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What are your top five favorite Nintendo games of all time?

Discussion in 'Squid Social' started by CM86, May 15, 2016.

  1. ZEROrevive

    ZEROrevive Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Apr 18, 2017
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    Hmm this is a tough one....but I'll give it a shot. For games specifically made BY Nintendo...

    1) Splatoon - This ranks high because its the most fun I've ever had with a online game since Monster Hunter Tri. And that's a hard game to beat! Its easy to jump in and play which makes it great for getting in a few quick matches (It outdoes Monster Hunter in this way- which takes a while to set up your hunts, find people to hunt with, set up your gear, ect). And for a Shooter game, it just has its own unique vibe and gameplay style that I can't really find in other games. The art style and inkling characters just have a big apeal to me along with the trendy fashions they do. It carries alot of japans style behind it, and I love it for that.

    2) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN and HD) - This game was heavily put down back when it was first released- the new art direction being a big turn off for some people. But for me as a kid- I was wowed and excited by the new graphics. It didn't bother me an inch. Infact- it felt very whimsical and adventurous. Like something out of a storybook. I came to love it. And the gameplay itself drew me in even further...taking to the open seas, finding new islands big and small, hunting for treasure....all of these things made the game feel like a big adventure for someone like me. I wasn't worried about rushing the games story line- I wanted to see what was out there in the world of ocean. And I couldn't stop exploring it. With the HD edition adding new extra features, I was happy to start my adventure once again- and share it along the way with random people, thanks to the pictograph. Seeing what little messages and pictures washed up on land was a fun little treat. perhaps I need to go and play some more of the HD adventure someday.

    3) Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Can I say I love this games drift mechanic? Okay. I LOVE this games drift mechanic! It makes me sad that it never made a return. The closest game Ive played to it in terms of drifting is Sonic & Sega: All Stars Racing. Chaining drifts felt so satisfying and made racing feel that much more intense- especially on tracks like Rainbow Road...you know, the road that you go (And fall off many times- We all did it). Double Dash is alot of fun for me even in single player, and completing it 100% was a blast. I love the double item mechanic as well- which I'm glad to see has returned in MK8: DX.

    4) Paper Mario - Yes, the first. I do like TTYD myself, but there's something about the first game that just seemed to draw me in even more. The graphics for the time wowed me as a child with its amazing backdrops of scenery. The music I couldn't get enough of- it felt so catchy and at times, relaxing. And the gameplay was the perfect way to introduce me into the RPG genre...yes, this was my first. And I don't regret it. Everything is memorable in this game, be it the enemies or your loyal partners. And the extra side quests and quirks gave the game a good extension upon itself for me. It really did feel like I was playing through a storybook....but that's Paper Mario. A story of its own.

    5) Kirby 64 - My first kirby game. My Favorite kirby game. Why? The ability combinations! Finding out all of them was so fun and rewarding. The many attacks available! Using said abilities made for interesting attacks to perform, and alot of strategy. The levels! A great variety of level designs for a side scrolling game. none of them felt too linear or alike to each other. The music! How can I get that Boss music out of my head? Oh- and the bosses themselves. I never got tired of re-fighting them again and again, trying to beat them quicker and with no hits each time. All of them were very satisfying! Especially the games last 2 bosses. It all made for a very memorable game that jump started me into the Kirby series later in the future.

    Now for honorable mentions that aren't made by Nintendo...in no order:

    • Monster Hunter: Tri
    • Goldeneye (the original on N64)
    • Goemon's Great Adventure
    • River City Ransom
    • Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zen'in Shūgō! ( ダウンタウンスペシャルくにおくんの時代劇だよ全員集合! )
    • Megaman 64/Legends
    • Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
    • Sonic & Sega: All Stars Racing
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  2. Ghiraham-Sandwich

    Ghiraham-Sandwich Full Squid

    Jun 3, 2017
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    1- Super Mario Sunshine
    I've played and finished this game so many times i've lost count, the whole aesthetic and theme of SMS is perfect to me! I love the OST and the level design, just EVERYTHING and I get so much nostalgia every time I play it. I was my very first game on the GameCube and I still have it now. I'd do anything for a sequel or remake.

    2- Yoshi's Island

    This was my first GBA game and I remember playing it all Christmas day, the OST is perfect and catchy, my favourite thing was finding all the little secrets in each level.

    3- Earthbound

    My boyfriend bought this game on his WiiU, we'd take turns playing every time I came over. I absolutely love how strange and random this game is? I adore the OST too. After we finished the game we downloaded an English translation of MOTHER 3 and played the whole thing together again.

    4- Super Princess Peach
    This is on the list purely because I love Princess Peach and anything with her in I will BUY! I remember first seeing the game on the shelf in a store and I HAD TO BUY IT. I even bought a Super Princess Peach DS set and with stickers. I have a shelf in my room full of Princess Peach merch.

    5- Sonic Adventure

    I know this game is glitchy, awkward and just one unfinished mess but I absolutely loved the adventure elements, I loved playing as Amy since she was my favourite character at the time! I'd spend hours playing in Chao Garden too, the music is so catchy and I still listen to some of it now. I wish they'd come back to the adventure games because I loved this one so much.
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  3. ForteReborn

    ForteReborn Inkling Commander

    May 4, 2017
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    This is going to be rather difficult since I have too many to spare, so I will splice them in comparable merits if I shall. Plus honorable mentions. (@ZEROrevive seems to have done it before me, so ha.)

    1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask

    Yeah, I am cheating here but these two tie WAY up there on the scale. If there is anything memorable, is these games especially. When the Nintendo 64 was fresh back in 96, it was the most exciting event in my entire life. 3D games was becoming a standard, especially becoming more in depth in what technology had for us at the time, and a 3D Zelda was the most anticipated thing for me to experience. At the time I did not own the system, and had to rent it out when video stores was a thing. (Also I played it at a house during a party.)

    When I got Zelda, I was astonishingly blown away with the graphics and atmosphere. Every cutscene, event, or whatever I encountered was printed in my mind. It was also one of the very few games I got terribly frighten of, and went for the power button to retreat from the scary wall master. Learning I could mount a horse and ride it across the map made me scream with joy, and at times feel lonely, but allured by the depths of the dungeons. When I thought I was lost, I somehow managed to push through.

    Majora's Mask was even bigger, and up the difficulty. Sure, it wouldn't have of shared the same memories as the other one, but it still held a ingrain with the time frame. Seeing the prototype, then playing the actual game was mindblowing. Especially using the expansion pack for more enriched graphics, and that wave affect I will never forget.

    Learning later Link is forever trapped in this world, it kinda bothered me. Though at the same time I admired it since it was a alien world, and it would never be explored that much again. I felt like this was the darkest Zelda for me to play, otherwise, these two tie as my top favorite.

    2. Splatoon

    A game I never anticipated getting heavily into. At the time I was deeply involved in Monster Hunter, and was barely touching anything else at the time. It was a harsh dryspell for gaming, so it was kinda of a relief that Nintendo thought to try other IP alternatives. It is a game I can easily get back into without any regret, or focus. I can play it off and on with a feeling of being deeply awarded by it. At the same time I found another place to socialize in, and progress in it.

    3. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

    Since 2004, I got my first copy right around the time hurricane Charley made grounds across over the entire state. The power went out, leaving me having only a week to finish the game entirely. So I invested the time I had, and what little energy the SP had left before going out. When I couldn't be outside due to the severe howling of the storm, I was busily venturing in the Beanbean Kingdom to stop Cackletta's diabolical plot of making a evil wish on the Bean Star. At times where the game was slightly repetitive, the story and humor made me want to dive in deeper. The scene where Cackletta's soul possessed Bowser given me the chills, and embedded into my memory for long as I remember. When the eye of the storm finally began to ease over, the SP's power glowed red, warning me I have little time to spare. I was facing up against the great Bowletta herself, and put all my actions from what I learned against her. At first I lost towards her, putting the game off till little while later. After phasing through her attacks, I manage to beat the ghostly figure into oblivion. My cousin happen to be over my house at the time, witnessing the end with Bowser slamming into the screen with this quote, "He broke your gameboy, he's paying for it!" Alas, the storm had ended, and the game finish. At the very end, the SP finally went out. Till this day, the game is replayed over countless of sessions, reminding me of a great memory that will always have a bury inside my heart till this day.

    4. Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

    We had a video store that would be stocked with very rare SNES games. Earthbound, you name it, they had it. Back in 1995, Mario RPG had came out before N64 was announced. I had experiences with some obscured rpgs such as Mystic Quest, or whatever else I could get my hands on at the time. So seeing Mario dive into that element was a bit of a shocker for me, and being entirely made out of polygons that work similar to the Donkey Kong series.

    First inserting the game, then flipping on that switch. I was blasted away by a gorgeous soundtrack that has buried deeply into my skull. This made it even better with Bowser being playable. I love Bowser, a lot. Seeing them being developed as a person rather than being just a prominent villain gave me a newfound view of who he is. (Something that Nintendo rarely does now with him these days.)

    This game has also productively gave me inspiration for a lot of characters I made, and art. As well a mark on my list as a favorite game for Nintendo on the list.

    5. Metroid Prime

    In my teens, I never had played a 'Metroid' game in my life. During 2003, or if I recall, Metroid Prime was an installment that open up a new world of gameplay for me for first person shooter. (Not saying that Jet Force Gemini wasn't one of them.) It was a rarity to have in my collection, so having this as my first entry was great for me.

    The exploration, and tracking data from monsters made it feels like I was excavating a planet full of new wildlife. Not to mention this is one of the games that made me squeal when the ghost of Chozo came after me in their ruins. It also has a boss that I can't stand; the prime itself. That face alone made me drop the controller, quickly shutting it off because of how it was glaring back at me. Though I will say this, I feel drawn to play it again one day.

    Honorable mentions:

    Any Sonic Adventure series is excluded from the list since I have more charitable memories of the dreamcast versions, so they will be left out to focus on others.

    • Monster Hunter 4
    • Secret of Evermore
    • Jet Force Gemini
    • Donkey Kong Country series
    • Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
    • Megaman Legends
    • Mario 64
    • Harvest Moon 64
    • Space Station Silicon Valley
    • Kirby 64
    • Paper Mario series
    • Banjo Kazooie series
    • Star Fox series
    • Golden Sun series
    • Yoshi Island, and Yoshi Story
  4. r00st3r

    r00st3r Inkling

    Aug 14, 2017
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    I would have to say:
    1. Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem Gamecube
    2. Zelda a Link between worlds 3ds
    3. Final Fantasy NES - First game I bought with my own money when I was a kid.
    4. Super Smash Bros WiiU/3ds
    5. Splatoon 1 and 2
    #44 r00st3r, Aug 15, 2017
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  5. OctolingBoi2025

    OctolingBoi2025 Inkster Jr.

    Sep 20, 2018
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    HUMMM this is hard but I say my favorites are
    1:AC New Leaf
    2 Splatoon 2
    3 Splatoon
    4 Super Mario Maker (so much trolls ugh)
    5 Smash WiiU (cuz I sold my Wii lol)
  6. OctolingBoi2025

    OctolingBoi2025 Inkster Jr.

    Sep 20, 2018
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    So butifull and need I love it good job dude
  7. Kosmo

    Kosmo Inkling

    Oct 11, 2018
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    Switch Friend Code:
    oof, a bit hard to choose lol

    My top 5 nintendo games are:

    5. F Zero GX (GCN)
    -It's one of the ganes I played a lot with my older brother. Never gotten good at the game like he did but the fast pace of the game gets my pumped up all the time. Plus, the soundtrack is one of my favs.

    4. Ocarina of Time (N64)
    -I was introduced to this game by my older brother back when I was a small lad. I watched him play it all the time and he would tell me all the different things there were in the game, like which dungeon held which item, his favorite characters, etc. As I grew I played the game myself and it's honestly still the better zelda game to this day.

    3. Star Fox 64 (N64/3DS)
    - Like Ocarina of Time, this was one of the games I watched my older brother play a lot as a kid, and as I grew a but older I played it myself. Through my older brother I remembered the requirements to make it to the top route for the game, tho I always mess up halfway through. Even to this day I still mess up lol.

    2. Splatoon (Wii U)
    - I remember seeing a trailer for it and thought it looked fun but decided I may not get it. When I saw the story trailer however I wanted the game on launch day. It just screemed dark back story in a colorful world and I needed it. I collected all the sunken scrolls from the story mode and fell deep into the lore of the game. Splatoon had basically taken my soul out of my body and left me always wanting more from this franchise. From how humanity was wiped, the war against the inklings and octarians, everything was great and I always wanted to know more of the darker backstory of the world.

    1. Splatoon 2 DLC (Switch)
    -Bouncing off of number 2, I bought Splatoon 2 simply because I needed more Splatoon lore. And in truth, i was very disappointed in the main game story lore. It wasnt interesting, and collecting the sunken scrolls felt like a chore in this game. However, my prayers of wanting more darker splatoon lore was answered and the dlc came. Needless to say I was pumped the heck up. I finished the story part of the game the day it launched and 100% the dlc just a month after it was launched. It was more of what I wanted from the franchise and it made me happy. From learning more of the new idols, the society of the underground, everything was great. But in truth it isnt everything I wanted, but it was enough to make me not regret paying 20usd for it (IM LOOKING AT YOU BOTW, YOUR DLC WAS A MISTAKE-)
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  8. OctolingBoi2025

    OctolingBoi2025 Inkster Jr.

    Sep 20, 2018
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    Yeah the BOTW DLC Is not worth the money unlike the Octo Expansion DLC HA TAKE THAT BOTW!!
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  9. Fabrunette

    Fabrunette Inkster Jr.

    Mar 6, 2019
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    1. Super Mario World
    2. Donkey Kong Country (The original one)
    3. Kirby (any of them tho i love them all)
    4. Splatoon
    5. Animal Crossing

    No particular order, i love them all equally
  10. Cephalobro

    Cephalobro Inkling Fleet Admiral

    May 1, 2018
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    Super Mario World, this being the first console game I ever played, I had memories with this, plus this game has something that the other 2D Mario games lack, the Cape Feather. I loved that item, just the fact that you can just fly through the level and get over the most annoying obstacles made it even better, plus being able to just pound the ground with great force is a big plus.

    ARMS, this very underrated game gets too much flack, I really like it when Nintendo tries new things instead of sticking to the same old stuff they have been doing and this game is a great example of that. It has characters with their own unique personalities and backstories, plus this game is ripe for a story-focused sequel if you ask me. Here's an example of characters having unique personalities and backstories, Spring Man having that motivation to win the ARMS League and his favorite food being pizza.

    Pokemon Black 2, a very divisive game among the Pokemon fans, but I really like the attention to story, new areas added so that you can explore, and this being a direct sequel to Pokemon Black made me love it even more. Ghetsis is the Pokemon villain that we needed for a long time, someone who is a real threat to the people that live in the Pokemon world instead of the boring bluffing until the climax that previous Pokemon villains did. This game also added forms for my favorite Pokemon of all time, Kyurem.

    Splatoon 2 (After DLC), this entry was obviously coming. I wasn't satisfied with this game's base single-player mode since it didn't give enough Octarian lore. Sure it foreshadowed stuff from Octo Expansion, but only small bits. However, the Octo Expansion story mode is definitely better, it's much more challenging. Off the Hook finally get the importance that they needed in the first place, Agent 3 returns in the right way, allowing you to choose their gender, skin tone and eye color for the more important personal canon, Cap'n Cuttlefish also returns with a new outfit. And of course, Agent 8 being the main protagonist of this story who paves the way for both cephalopod species to coexist once more as well as being the first Octoling who saves Inkopolis.

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, sometimes you might just want some mindless fun while having a chaotic atmosphere. This game provides that, being able to carry two items like in Double Dash, having non-Mario characters being playable in the base game ever since DS and having vehicle customization from 7 made this game a whole lot more fun than the original 8.

    Off course, it would be cheating if I added more games than five, but these games are in no order of ranking
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    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  11. The Salamander King

    The Salamander King Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Jun 23, 2016
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    I thought I was the only one! I love ARMS as well! I don't know why the game gets so much crap, it's a good game, just about every review will tell you that.
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  12. MoreIce

    MoreIce Inkling

    Apr 2, 2019
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    Not in order:
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    No More Heroes
    Metroid Prime
    Pokemon Yellow
  13. HighColorSunset

    HighColorSunset Semi-Pro Squid

    Feb 25, 2019
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    1. Splatoon and its sequel
    2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
    3. Kirby's Epic Yarn
    4. Smash Bros.
    5. Ocarina of Time

    (I would explain but I don't wanna be too lengthy right now.)

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