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Post Your Inksona and Splatoon OCs!

Discussion in 'RP Square' started by ReedRGale, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. seth_the_inkling

    seth_the_inkling Senior Squid

    Aug 29, 2018
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    AAAAAA i need stats ;-; ill just put them here :/

    Delta's stats ( he is a rouge)
    STR : 11
    DEX : 17
    CON : 9
    INT : 7
    WIS : 10
    CHA : 13
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  2. X-BIRT

    X-BIRT Inkster Jr.

    Dec 31, 2015
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    I didn't think of four as being alot, but ok XD. The reason I have 4 is because that's what it takes to make a team. I initially made these OCs for use in a webcomic or fanfic type story, but never really got around to it. Having a full team of characters seemed like the right way to go for the sake of consistency and a decent story.
  3. xXK1rbyf4nb0y69Xx

    Oct 12, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Please do note that I have head-canons for The Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, Agents 3, 4, and 8. If I can, I'll create a thread for my Head-Canons, OCs (Scarlet, Jared, and Angel/Agent 4) , and Inksona! Or should I say... Octosona...
    My Octosona
    Name: LunaOctoling
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Race: Octoling
    Personality: Friendly
    Weapon(s) of Choice: Sploosh-O-Matic Neo, Carbon Roller, E-Liter 4K Scope, Dualie Squealchers, Undercover Sorella Brella, Bloblobber, Hydra Splatling, Clash Blaster, Octobrush Nouveau
    Eye Colour: Orange
    Skin Tone: Light
    Hairstyle: Tentacurl
    Head Gear: Pilot Goggles
    Clothes: Black Layered LS
    Shoes: Moto Boots
    Legwear: Long Pants
    Relations: Angel/Agent 4 (Friend), Jared (Friend), Scarlet (Friend), Agent 3 (Friend), Agent 8 (Friend), Marie (Friend), Callie (Freneny), Marina (Friend), Pearl (Friend), Meggy from SMG4 (Friend), Mario Kart Inkling Boy (Friend), Smash Bros. Inkling Girl (Friend), DJ Octavio (Former Leader)
    Backstory: LunaOctoling once worked with the Octarians... Until she met Angel. Angel took her to her friend's home where she made new friends. The next day, LunaOctoling took all 3 of her friends to SplatMart to get new weapons, gear, and fresh haircuts. Today, Luna and her friends live in SplatVille with many YouTubers and awesome Inklings and Octolings! They still share the same house. She still remembers her life with the Octarians. LunaOctoling also has a grudge on a certain X-Rank player... P.S. she hates Flyfish
    Special Features: High IQ, Good with battle Tactics and Strategies
    #183 xXK1rbyf4nb0y69Xx, Oct 12, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  4. BakuLinkstheSquid.I.

    Sep 12, 2018
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    Switch Friend Code:
    Allow me to introduce my squidsona (cuz i couldnt find a way to make custom octos)
    name: Baku
    age: 16
    gender: male
    humanoid: can be seen in my pfp, without the blush
    squid: the same eyes, besides from that, completely average squid form
    -likes spicy food
    -there are few things he takes seriously
    -was once a human, yet he was turned into an inkling for unknown reasons
    -favourite sport is ssb
    -highly lazy, but if he has something to fight for, he will defend it with his life(?
    -likes music from both the human age and the world of splatoon
    -somehow conserved a functional mp3 player and tons of music
    -favourite artist: alan walker
    -believes that alan walker isnt a single person, so he tries to make more music in the style of alan walker
    -quite emotionally unstable
    -highly confused with a girl for his hairstyle
    -acts weak when he is strong, and strong when he is weak
    -antisocial, yet he tries to keep his few friends as close as possible
    -most used phrase: "now what?"
    -most serious quote: "with nothing to fight for, we might as well be dead"
    -most used word overall: "oof"
    #184 BakuLinkstheSquid.I., Nov 16, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  5. TheLoZKing

    TheLoZKing Inkling

    Dec 31, 2018
    Likes Received:
    For me, my OC's are my personal agents that I've played as in Splatoon 1&2. I just felt the need to clarify.

    OC #1:

    Marcus [No Last Name Given]

    Species/ Race:



    Lightly tanned skin, red eyes, Splatoon 1 male hairstyle

    Clothing: Red T-Shirt, Dark-Colored Sweatpants, Tennis Shoes (Casual Clothing); Paintball Mask & Uniform (Battle Clothing)

    Personality: Marcus is rather quiet and reserved, the blue oni to Callie's red. Rarely does he rush into a situation with no thought, instead preferring to analyze the situation and plan accordingly. Octavio learned the hard way that there is one way to make Marcus angry rather easily, and that's by violating his first rule: Don't. Hurt. His. Callie.

    Callie (Girlfriend), Marie (Friend), Ethan (Friend), Alora (Friend), Captain Cuttlefish (Friend/Mentor), Pearl (Friend), Marina (Friend)

    Bio (spoiler warning for Octo Expansion): Marcus was your average Inkling, ready to move off on his own in the most happening city of all Ink-kind: Inkopolis. He did not anticipate being dragged into an adventure, though he wasn't complaining. Being named Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon came with a whole slew of responsibilities, and he was only too eager to prove himself capable. As a result of his adventure, he met and bonded with the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, and fell in love with the former. The feelings turned out to be mutual, and a romance blossomed between the two. After defeating DJ Octavio, Marcus found himself engaged in a fierce battle with an Octoling. She had him on the ropes, but before she could deal the final blow, someone, or something, caused the Octoling to be sent to Inkopolis's underground metro system. Two years later, Marcus and Captain Cuttlefish set out to investigate reports of strange goings-on in the metro system, however the two somehow got separated from each other. Marcus came into possesion of a CQ-80 and used it to track down Captain Cuttlefish. Unfortunately, a berzerk AI brainwashed him and made him attack the Octoling again. He was defeated, and the brainwashing wore off. When he came to, he found out that the Octoling, whose name was Alora, had defeated the AI and saved Inkopolis from total annihilation. Since then, Marcus has returned to his quiet life. Well, as quiet as it can be, considering his girlfriend is a celebrity. Marcus is considering popping the question, but like everything he does, he's waiting for the right time. Recent rumors say that he supports the notion of changing Inkopolis's name to Cephalopolis.
    #185 TheLoZKing, Dec 31, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019
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  6. Raphaël

    Raphaël Inkling

    Jan 3, 2019
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    Oh well, I guess I‘ll post my character here, since I‘m actually genuinely interested in finding RP partners, either for 1 on 1 RP or in a group.

    Name(s): Raphaël Volaille; Nicknamed Raph, Rave and Raven
    Age: 22
    Race: Inkling
    Appearance: He is usually teal coloured, as his favourite colour is a banned colour. Most of the time he is running around in a cooking garb, as he is working as a chef. He has rather big glasses, mossy-green eyes as well as very pale skin. Other than that, he has no special traits.
    Relations: He is working in multiple restaurants all over Inkopolis. Wherever he is needed and who asks first, there he goes. So he knows the store owners and has never had any issues with them so far.
    Other than that he has a sister and a brother and both parents are alive. He has no other real contacts, since he has a pretty shy personality, so it‘s hard for him to make friends or even finding a partner.
    Backstory: He has just lived his life to this point. He went to school and eventually stopped, so he can follow his passion for food and start an apprenticeship. He never had too much time for battling, so he is more of a turf-war person. Next to working and battling for fun he is finishing his school to maybe go to a university one day, but he is not too sure about it. After all, he is very happy as his life is right now and would not even know if studying would bring him any further in his career.
    Back when he was in school he had some issues with bullying for not being interested in ranked battles. Because of that, he became more silent and just does stuff on his own, but he does not dislike it at all. He is still able to forge relationships, it just takes a long time for him to fully trust a person.

    (c) me, raphaelvolaille
    Inklings belong to Nintendo
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  7. Gæy

    Gæy Inkling

    Jan 14, 2019
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  8. HighColorSunset

    HighColorSunset Full Squid

    Feb 25, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Names: Shizue Miumi and Joy Finwick
    Age: 15
    Race: Inkling
    Genders: Female (both)
    Appearance: Shizue is tall and thin, with a pale complexion, droopy violet eyes, and violet ink. Her hair is a short, clean-cut bob, and she often wears pullover sweaters and a cross necklace as an accessory. Joy is shorter and chubbier, with a rosier complexion, almond-shaped teal eyes, and aquamarine ink. Her hair is a bit longer and often worn either straight or in updos or pigtails. She wears brighter colors and tends to go with cooler and more casual clothing.

    Relations: Each other (best friends), seperate unnamed families
    Backstory: Shizue grew up in the town of Gakamachi ("gaka" means painter), while Joy was raised in the city of Cuttleton. Let's see...I haven't worked much on backstories yet...so far, what I've got is that Shizue left the nest early to pursue education at various colleges, and Joy had been participating in music and art contests since she was small. Joy speaks a somewhat different dialect of Inkling as well, an equivalent to the Estuary dialect of English.
    Abilities: Shizue is currently a student focused on her studies, as well as a bookworm, and knows many languages. Joy has always loved music and art, and participated in music contests and dance-offs in her hometown. Her art is cartoony, but colorful, warm, and creative; her music style was cheerful and her vocals warm and cute. Joy has focused on a couple languages only, but that means she knows them better. She has a few fields of knowledge that she pursues, which does mean she knows more about them. She's also a bit more interested in the "fresh" style and Turf Wars than Shizue.
    Personality: The left brain of the two, Shizue is introverted, shy, practical and a bit perfectionist. She also has trouble showing feelings and can be blunt, sarcastic or rude without meaning to be. She is fearful and prefers to stay safe. She is also quiet, but comes up with good ideas and is logical. As the right brain, Joy is incredibly cheerful and optimistic, maybe a bit of a spark-plug. Despite being less withdrawn than Shizue, Joy can be timid and naive at times and doesn't do well under pressure; she is also horrible at lying and a bit of a crybaby. Joy is also very sensitive and compassionate, despite her boundless energy.
    Turf War weapons: Shizue enjoys Chargers and Squiffers, and likes to snipe from a safe place and surprise people. Because of her hiding, Shizue often lasts long in battle, though it takes her a while to find an opportunity to strike. Joy, on the other hand, loves being out in the open, getting that adrenaline rush, and going fast, so she prefers Shooters, Rollers and Dualies, and is a good sport even if she gets Splatted a lot; even if her team loses, she would generally congratulate the other team.
    Favorite foods: Shizue is a fan of both smoked salmon and cod, and she also likes to eat toast with honey or cinnamon. Her favorite drink is mint tea, which she likes plain and strong, and she enjoys eating whole mint leaves. Joy enjoys salmon fillet, shrimp, and fried fish (especially if fries/chips are involved (not because she's supposed to be "British," but because it's one of my real-life favorites)), and is a big fan of all types of sweets, including cakes and ice creams; her favorite drinks are boba, sweetened tea (usually fruit, mint or ginger) with milk and honey, and many types of fruit juices.
    Octo Valley?: Shizue gets along with Cap'n Cuttlefish, and Joy thinks she may have nearly bumped into an Octotrooper once. Both are tolerant and forgiving of Octolings and have some Octarian friends.
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  9. Agent Bean

    Agent Bean Inkling

    Mar 8, 2019
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    Switch Friend Code:
    I’ve never RPd before so sorry if it’s a little dry. I’m down for being any of these characters, or all at once maybe.

    Team Sugar Rush:

    Name: Sundae Semana
    Role: Team Captain/Front Line Support/Team Mom
    Age: 19
    Race: Inkling
    Gear: Tenta Brella/Golf Visor/Red Hula Punk with Tie/Black Flip Flops
    Appearance: She is a naturally purple Inkling with her tentacles in a bun. She has slightly brown skin with brown eyes. She’s only a bit shorter than the average inkling.
    -Family: Her dad and 3 younger brothers
    -Friends: Only her team and a few people she met during her solo career
    -Rivals: She has a friendly rivalry with Concrete
    -Enemies: Sundae is normally very chill and reserved, but nothing flips her switch like being splatted by a certain Bloblobber.
    Backstory: Sundae has always had to carry people. From taking care of her three younger brothers while their dad had to work, to outclassing her teammates during her solo career. Perhaps it’s her caregiving tendencies from raising her brothers that pushed her towards the Tenta Brella. After climbing her way to S+ in Solo, she decided that she wanted to join league battles, so she made her own squad.
    During a solo turf war match Sundae was paired with a level one newbie to turf war. He was nervous the whole time, so Sundae payed him no mind. However, in the last minute of the match Sundae was the last survivor of her team while the other team was making a big push that would almost ensure victory. As Sundae was getting surrounded the newbie super jumped to one of her Beakons and managed to get a team wipe all on his own. Being impressed by this, Sundae decided to take him, Blizzard, under her tentacles and train him up for the league.
    Her next teammate came from a wager she had made. Another S+ inkling looking for a league battle challenged her to a one-on-one Turf War, and whoever won would become the leader of their squad. Beating him only by 2.6% won Sundae two new team members, the S+ (Concrete) and his teammate (Truffle).
    Now that Sundae finally has her league team, they are looking forward to entering League tournaments.

    Name: Blizzard
    Role: Main Splatter/Designated Power Clam holder/Team Nervous wreck
    Age: 15
    Race: Inkling
    Gear: Goo Tuber/Full Moon Glasses/White Shirt/Red Hi Tops
    Appearance: Blizzard is a naturally teal inkling with dark skin and black eyes. He ties his tentacles in the classic style and is the size of an average inkling, although he is in the frailer side.
    -Family: The only child of two parents that loved to shelter him
    -Friends: He’s only comfortable around his team, he’s very socially awkward so he avoids strangers.
    -Rivals: None
    -Enemies: Being a Sniper he has a lot of haters.
    Backstory: His parents “knew it all.” They knew that every jellyfish was more likely of spreading a disease, that Sea Anenome’s fish always have hateful things to say, and that every inkling he’d try to be friends. Because of these conspiracies, Blizzard was homeschooled all of his life, making no friends.
    After finally being physically eligible for a turf war, he snuck off to play in his first ever turf war match. There he managed to get a team wipe and save a cute Tentabrella, who then offered to train him as a part of her team. Once he started training he picked up the goo tuber, and once Concrete and Truffle joined Concrete helped Blizzard escape his crazy parents by letting him move in.
    Blizzard’s parents were hardly supportive of this. They kept telling him that his friends would betray him and he would die homeless on the street. Blizzard doesn’t talk to his parents anymore.

    Name: Concrete Anderson
    Role: Offense and Defense/Designated Rain Maker cattier/Team Serious Stoic
    Age: 18
    Race: Inkling
    Gear: Kensa Splattershot Pro(Or Kensa .52 Gal)/Black Tennis Headband/Green Zekko Hoodie/Angry Rain Boots
    Appearance: Concrete is a naturally like green inkling with green eyes and brown skin that’s in between Sundae and Blizzard. He’s very muscular and tall with very broad sholders, with the spiky tentacles.
    -Family: Sea anemone parents and sister that he has an excellent relationship with
    -Friends: His team, is social with the anemone community
    -Rivals: He has a friendly rivalry with Sundae
    -Enemies: He’s a different person in the presence of a certain Hydra Splatling.
    Backstory: Concrete was adopted by a loving family of sea anemones at the age of 7. It was awkward getting past the obvious species gap at first, but once their dad turned on the tv they all bonded watching turf war matches. The moment he hit the age requirement Concrete registered for Turf War, and began to dominate the scene. After climbing his way to S+, he and his long term friend Truffle began to enter the scene as a pair, until he decided to challenge Sundae to a one on one that ended up adding them to her team forever.

    Name: Truffle Jin
    Role: Main Defense/Backline Support/Team Party Animal
    Age: 16
    Race: Inkling
    Gear: Dynamo Roller/Fake Contacts/Green Striped Easy Shirt/LE Lo Tops
    Appearance: Truffle is a naturally yellow inkling with pale skin and brown eyes. Her tentacles are up in the frizzy buns and she’s on the taller, chubbier side.
    -Family: She lives with her busy Grandma and Mom whom she loves very much.
    -Friends: She knows almost every inkling, or atleast she wants to know every inkling.
    -Rivals: None
    -Enemies: People who hate squid partying hate her
    Backstory: Truffle has a very good relationship with her mother and grandmother, the only problem with that is that they’re always at work, so she’s always alone. Because of this, she would venture out in the city and make friends with all of the inklings waiting for their next match. Once she became eligible for Turf War she found that her first ever match, became a giant squid party. This is when she found her true calling.
    Despite being an avid squid partier she joined the super serious Concrete in League as a pair, but one day she woke up to text from Concrete saying that they now have a new team.
  10. HighColorSunset

    HighColorSunset Full Squid

    Feb 25, 2019
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    Names: Yumena Yuu, Rebekah Sasaki, Lana and Noah Pond, Lian Fen, Rachel Maki, Daniel Wood

    Ages: 18, 14

    Races: Octolings (Rebekah, Lana, Noah), Inklings (Yumena, Lian, Rachel, Daniel)

    Genders: Female, Male (Noah, Daniel)

    Body Types:

    Tall: Rebekah, Daniel
    Average height: Lana, Rachel
    Petite: Yumena, Noah, Lian

    Thin: Yumena, Lian, Noah
    Average: Rachel, Daniel, Rebekah
    Slightly chubby/Average-plus: Lana

    Slim/straight: Lian, Noah, Daniel
    Curvy: Rebekah
    Pear-shaped: Yumena, Rachel, Lana


    Cyan: Rachel
    Magenta: Lana, Noah
    Indigo: Lian
    Navy: Daniel
    Gradient: Yumena (cream to aqua), Rebekah (dark brown to teal)

    Long/loose: Rachel
    Twist/Updo: Yumena
    Tentacle hanging to the side: Rebekah
    Hime cut: Lian
    Bowl cut: Daniel
    Side bun with side tentacle: Lana
    Messy/natural bangs: Noah

    Pale: Lian, Rachel, Daniel, Noah
    Medium-light: Yumena
    Dark/warm: Rebekah

    Dark blue: Lian, Rachel
    Hazel: Lana, Noah, Rebekah
    Brown: Daniel
    Teal: Yumena

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  11. radio-fashion

    radio-fashion Full Squid

    Mar 15, 2019
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    I made my first splatoon oc! His name is Flynn, and while I don't have a whole lot of information on him, I still really want to share him! I'm also very open to rping him!

    Name(s): Flynn, tries so hard to get people to nickname him but it just never happens
    Age: Late teens, 17 if I had to put an exact number
    Race: Inkling
    Appearance: Bowl cut, grey eyes, negative longcuff sweater, "Drawstring cargo pants", Eminence Cuff(fake contacts in game), old timey shoes, two more earrings on his left ear. Skinny little man, 5'7"
    Notes: He is just a little creature......... more seriously, he doesn't really have much to him, he's always been big into fashion, he's a huge follower of Off the Hook, and he can't aim for his life so hes a filthy bucket main, trislosher nouveau most commonly. Does salmon run all the time despite the fact that he's terrified of salmonoids
    Squiddo 2.png
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  12. HighColorSunset

    HighColorSunset Full Squid

    Feb 25, 2019
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    name: zero

    age: unknown

    species: octoling (sanitized)

    gender: f

    personality: unknown. shows signs of amnesia and seems to lack most emotion, but strangely not hostile. spends most of time wandering around, writing (possibly taking notes) and drawing. responds little to others. always hyper focused on whatever she is doing. neutral on most issues. seems to have some musical ability, though it is unclear.

    appearance: typical green and blue completion of one sanitized. blue eyes. seems to have pale skin and hair. possibly fairly young. wears black ls with regular jeans. short wavy tentacles and fairly large eyes. neutral expression. thin and somewhat petite.

    relationships: lana, noah, rebekah, yumena (acquaintances), shizue, joy, daniel (may have seen somewhere). no notable friends, lovers, family, or enemies so far.

    gear: uses a scoped charger. hidden and dangerous.

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