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  • man, i wasn't around for splatoon 1 (despite owning a wii u since 2014...) so i don't have the nostalgia factor but i'm like... sitting here regretting not playing back when splat1 was current again (this is a recurring thing but with today being Splatoon 1 Death Day it's relevant rn). rip splatoon 1 sry i only started playing you seven years after your release
    but idk, if i'd started playing in 2015 i'm not sure if my teenage self would've been interested in comp, so who knows if i'd be interested now or if splat would've been cemented as A Game I Play Casually? also i would've still made 1000 ocs because i was always Like This but they'd be a different 1000 ocs. so maybe i was meant to be a splat3 newcomer
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    TIL that the locations you set on your profiles here automatically link to a google maps search for whatever you put in. and clicking mine outputs a random dunkin donuts parking lot in new hampshire, close to the maine border. amazing stuff
    made it back to S rank last night! usually i don’t get there until the 2nd month of a season, so… progress?????
    i’m in super mega con crunch mode(tm) right now and between work and finishing my one cosplay for this weekend i haven’t been able to play splatoon. i feel my hands and wrists atrophying. when i get to play the video game again i fear i will have forgotten how to play completely. woe is me.
    proposal: in line w/ the splat fandom’s existing multiplication agent ship name scheme + the wider fandom “A & B” notation for platonic relationships, we should use addition for friendships between agents. e.g., if your (cap’n) 3 and your 4 are just friends, that’s “agent 7”; a 4 & 8 friendship is [SYSTEM ERROR]; etc. this way we can make our fandom terminology even less comprehensible w/ no benefit. 😌
    to expand on my own aside from earlier: maybe that solo q teammate isn't throwing. maybe their cat decided to climb in their lap and rub against their controller right as the opposing team was about to take the lead. no i'm not speaking from experience what makes you think that
    an opinion i have that idk if i'd call unpopular, but i've never heard anyone else say it: i think the news is cute and i don't always wanna skip it BUT i wish i could have it set to move through the dialogue automatically. i'd love to be able to do my wrist stretches while watching the news and not have to stop to press A, yknow?
    okay but why do they keep putting the neo3 sleeping on the train clip in side order trailers... what does it MEAN
    alright. is anyone else seeing a sharp increase in the number of NPC cephalopods in their splatoon 3 plazas, even when connected to the internet (and alongside real players & their plaza posts)? like, it used to be that i’d see one or two alongside real people every so often, but now there’s been a lot of them walking around for me.
    Wordle DS 959 4/6*


    hey squidboards! did you know that you can play wordle on your (modded) (3)ds?
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