[Overfishing] How to Optimize Mothership Waves

[Overfishing] How to Optimize Mothership Waves

(Originally written by マー (Marty) from the Overfishing Discord server, added here by me for easier access)

On this wave type, coolers are carried by Chinooks towards specific locations. Long-range weapons are helpful in certain positions, especially on low tide. All players should attempt to collect eggs regardless of their role.
Snatcher optimization plays an important role on normal tide for all stages.


In Splatoon 2, it was recommended to leave some coolers untouched so that Chinooks would carry subsequent coolers to other locations.

In Splatoon 3, due to the way Snatcher optimisation works, and the introduction of egg throwing, most coolers are no longer ignored.

At the end of the wave, after the Mothership is repelled for the second time, and provided that there are not too many coolers on the stage, “bonus” Chinooks will spawn at once above the Mothership. If killed when the Chinooks overlap, the eggs will all land in the exact same spot (known as the “caviar”).

Weapon Roles
Long-range weapons should stay in positions where they can kill Chinooks as they fly over the basket. This is especially important on low tide, where long-range weapons should stay back and focus on Chinooks flying over the basket before they go too far. Long-range weapons can also kill Chinooks spawning over the Mothership when the latter is latched on to the basket.

All players should assume different positions during the wave, and use egg throwing to retrieve far eggs and Snatcher optimisation to their advantage. Low-range weapons can use egg throwing to deal damage to nearby Chinooks without using main weapons.

Long-range weapons with important ink lock or ink consumption may be unable to throw eggs often, and should collect eggs preferably during downtime (when there is no Chinook flying towards the player’s spot).

To keep good awareness of Chinooks, players can walk instead of swimming to look up higher.

The host of the room should prioritise the eggs around the basket and especially the caviar at the end of the wave.

When it comes to special weapons, Crab Tank is generally viewed as the best special, as it can kill Chinooks and damage the Mothership with its fast fire rate and high DPS. It is best to aim above the Mothership, where the Chinooks are spawning, when the Mothership is in the basket area.

Killer Wail can damage and kill Chinooks from an approaching Mothership if used in front of the basket. Killer Wail will not target “bonus” Chinooks after the second approach.

Video Example here

Triple Inkstrike can also deal damage to the Mothership as it is approaching or as it is stealing eggs can kill Chinooks above it, although it is not as effective as Crab Tank.

There is also a less common strategy on this wave, and currently, it is only used with specific weapons and on specific tides and stages.

After depositing 8 to 10 eggs in the basket, players can start throwing eggs towards the basket (but not into it) and have long-range weapons kill Chinooks that spawn above the Mothership as it is stealing eggs. Once almost all deposited eggs have been stolen, the team can focus on repelling the Mothership, and then collect eggs. Special weapons should be used to repel the Mothership swiftly, as it will come back to the basket immediately.

This strategy has some merit on normal tide Marooner’s Bay. However, it needs more testing on other tides and stages. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to use this strategy outside of the aforementioned case.
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