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Charging Into Battle

Added the MK II to the Choosing Your Arsenal section.

:wst_charge_light00:Bamboozler MK II - The MK II is a more aggressive set than the original, with the Disruptor sub and Echolocator special, and is better used to actively hunt and splat the enemy as opposed to defending an area. As with the standard set, this weapon doesn't have many useful tools for covering Turf, aside from just shooting, so is more useful in ranked modes. Tower Control and Rainmaker are this weapons specialties - Disruptors cover most of the tower's surface, making targets even easier to take down than before. Additionally, Echolocator makes finding targets that much easier, as well as give built in team support.
Abilities: Ink Saver (Main) :ability_inksavermain:, Ink Saver (Sub) :ability_inksaversub:, Damage Up :ability_damage:, Bomb Range Up :ability_bombrange:, Ink Resistance Up :ability_inkresistance:, Cold Blooded :ability_coldblooded:
I just did a major overhaul of the entire guide - I noticed after reading it that I hadn't explained myself well in areas, and went off topic in others.

I've also added helpful information on each game mode, instead of leaving it all in generic terms.
Added hop shots to the Tips & Tricks section.

Also fixed the images so they actually appear.
A small section I've decided to include to explain play in winning or losing situations. I've also added a small part onto the Choosing Your Arsenal section about the Bamboozler.

Aggressor Or Defender?

Since there's times you can't sit on your high horse and snipe people from a perfect spot, there's times where you'll need to be on the ground and mobile. For instance, what happens when your team just can't keep up with how amazingly well you're doing? Well, this is the times you have to carry. You see, most of what I've posted is for defensive play, and even when you're playing the aggressor, you'll be playing similarly - aim, fire, step back & repeat until you've taken the player out. But if you're team is losing the fight, you obviously can't go up to your favorite spot and sit there. You'll be way out of position, unsafe, and it will be difficult to remain aware. It's times like these where you need to play the aggressor, and pull your weight in turf!

So let's assume the worst, since we're playing the aggressive game - you've been pushed back to your spawn, so you need to get REAL aggressive. Before you can do much of anything, you need turf. Turf is your mobility, safety, and win condition. Even in Tower Control, if you don't have the turf around the tower, your enemies will take advantage of that. Pick off people around the base, then slowly advance. And really that's the only difference, is instead of staying to guard a key point, you're advancing your turf to get to that key point. Remember the three main keys of Chargers and you'll do great!
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