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S+ Octobrush Guide! by Chhipz

I love this guide and it has helped me a lot with using the octobrush, especially in ranked! I do have one question about ink saver main. I run it along with most of the gear you suggested, but I was wondering if I should replace it with swim speed up? Also, how do you feel about defense up on the octobrush?
My gear set for the octobrush is 6 subs of damage up 1 main and 2 subs of ink recovery up 1 main of swim speed up 2 subs of special charge up and 2 subs of special durration up.
As a person that uses a Octobrush excessively, this guide is fantastic and it made me find things I didn't know about the weapon! Like its TTK compared to Rollers and the regular Inkbrush. This really feels like a complete, in-depth guide to the Octobrush, even if it's not a complete guide yet. From the strengths and weaknesses, to the tips you use when using the Octobrush, this is surely one of the best guides for the Octobrush, and maybe, hopefully we'll see more guides from you!
On that note, Thank you for making this guide. I'm sure me and many others will use the Octobrush more.
Rewriting review:
I wasn't sure about the damage up allowing 2HKO's at first, but I just got a hat with all damage on it, and I found out it actually does work. I don't have a screen recorder, but if you want to put a video in your guide showing how to do 2HKO's, I made one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U155nyrpBfI
The description of the video gives an explanation of what I'm doing and why you need the damage, which you can also put in the guide if you want.

Anyways, thanks for the great guide, it was very helpful!!
Great advice! The damage calcs and explanations really make the guide easy to follow and understand. Most guides tend to tell you what to do without saying why, but this one doesn't do that. Thanks a bunch!!
Thanks, this is great advice and has helped me see why I don't always perform well with the Octobrush!
Lovely review. As and octobrush main, my gear consists entirely of only special charge ups, and quick respawns. It helped me a lot in ranked since I used to get splatted many times. But now since I don't die as often, I'll replace some of my special up abilities with mainly swim speed, and damage up and see how that works. Thanks.
It really taught me how to play
This is great! I'm an OctoBrush main myself, but this helped a lot! the gear recommendations were especially helpful (Though i personally only use 1 Damage Up main and Three Subs)
Thanks! I actually use 1 Damage main and 3 subs as well, I'll edit that and make that section more clear.
Detailed, in-depth, high quality. Thank you for sharing this guide!
Thank you for reading.
Interesting, good job!
Thank you!
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