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Infestation in Inkopolis! Character Sheets


Aug 20, 2021

Name: Rudie
Age: 10
Gender: male
Species: duck
Personality: Rudie loves floating around in a pond or other water body, quacking happily. He also loves singing, quacking along to any and all songs he hears, regardless of if his quacks match the beat or not.
Appearance: Rudie is a duck that has yellow feathers (#f6cf46), an orange beak and feet (#f18751), he has black eyes, and his wings are permanently at his sides
Bio: It is unknown how Rubber Duckie came into existence. He just sort of... did, already under ownership. Over the course of several days, his owner squeezed him to their hearts content, and Rubber Duckie was squeaking as many times as he was squeezed, squeaking happily. That all changed one day, when Rubber Duckie got a piece of lint stuck in his squeaker, meaning that Rubber Duckie couldn't squeak. After one of his owner's human friends removed the lint from his squeaker, his owner sang along with Rubber Duckie. A few days later, a magician arrived and used magic to drastically increase Rubber Duckie's size, making him around 5 feet tall. His owner was upset by this, but the magician didn't quite remember how to shrink Rubber Duckie, so they had to call another magician to help Rubber Duckie get back to his normal size. The new magician was guided to the problem, and they saw the giant Rubber Duckie and easily turned him back to normal with a short rhyme. His owner celebrated their restored friend, squeaking Rubber Duckie with joy. They then put him in their room. Shortly afterwards, some strangers in lab coats arrived and secretly toynapped Rubber Duckie, taking him to a laboratory and doing experiments on him in an attempt to bring him to life. After the experiments were completed, Rubber Duckie had gained sentience. Since then, however, a portal appeared under Rubber Duckie that led to the Splatoon universe (more specifically, in Inkopolis Square). He fell in, squeaking in confusion the entire time. The portal ended up converting him to an actual duck (same size, same colors, and converting his squeak to a quack) to better fit in with the locals. When he landed in Inkopolis Square (accompanied by a LOUD quack), he found out that the duck already had a name - Rudie - so that's what Rubber Duckie decided to rename himself until he gets back home.
Other: Rudie squeaks (now quacks) whenever he's squeezed (now whenever he's hugged), whenever he hops around, or whenever he lands on the ground or another solid surface after a jump/fall; he also squeaks (now quacks) when he communicates, as he only speaks squeak (now he only speaks quack); shockingly, his squeaker (vocal chords) will never, ever get damaged; since his squeaker (vocal chords) will never, ever get damaged, Rudie will never, ever lose his squeak (quack) - unless another piece of lint gets stuck in his squeaker (gets stuck in his beak); ever since Rubber Duckie got a piece of lint stuck in his squeaker and caused him to temporarily lose his squeak, he's feared permanently losing his squeak, and he's disliked lint ever since; he also dislikes foghorns, as when he was around 5 feet tall, his owner tried squeaking Rubber Duckie like normal, though the squeaks were as loud and deep as a foghorn because he was so big
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