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Have defence, you have no offences,

  1. ReeSquidGig
    If you use gear with every ability with defense up, if helps you to be less targeted, and it would be the best thing to use if you are in ranked, and plan to use a charger, or Splatling, also if you use a defense abilities, you might wanna use the three star gear, which does cost more, but you get more abilities, and you don't have to use sea slugs to get more abilities. also if everyone has chargers on the other team, and they shoot you, they can't shoot you right away, you get a second chance to escape.;)

Recent Updates

  1. Too much, they offend

Recent Reviews

  1. PizzaDeliveryGuy
    Oh its the Pizza hater, I just so happened to your name in the most active users on the guides board so I came to see how "good" your guides were going to be, 1 star is the best right?
  2. EBJustin
    Needs a lot more detail. Also, some of the information presented appears to be inaccurate. A well-thought out, organized guide in place of this one would put me on better grounds.
  3. LittleMon
    Your guides make me sad... First off if everyone on the other team is a sniper you would get instantly annihilated because lets say they are using the splat charger. 3-4 no charged shots will still kill you. And how do you get less targeted when you have defense up? That much defense would make you a tank. And you don't just get 3 star cloths from inkline you know. (Inkline has the highest chance of getting defense up on the rolls). You will need the help of sea snails. This has no effort and helpful info.
  4. Flamelord054
    First, spelling, you said defense in the title than defence in. Second this is useless, you give information on how it works with certain weapon types and other abilities it works well with
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