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Infestation in Inkopolis! Character Sheets


Inkling Cadet
Jan 2, 2022
Eagle City, Komerika, Ninjala
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  • Prince Huchen (Sean)
  • [Pronounced: Prince Huh-chin (Shawn)]
  • 18
  • Humanoid Salmonid, son of King Chinook king of the salmonids. Actually somewhat handsome (you wouldn’t think he would be, considering his species, right?). Tall, skinny, and nerdy. Has orangy-pink hair that falls into his eyes, slightly grayish skin tone, red eyes, a sharp jawline, dark shimmering silver scale freckles, wears a black superhero-like mask that acts as a pair of glasses. Has scales on the back of his hands, back of his neck, and on the front of the shins.
  • Hates the fact that his father is constantly sending troops down to declare war on the squid- and octopus-people for no apparent reason. Does more to take care of the Salmonid Kingdom than his sadistic, mentally unstable, narcissistic father does. Cares a lot about other people but doesn’t get out much or get the chance to have friends and thus is very sad and lonely inside, though he rarely ever lets it show.
  • Shirt: Custom Painted F-3
  • Shoes: Moto Boots
  • Weapon: Aerospray PG
  • Relationships: single. no friends either.
  • Family: father (an insane, stuck-up sadist): King Chinook; younger sister (a total brat): Princess Pinkie; uncle (a submissive soldier who dislikes this as much as Huchen but refuses to question orders): Commander Sockeye.
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