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Using a charger with a scope.

Find your target

  1. ReeSquidGig
    If you use a charger with a scope, it Always goes a little further than the regular charger, and it has a target right at the end of the charger line to help you splat the thing that you are targeting.:) Also, they are most commom than chargers without scopes, you can use chargers about anywhere! and the kelp splatterscope is good with all clothes having the damage up ability. ( Good for using sprinklers, also if you don't get the chance to charge your charger up all the way, you can still knock out the person you are after within one shot.) And if you use the special up ability with all of your gear, you can get the killer wail more often. ( also good for rain maker and .. sometimes tower control, especially over water. :) ) AND, last but least, (bamboozlers,:wst_charge_light00: squiffers,:wst_charge_quick01: are chargers for beginners) I recommend the kelp splatterscope :wst_charge_normal01:for rainmaker, (splatterscope:wst_charge_normalscp00:) for splatzones, custom E-liter:wst_charge_longscp01: for splatzones.( for camptriggerfish, mahi-mahi- resort, blackbelly skatepark.) and bamboozler and squiffers for fun! :)

Recent Updates

  1. Chargers with scopes

Recent Reviews

  1. GamerJed
    This is just stuff everyone knows. No tips, no tricks, this is pointless.
  2. TynamoRoller
    This guide is pretty much pointless. Most of this information, mabye all of it, is common knowledge. TO make a guide, list WHAT it does, WHEN to use it, WHO uses it, and how to counter.
  3. AlsoDededork649
    A guide isn't one sentence. No offense, but even a 6 year old could notice that scoped weapons have more range and better accuracy. I think the game even points it out.
  4. Kevin304
    This is really simple info almost everyone knows. Also it's far too short.
    1. ReeSquidGig
      Author's Response
      It's updated now.
  5. LAX
    what flamelord said
  6. Flamelord054
    What is the point of this? This is common information.
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