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The killer wail

Destructable @ all limits!

  1. ReeSquidGig
    You can use killer wails for almost anything, For rain maker, I use it to blow up the rainmaker shield, for tower control, I use it to reflect people using blubber or krackens on the tower, and also I use killer wails when someone is going to super jump in a certain area, so yeah, the weapons, I use the kelp splatterscope, splat roller, and Tempered dynamo roller, and custom blaster with the killer wail, and: sloshers have killer wails, splatlings, and ink-brushes do not have this special.


    1. th9BTRR8C3.jpg
    trevar likes this.

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  1. Explosive wail

Recent Reviews

  1. TynamoRoller
    Killer Wails may be strong on the surface, bin Rainmaker, I have edge-dodged lots of Wails on PortMackrel. Edge-odging is like gambling, risking your inklings life. It's the nearest miss you can get. You are on the edge, of the death lazer. So, yea. Killer Wails are not very useful, especially if the opponent can edge-dodge.
  2. LittleMon
    The custom blaster does not have killer wail. This is like simple advice you would give to a C-. This guide looks like you finished in 5 minutes. Where is the effort? You tell me. This is COMMON knowledge. This guide has NO helpful info about the killer wail.
  3. Flamelord054
    Add more information and give information that is not common not things everyone knows
  4. trevar
    A fine guide, No point in giving it one star, I do kinda agree with dededork but it is not worth one star.
    1. ReeSquidGig
      Author's Response
      Thanks for a comment that isn't something everyone commonly says.:)
  5. Ostrich
    I agree with AlsoDededork649
    1. ReeSquidGig
  6. AlsoDededork649
    Commonly known uses and applications of Killer Wails. Honestly, if you are going to make like 7 guides, at least have them have new or interesting information (constructive criticism, not hate).
    1. ReeSquidGig
      Author's Response
      Well, its no specific way to create a guide, I cant make these perfect ya 'know!
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