly map for chargers, which is generally a positive for me.

    5. Blackbelly Stakepark

    6. Flounder Heights

    7. Saltspray Rig

    Pretty Good Tier

    7. Camp Triggerfish

    8. Port Mackerel

    9. Bluefin Depot

    Mediocre/Dislike Tier

    10. Arowana Mall

    11. Moray Towers
    #26 DeltaFixer, Sep 17, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2015
  7. HappyBear801

    HappyBear801 Inkling Fleet Admiral

    May 25, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Not every weapon type by far. Chargers suck on this stage. I always avoid playing my E-Liter if this map is in rotation because even if a good stage for it like Camp Triggerfish or Saltspray Rig is the other stage, there's the risk I'll get this one and probably loose.
  8. tene_sicarius

    tene_sicarius Full Squid

    Jul 12, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Snipers don't do too bad on Kelp Dome, depending on the mode. The main camping point is the wall between spawn and the center, and a good sniper can hold this area off. E liters don't do as well here as on Moray, which is to say they require a lot more skill to be played here.
  9. thetox

    thetox Inkling

    Sep 21, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I personally adore Moray Towers and Walleye Warehouse the most. They're good for all versions of ranked (though TC in Walleye Warehouse can get really tedious), as well as turf war. As a roller, Moray Towers is especially dear to me.

    I like Saltspray Rig too, how it's layered, and though I originally disliked Kelp Dome due to the cat walks. it's really grown on me after that one Splatfest where I had to play it a lot. Same with Hammerhead Bridge which is frustratingly and delightfully difficult, but oh so satisfying to win at.

    Flounder Heights is amongst my least favourites, though it's well suited for and fun to play Rainmaker at.

    Camp Triggerfish is the worst. Too much water, too easy to reclaim. It always seems to come down to who has the slight advantage at the end of a game, which makes it feel rather random in turf war. And riding the tower is the very worst. You just sign up for a suicide mission. That, and I find its clashing aesthetic off-putting.

    I'm on the fence about the others.

    Edit: Ew at Blackbelly Skatepark too.
  10. Kaliafornia

    Kaliafornia Splatin' through Inkopolis with my woes....

    Jun 1, 2015
    Likes Received:
    1. Walleye Warehouse
    2. Port Mackerel
    3. Kelp Dome
    4. Bluefin Depot
    5. Saltspray Rig
    6. Hammerhead Bridge
    7. Urchin Underpass
    8. Arowana Mall
    9. Flounder Heights
    10. Camp Triggerfish
    11. Moray Towers
    12. Blackbelly Skatepark
    Rated each taking into consideration all playable ranked modes. I do think Camp and Moray should be higher but splat zones imho isn't very good on them and weapons like Eliter and Dynamo can break it. Blackbelly only has one good mode imho and that is zones, tower is OK, RM is near broken. Granted not enough time has been spent playing Hammerhead to really rate it however it seems more solid than others off the bat.
  11. CoconutTank

    CoconutTank Senior Squid

    Jun 12, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I like Flounder Heights the most. You can climb on nearly every surface, it's huuuuuge and there are so many ways to move about and ambush. Also it's pretty difficult to get spawn camped on this map though it's potentially possible.

    I dislike Camp Triggerfish in Turf Wars the most, out of all available maps and their variants. With the exception of attrition in the middle at the opening of the match, the interaction gets pretty dull. If you have a short range weapon or happen to let someone get past the middle area, then you have to go a ways around to the other side in order to even fight or capture territory. You can't even reliably use specials here to confront the enemy once they get past the middle. Plus it's still possible to get spawn camped pretty hard here.

    On Moray Towers, you can climb the walls right into the sniper perch or up the wall with the little grate stairs. On Port Mackerel, it sucks when one gets spawn camped and there isn't much verticality, but the need to cover the parallel lanes in the middle and the opportunities to ambush are interesting. But Camp Triggerfish doesn't have much verticality going for it anyway, spawn camping is still a problem here and the musical chairs gimmick is better imo on Bluefin Depot and Blackbelly Skatepark.

    Camp Triggerfish usually isn't a problem in ranked because 1) the stupid gates are down, and 2) there's a little bridge in the middle where the tower or rainmaker usually is, which injects some much needed flow into the map.
  12. HarleyHyena

    HarleyHyena Inkling

    Sep 25, 2015
    Likes Received:
    1. Urchin Underpass
    2. Kelp Dome
    3. Flounder Heights
    4. Blackbelly Skatepark
    5. Walleye Warehouse
    6. Port Mackerel
    7. Moray Towers
    8. Bluefin Depo
    9. Camp Triggerfish
    10. Saltspray Rig
    11. Arowana Mall
  13. Elecmaw

    Elecmaw Lord of the Squids

    Aug 15, 2015
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    Switch Friend Code:
    Huh, notifications didn't tell me about your reply...

    And yeah, playing on this stage i've realised there aren't any suitable sniping spots around, the few that are available to you are either very vunerable from below and/or give very little vision. At least ranked adds a new spot that'll help you overlook the center, but that's all you got. You're better off with Squiffer.

    Right now my worst map is Hammerhead. Can't stand that stage, there's so many corners and obstacles to hide in and the two layers make ambushing players really easy. There's not a single charger perch, in addition with the many places to take cover on the map and it's horrible for not just chargers but long-range weapons in general.
  14. HappyBear801

    HappyBear801 Inkling Fleet Admiral

    May 25, 2015
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    There's one charger perch, but it pretty much requires an E-Liter 3K to use properly.
  15. Azza

    Azza Pro Squid

    Jun 24, 2015
    Likes Received:
    • Urchin Underpass
    • Saltspray Rig
    • Walleye Warehouse
    Any mode, anytime. I don't get bored of these maps. They are just designed in a way that appeals to me.
    • Moray Towers
    • Camp Triggerfish
    • Flounder Heights
    These three are newer maps and a welcomed fresh addition, I did't like them all at first and have grown on me. Hammerhead bridge has not, though it's newer than these.
    • Bluefin Depot
    • Hammerhead Bridge
    • Kelp Dome
    • Port Mackerel
    All these maps are completely viable for me to play depending on the mode. They are in no paticular order of liking.
    • Blackbelly Skatepark
    • Arowana Mall
    I find these two maps to be annoying more than anything. The slopes really slow it down, I guess I prefer the straight walls to swim up. Always getting stuck somewhere because of the map design.
  16. ThatBerkawitzSquid

    Sep 28, 2015
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    Switch Friend Code:
    1. Arowana Mall
    Ah yes, that other map that heavily favors Chargers. I feel that this one is a bit more balanced than Moray though. Honestly, the one thing that bothers me about Arowana is the fact that you have to go through the center of the map to get to the other team's side, which can be near-impossible when the other team has a charger or two on one of the nearby platforms. However, I rarely have a bad time on this map. In fact, most of the time, it's very fun for me, so that's why it's my favorite :)

    2. Hammerhead Bridge

    This may seem a little strange considering it's the newest map, but I've just had so much of a blast on it every time I've played it so far that I have to put high up. To me, it really feels like no particular type of weapon is at a disadvantage or unfair advantage in this map, unlike on others (for example rollers are utterly at the mercy of chargers and other long-range weapons on Moray Towers). I can go into this map with just about any weapon and not feel like the stage layout is working against me. The one exception really is chargers. There just doesn't seem to be any good sniping posts on this map, and the gratings can often obstruct my view.​

    3. Walleye Warehouse
    Probably the most basic map of the bunch, but that doesn't make it bad. There are essentially three paths from which to launch your assault on the other team, making it fairly easy to make a comeback if you and your team know what you're doing. The middle area is fairly open, but not too much so, making the map good for long and short ranged weapons alike. Add in a couple sniping posts that make snipers useful, but not too difficult to get rid of, and you've got a well-balanced, though rather small, map.
    4. Blackbelly Skatepark
    The smallest map in the game, strangely enough. It feels larger than it is. The sloped terrain on this map makes it very unique and interesting, and both teams constantly fighting over the circular top area can make games very intense and exciting. This is another map that I feel is good for just about any weapon. My only real issue with this map is that it's probably the easiest map to get spawn camped on, even more so than... well, you'll see.​

    5. Urchin Underpass

    I used to despise this one before it was reconstructed, but now I think it's much better. My only real problem with it now is that it seems to show up somewhere in the rotation every single time I play. But apart from that, it's a good map that's much more balanced than it was initially. Probably my favorite thing about this map is the uneven terrain in the area near either team's sniper post. It makes using Sloshers here a lot of fun :D. Speaking of snipers, I feel like they are definitely useful on this map, but they can be picked off fairly easily if you know what you're doing, so they don't seem OP.​

    6. Saltspray Rig
    I've always liked this map ever since the Global Testfire. However, my love of it has kind of faded over time due to just how often it shows up and the fact that my teams in Turf War rarely understand the significance of taking and holding the northern part of the map (though this is hardly any fault of the map itself). With that said, I do still like this one. It's probably one of the more unique maps since the opposing teams don't start out directly across from each other. Rather, each match begins with a race to the northern part of the map. Long range weapons tend to have an advantage here, which is a slight turnoff for my Aerospray- and Octobrush-loving self, but it still feels pretty balanced.​

    7. Kelp Dome
    I'm often not sure what to think of this map. Do I like it? Do I not? I'm not sure honestly. The dual-levels concept is pretty cool, but I feel it's executed much better on Hammerhead than it is here. In Kelp Dome, walking on the gratings is almost never a good idea and should be avoided if you can help it. My main issue with this map, though, is that it's extremely hard to stage comebacks here. Once the other team has control of the middle, good luck taking it back. My favorite part of this map though is just how big and wide it is. It makes a lot of weapons such as Aerosprays, Brushes, and snipers, really fun to use here.​

    8. Camp Triggerfish
    This is another very unique map, mostly due to the floodgates that prevent you from easily accessing your opponent's side until the last minute of the match (unless you're playing Ranked). Because of that, the last minute of the match tends to be the most interesting because both teams have to deal with a two-way assault on their turf. I also love the camp setting of this map. I can't really put my finger on why this map isn't higher on my list. I guess I simply don't like it as much as others.​

    9. Flounder Heights
    I tend to dislike playing on this map because it favors long-range weapons more than most maps do. I also find it very difficult to take control of the large central building back once the other team has it, and once they have that high ground, they have a big advantage. With all that said, though, I don't hate this map. There's lots of open space to run around and I love how almost every wall can be climbed, allowing you to stage some unique ambushes.​

    10. Moray Towers
    Ah yes, E-Liter Towers. I like the verticality this map has going on-- it makes it unique. However, it also makes it very difficult to deal with snipers (especially E-Liters) here. Because of that, I feel very pressured to use a E-Liter here, even when I might not feel like it (sometimes you just wanna cut loose with a Roller, ya know?). After all, what if the other team has an E-Liter and I don't? The game is basically decided right off the bat. This is the main reason I'm not too fond of this map.​

    11. Bluefin Depot

    I like how basically all of this map is divided in two. It causes lots of intense two-on-two firefights to happen on each side of the map. My main issues with this one are (1) using rollers or other short-range weapons here can be a pain because of all the walls you have to climb up and because you're left horribly vulnerable on the gratings, and (2) if the other team manages to break through to your base on one side, they can easily ambush your teammates on the other side. If you and your team aren't careful, you can be easily ambushed from behind and have the game turn around in a matter of seconds.​

    12. Port Satan-- er, Mackerel
    Ugh. Just, ugh. I almost never have a good time on this map. This is the map that single-handedly made me despise the .96 Gal Deco and the Krak-On Roller (though I'm slowly coming to forgive the Krak-On over time). Now, time to list off my problems with this one:

    (1) This doesn't really have to do with gameplay, but I find this map just plain boring to look it. I mean, it's basically a bunch of boxes in the middle of a harbor.

    (2) Rollers are just way too annoying here because of the corridors.

    (3) Said corridors make me feel claustrophobic, a feeling which doesn't lend itself well to a game like Splatoon, which places a heavy emphasis on mobility.

    (4) The corridors also heavily favor long-range weapons like the aforementioned .96 Gal Deco, though its other -Gal cousins are almost just as bad. Squelchers can also be annoying here, but at least they're not two-shot kills. Come to think of it, this whole map would be a lot better without those corridors, though I guess that would kind of take away the main purpose of the map.

    (5) This map utterly lacks almost any sort of verticality, which makes it boring not just to look at, but to play. The verticality that is there is either cut off from the action (the side paths from spawn), un-inkable (the boxes), or moves around and can sometimes trap you and cause you to die (the trucks).

    (6) I feel that the trucks deserve their own reason, so I'm mentioning them here, too. At least they're absent in Ranked Battles.

    (7) Like Blackbelly, it's VERY easy to be spawn camped here, making comebacks a near-impossibility.

    So to conclude, I would love to see Port Mackerel get a redesign like Urchin got. Maybe make it possible to climb up the sides of certain boxes? Pwetty pwease, Nintendo?
    #36 ThatBerkawitzSquid, Oct 4, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2015
  17. Lorbeerprinz

    Lorbeerprinz Full Squid

    Oct 11, 2015
    Likes Received:
    There's a few maps I don't really have any kind of opinion about, but let's see what I can say about the rest...
    Since the middle ground is pretty much equally in my not-loving-but-not-hating favour, I'm not going to make an actual ranking with numbers, just a rough order. The first and last two are my favourite and least favourite picks and the rest I'm pretty much neutral about. So without any further ado...

    - Walley Warehouse: I know it's a rather basic map, but I think this is why it is so good in pretty much any mode, with any weapon. It gives hardly any type of weapon or mode a (dis)advantage and I think all in all, it's a quite relaxing one to play.
    - Arowana Mall: It's hard to say what I really like about this map so much, but it's probably the ways you can take there when you're sneaky enough getting into the enemy base. I don't even think it's that much sniper-heavy because there are actually a lot of places that seem sniper-friendly, but can be rather easily accessed by the other team to fight them. The slope might be a problem for rollers, but... I don't play rollers, so I personally don't care XP
    - Bluefin Depot: Another one that feels relatively balanced (at least in my eyes, I'm not a super-pro at the metagame) and accessible in any mode and thank the heavens the developers didn't give it two zones in SZ even though they could have easily done it for obvious reasons.
    - Kelp Dome: Would probably be part of my top maps, but it's not due to the sole reason that I can't seem to deliver a good sniper game here. But with a shooter, it's pretty nice.
    - Saltspray Rig: Not much to say, it's nice, but nothing to write home about. Having to take care of both levels in Turf War is interesting, but due to being so incredibly big, most areas aren't even touched in Ranked, which feels odd to me.
    - Camp Triggerfish: I do like open-ish maps, but this one is maybe a tad too big, sometimes you hardly see anyone orz But design-wise, it's reeeeally pretty, especially during Splatfest. Like, really, look at it. Look at the campfires. So cute.
    - Port Mackerel: Again, I'm rather neutal about it. It's very easy to trap a team in their base, I know, but other than that I don't think it's as bad as some people make it to be...
    - Flounder Heights: Not much to say, actually. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.
    - Urchin Underpass: See above. As for the layout change, I think some things are better now, but some aren't, so I don't even really have an opinion on that x'D
    - Hammerhead Bridge: Starts the least favourite part of the list because... well... I don't have a too strong opinion on it, but if I can choose between maps, I'd rather not take this one. It feels incredibly cramped, especially in the middle part and once again, I can't really make my Charger work well. Seems to be a thing about stages with a lot of grates...
    - Blackbelly Skatepark: Ugh. Uuuuuuuugh. At this point it has gotten so bad that I rather not play when it's in the rotation. I hate the slopes. The spots for Chargers are bad. You can hardly see anything no matter where you position yourself. THE LAG. So much lag. This is literally the only map where I consistently see lag, especially as soon as a team gets trapped in their base, which happens way too often in Turf Wars. And then so many players use Bomb Rushes on it, which makes the lag even worse. Or even two people activating their Bomb Rushes at the same time, which often happens because I get the feeling certain people use make explicit use of the lag. What's so great about slowing the game down to a crawl?
    - Moray Towers: Yeah, Charger and Roller heavy stage, they say. Even when I use a Charger I absolutely hate it. The ways are so long. Super-Jumping is useless for the most part, enemies will almost always see where you jump due to how it's build up. Fighting for the middle is basically just a game of "which E-Liter user has the better aim". Too vertical for my taste otherwise, and as with Blackbelly, the slopes just make life hell, and this one is ALL slopes. It's terribly linear, even if you consider the walls you can climb, but all in all there's not much variety in the ways of getting around this map. Another one where I'll rather not play when it's in the rotation. Unfortunately it was in EU-Splatfest rotation several times already, you should have seen my face when I saw it was in it this time as well. I don't know why people hype it so much. It's terrible, just terrible.
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  18. seakingtheonixpected

    seakingtheonixpected Inkling Cadet

    Aug 2, 2015
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    -Best Maps-
    Flounder Heights
    Saltspray Rig
    Kelp Dome
    All of these are very open with no choke points. They all also have a lot of great places to put sprinklers.

    -Good Maps-
    Blackbelly Skatepark
    Walleye Warehouse
    Urchin Underpass

    Open also, but a little boring compared to best maps.

    -Decent Maps-
    Morary Towers
    Bluefin Depot
    These maps are good, but I can't play Inkbrush on them without dying more than usually, so that makes me a bit meh on them.

    -Bad Maps-
    Hammerhead Bridge
    Camp Triggerfish
    Range is everything on these maps.

    -Terrible Maps-
    Arowana Mall
    Port Mackerel
    I feel like the only way to win on these maps it to go for either a .96 Gal or a Splatcharger, so these are basically the "stop having fun" maps.
  19. Zero Meddler

    Zero Meddler Inkling Cadet

    May 21, 2015
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    Kelp Dome- I love this map because of its size and how you can easily flank the other team from the ramp on the right. Battles here are fun on both Turf and Rabked. My favorite part has to be the layout. It's so... square.

    Urchin Underpass- Ever since the update, I've had a newfound respect for this map since all of its issues were (for the most part) fixed. Intense battles feel really good here and it's really fun in any Ranked mode.

    Walleye Warehouse- A favorite of mine to play a charger. I like this map because of how easy it is to lock the opposition on their side. Of course, the same can happen to you in an instant and it's frustrating when it does. It gets really chaotic, really fast and I like that.

    Blackbelly Skatepark- Another favorite for sniping. All I can really say is I like how it plays. Can't really go into detail. XD

    Port Mackerel- A simple layout with much more to it. It really forces you to be aware of your surroundings as well as work well with your team to defend and push when appropriate. I feel it's a good map to practice some basic skills and practice the Blaster. I like it, though the vehicles have caused a bit of salt as well as being locked on my side of the map. It's also a map I'd run Jr. with my Special build. XD

    Bluefin Depot- This one ranks a bit lower because of the middle. It's a cool idea to have two separate middle areas but the managing of said spots is a tad annoying since you have to go back just to go to the other side.

    Camp Triggerfish- Speaking of management, I find this map a bit too annoying, mainly because of the big area to the right of spawn. It's something you need to CONSTANTLY keep an eye on which takes the fun out of it (especially when the enemy has taken it over). BUT, like Kelp Dome, I like the the layout.

    Flounder Heights- This map rubs me the wrong way... maybe because it's my weaker map to play on. Maybe it's the vertacallity. Can't really pinpoint an exact reason for my dislike. Not my least favorite but it's in the bottom half.

    Moray Towers- Use an E-liter= win. Virtually no way to get past them and most weapons can't even reach the perch Snipers love from a sage distance. PLUS, you have to deal with their teammates on your side which is't that bad, but generally the E-liter will take you and your team out before aby of you can reach mid with its insane range. Honestly, the Rainmaker variant makes a better map since you can at least approach middle with the barricades on the ramp to mid as well as the added area next to it. I'd play THAT. Without an E-liter in the game, this map is tolerable. Besides that, my hatred comes from the massive advantage Snipers get (and since everyone and their great-grandmothers use an E-Liter on Towers, I've developed hostility towards E-Liter users. Yes, it got to me that much. Sorry for the rant =/).

    Arowana Mall-
    This map suffers the same issue Moray Towers does, but to a greater extent. The moment the other team controls mid, good luck getting it back. The only way to really sneak by(if at all. The other team MUST have little awareness for anyone to be sneaky on thus map) and flank is through the alley, but even then someone will be waiting at the end or in the alley, essentially locking your team on your side. I don't find this map fun no matter what weapons I'm going against and that's what makes it my least favorite map.
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  20. HappyBear801

    HappyBear801 Inkling Fleet Admiral

    May 25, 2015
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    You seem to forget Saltspray Rig and Hammerhead Bridge.

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