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Howdy Partner: a guide for L-3 Nozzlenose

Tips and trick for one of the more interesting weapons in the game.

  1. SonnyBlueBalls
    I completely glossed over this weapon before this guide. I kinda considered it trash to be honest. Wasnt looking at it the right way.
  2. Me1You2
    Great guide! This weapon and it's kit are crimimally under-rated. You get the fastest running speed of any weapon while firing, disruptors make it so not only are you at a movement advantage, but now your oponent is at a movment disadvantage, and the killer wail may not be too good on it's own, but it can push enemies to where you want them to be and yo can finish them off with a disruptor and a little help fom you r team. All-in-all, a great weapon for anyone who likes to flank.
  3. TacoOfDestruction
    Great guide!
    I find that damage up can be a good option for nozzle nose, as you can get it up to 99.9 damage, meaning that if the enemy has any damage at all on them it can one shot.
  4. Avatar K
    Avatar K
    It gives solid advice on the the entire weapon set, shows range, and provides numbers. However, i do not think enemies can see the targeting marks of the killer wail before it fires, making "snapping" pointless.
  5. Kevham
    Personally I feel that the .52 Gal Vs the L3 is more of an even battle. .52's fire rate isn't as big a hindrance as you think. Also, A splash wall can easily turn the tide of the fight in the .52's favor, but Disruptors have more widespread use and use less ink. They seem to match eachother power-wise fairly well. My thoughts on the .52 matchup aside, It's a truly spectacular guide. Good work.
  6. Lofty
    I liked the L3 yet I never was good at using it, but after reading through this a few times I tried it out again with much stellar results! Definitely a weapon I'll have to use more often! Thank you so much for this guide, it was incredibly helpful!
  7. 2xDair
    Fantastic guide! Your write-up actually convinced me to start using the Nozzlenose as my main weapon. I wrote this weapon off at first because of the way it fires, but this made me consider giving it another shot.
  8. DakotaAven
    Well explained.
  9. Happysquiddo
    Informative guide that makes me want to pick up and try the L-3 Nozzlenose despite having had no interest in it. (The use of < and > in the matchups section confused me. Either the author has them reversed or I'm misreading what the matchups describe.)
  10. Purge
    Very comprehensive guide on a great weapon. It's also worth noting that you revert back to running pace between shots so Run Speed Ups make this weapon extremely fast while shooting.
  11. NuclearStrawberry
    Excellent strategies and food for thought to help develop new tricks and strategies to keep enemies on their toes.
  12. SoraNai
    Very informative and has some excellent tips and ideas that help a lot! :]
    1. Robotoboy20
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I love this weapon so very much =P
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