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Knowing where everyone is at all times.

  1. ReeSquidGig
    :ability_recon:Clothes with recon are the bomb, if you are the only person left on the team, Jump to the spawn point and you will be able to see where those people are, and what weapon they may have. (if you have/are using a weapon with a Inkzooka,:inkzooka: killerwail,:killerwail: seeker rush:bombrushseeker: or bomb rush:bombrushburstbomb::bombrushsuctionbomb::bombrush:, using those specials are good in those typical areas memorized, with the recon. (also recon only works if you are standing right at the spawn point, or a few inches to feet away.) Weapons like these :wst_charge_quick00::wst_shot_expmiddle00::wst_shot_short00::wst_shot_expert01: are good to use, with point sensors :pointsensor:, you really wouldn't need recon, but if you have good memory, there is no doubt that they will still be in the same spot. but if you want gear with recon choose;:clothes_tly005::clothes_jkt000::clothes_prk001::clothes_swt005:( not all clothes are listed) and if you chose the weapons above, you might want clothes that have bomb range up:ability_bombrange:, or sub weapon ink saver :ability_inksaversub: gear also, so if the person is right in front of you, you will still have some type of amount left. And if you are that typical person that loves to know where everyone is at all times, choose a weapon with echolocation:echolocator:, that is good also. weapons with echolocation are;:wst_charge_normalscp00:(bento splatterscope) :wst_roller_heavy00::wst_shot_heavy00::wst_shot_triplequick00::wst_charge_long01::wst_charge_light00::wst_shot_first01::wst_shot_quicklong00::wst_shot_quickmiddle00: so, a variety. of weapons have specials, and sup weapons that can be used to find your enemies.

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Recent Reviews

  1. PizzaDeliveryGuy
    Most of the time you were just talking about the echolocator and point sensors instead of recon, you also missed some important things like how you can super jump to a teammate to help them or not super jump to them so you don't give away your position, like my teammates always like to do to me
  2. Captain Woomy
    Captain Woomy
    I hate to say it, but I don't feel like this guide is all that helpful. You've really got to think about what you're typing, and whether or not it truly is useful and not misleading information. If you ever choose to make another guide in the future, try discussing a unique yet effective tactic. Make it something that's not so obvious to too many people. And if you can't think of something like that, then I recommend taking a break from guides until you do.
    1. ReeSquidGig
      Author's Response
      ok... I admit that I am not really intelligent with guides.
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