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Charging Into Battle

I understand chargers better :)
(i also laughed a little at the shooters shenanigans part)
Glad you liked it!

Also, that information is slightly outdated; Shooters now have significantly decreased accuracy when they jump, so they don't do that anymore (they just kinda dance around). I'll get that changed and try to keep the humor for all to enjoy :)
Amazing! My only suggestion to make it better (even though it can't get much better) is point out sniping positions on each map. And I love seeing the Bamboozler not hated and written off as horrible.
As much as I would like to do that, the honest truth is you can be extremely creative about where you snipe from, and I don't want to limit creativity by inputting where I personally use as vantage points. Additionally, each weapon having different lengths makes for different requirements for good spots to use, so it could essentially double the length of the guide, which is already long enough :P

The Bamboozler is a solid choice, it just acts differently because of the sets it's given, it's niche for specific game modes. It's a very supportive weapon that does its job quite well
Fantastic guide! On a personal level of preference, I'd say the Splat Charger (and its scope variants) score the highest on the dominance board. Few stages are actually that catering to the high range of the E-Liter (granted, there are some), and Splat Chargers possess the ability to get down on foot to fight, or remain controlling high ground.

From personal experience, I find it's best to be up in the air when there are a lot of rollers around, and be on the ground when there are other chargers around. Do you believe it's best to attack the other team's charger (if there is one), first? That will set that charger back, and won't allow them to apply pressure to more high traffic areas.

Awesome guide—chargers are my favorite weapon class... this was very helpful.
The Charger on both teams are required to do the same role; control the battlefield's most beneficial area. Odds are, you'll need to take out the enemy Charger to advance.

It's a bad idea to, say, go way out of your way and try to take out their charger. If you're on the defensive, they'll come to you so you just need to be wary of their laser. If you're on the offensive, you need to do the opposite - sneak around until you've found a good spot to pick their charger off from so your team can advance worry free. This requires a lot of help from your team (or at least knowing where your team is going most the time so you can flank appropriately).

In short, the best place to be when facing an enemy charger is out of their line of sight, to make it perfectly simple :P
This guide is great! I love chargers, but I've never been real good at them. Hopefully this will change that!
If you still end up having trouble, send me a message and I'll help in any way I can!
Wow, what an excellent guide!
Amazing! This helped me out a lot thanks.
Incredible. A bit of advice though, I have found that special charge up is MUCH more effective than special duration up on the original Splat charger. You need one special duration up main to get an extra bomb, and if you use special charge up main, you will have more bombs over the course of the match, and when you actually use your bomb rush, you will almost never use that extra bomb anyway, except for a tiny amount of turf
That makes sense. The main reason I use Special Duration Up is because I have the Pilot Goggles with all three abilities rolled as special duration up, and it's the most synergistic piece of gear I've found for that weapon (it increases multiple aspects of the special and sub at once, which is VERY tough to beat).

I'll have to look around for some gear that lets me test out special charge up though, that sounds very promising!
I disagree with your assessment that Chargers should leave coverage to teammates. A Charger focused only on sniping tends to be dead weight in Turf Wars.
I don't believe I ever said they weren't meant to cover turf, just less geared toward it, considering how much ink is used per shot and the role of a charger as far as teamwork goes. You should always work toward covering ground - Squidlord knows it's required - especially since if somebody gets up close & personal with you, you need room to retreat.

I did state in the tips to not focus on covering your base, and I stick by that statement. You want to cover the zone(s) that garuntee your team safety and control, so getting there early is optimal, I feel. You're definitely correct though, I'll add another tip to make sure this isn't misunderstood in the future. Thank you for the feedback, friend!
Absolutely amazing! Fantastic guide!
Excellent guide!
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