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Splatoon 2’s Inkbrush

Excellent tool to defend and aggrandize a notably underrated weapon. I have never seen a simpler yet more powerful guide to a weapon. Great job!
Good guide my dude
BTW... You CAN run away, just hold ZR down and get to a safe area... Then throw a bomb at them or get close to them once you recover... Using the holding of ZR is a very good skill for the ink brush.
AMAZING guide! Thank you! Everyone is saying the Inkbrush is no good but I think you're putting it in great perspective; if you use the entire kit, and play "Drunken Inkbrush" style, it can be amazing... I've been devoting myself to other weapons (not a bad thing in its own right) but looking back on my stats I have the most wins and highest Freshness Rating with the Inkbrush, so your guide is inspiring me to pick it back up again and take advantage of the whole kit.
This is a great guide, review all the parts you need to be good st the inkbrush, which I've suddenly found a liking to
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