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    Looking For Teammates Thread

    Post here if you're looking for a team to join, or if you're short that fourth important player!
  2. Squidboards

    Splatoon Showdown Series

    Nintendo of America has teamed up with Battlefy to bring us an open tournament running throughout the month of November! Step 1: Gather 3 other teammates (and any backups) Step 2: Register your team for the tournaments of your choice at battlefy.com/splatoon Step 3: Make sure you show up...
  3. Squidboards

    The Squidboards Userguide v1.0

    The Squidboards Userguide Version 1.0 (April 23, 2015) Hello and welcome to Squidboards! This guide is meant to help new and old members alike in using and understanding all the features Squidboards has to offer. Reading or even skimming through this guide should explain how to use certain...
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    Squidboards Suggestion Thread

    Got a suggestion for the forum? Want tor recommend someone for moderator? Think you know a good site feature? Let us know here! We'll check this out from time to time and see what can be done - improvements will happen incrementally but they will happen!
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    Welcome to Squidboards!

    Hello Squids! Today we are excited to announce the (re)launch of Squidboards. Nearly a year ago, TheRapture launched a beta version of the site on free forum software. Over the last month we've been working on a big update to the site with new features and functionality through the Xenforo forum...
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