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[Overfishing] Optimizing Special Weapon usage

[Overfishing] Optimizing Special Weapon usage

(Originally written by マー (Marty) from the Overfishing Discord server, added here by me for easier access)

Salmon Run Next Wave features new and returning specials. The type of special given to the player at the start of a shift is random. Players should be aware of their special weapons’ capabilities to prevent bad situations or kill Salmonids faster to get more eggs overall. While in regular games, special weapons tend to be used for the purpose of winning, in Overfishing, they should be primarily used when there is an opportunity to get a higher score.4

Crab Tank

Crab Tank is a flexible special that allows players to deal with any threats, although it is not as mobile as Inkjet. It lasts for about 9 seconds.

Players can move in crab-ball form by pressing ZL. Doing so protects them from almost all damage (including a Maws’s bite), except from Big Shots’ waves and Stingers, and allows them to jump and move up walls.
While walking with Crap Tank, players can still be protected from certain direct attacks around them, though they can be attacked from behind. The Crab has 500 HP. In this form, moving horizontally is faster than moving vertically, similar to real Crabs.

The R button can fire shots similar to the Explosher’s attacks. Direct hits deal 300 damage. The blast deals 150 damage.

The ZR button fires shots at a high rate, similar to a Hydra Splatling. Each of these shots deal 60 damage. It takes about 1.5 seconds to reach maximum fire rate when shooting.

Players can still deposit eggs while using this special.

On normal waves, this special is valuable against most bosses and can be used to deal with them quickly. R button shots can kill Steelheads when hitting their body. However, this special loses its effectiveness in snowball situations due to its poor mobility and the time it needs to reach maximum DPS with ZR.

This special should be used first on Mothership waves due to its long duration. ZR shots can kill Chinooks above the Mothership while it is at the basket, all while dealing damage to the Mothership.

On Mudmouth waves, this special can kill Mudmouths with 3 shots, or 2 if the throat is hit directly.

On other waves, this special should be mainly used for its ability to deal high DPS with ZR shots. (edited)

Killer Wail 5.1
This special weapon can pierce through armour and is ideal for far targets and targets that require long range weapons, such as Flyfish, Stingers, Slammin’ Lids and Fish Stick.

Players should be mindful of other bosses near their targets before using this special weapon, as the “lock” can target one of those bosses.

When the special weapon is activated, it takes 72 frames for the first pair of speakers to target a boss. Afterwards, it takes 36 frames for each subsequent pair of speakers to target a boss. The special weapon is made of 3 pairs of speakers. Due to this, players can target up to three separate targets, provided their timing between activations is good. Here is an example. Example Video here
Players can also choose to lock on to a single target with all three pairs of speakers, in which case all speakers will deal damage to that target (and any target caught in the lasers). Each pair of speakers deals up to 510 damage.

After activation, players are not restricted when it comes to movement. As such, this special is ideal for multitasking. During usage, this special can frequently cause disconnections to players with weaker Internet connections. It is unknown whether this will be fixed.

Players should use this special weapon to deal with far threats or to concentrate damage on a single target (such as a far Big Shot). The ability to pierce is especially useful on Griller waves or against Steel Eels and Scrappers.

This special weapon can be effective on Mothership provided the player stands in front of the basket before using it. It is important to keep in mind that the lasers will not reach the bonus Chinooks above the Mothership after it is repelled for the second time.
Example Video here
This special weapon allows players to move forward before exploding. The explosion can be triggered early with ZR.

While moving, players deal 400 damage and can pierce through most targets, including Flyfish (killing them in the process), closed Drizzlers, Steel Eels and Scrappers. However, this special does not allow players to move through lowered Grillers (although players can still move under normal Grillers unharmed). Players are invincible while moving, except to water. Example Video here

The explosion deals 700 damage and can destroy Flyfish launchers and four Smallfry (out of eight) when used under Fish Sticks. The explosion damage, however, does not pierce. Players become vulnerable shortly after the explosion. The explosion is also known not to deal damage to targets directly above the player (such as Big Shots and Cohocks). This may be a bug.

This special weapon is useful for reaching Big Shots quickly while avoiding Steel Eels. It also provides players with the ability to deal high damage very quickly around them, which is useful when surrounded by non-armoured bosses or on Griller waves.

Wave Breaker
The Wave Breaker is a device that can be deployed and launch three waves before disappearing. Like other specials, it refills the player’s ink tank upon activation.

Each wave deals 150 damage and can pierce through most targets. Waves can travel downward further than they can travel upward, meaning that setting up the Wave Breaker on certain spots can provide players with an advantage.

Due to its quick activation, this special is excellent for multitasking, for a quick ink refill and against lesser Salmonids. Example Video here
Example Video here
Players should learn some specific spots to take full advantage of this special. Since Big Shot waves work similarly to Wave Breaker, players can also learn to counterplay Big Shots with positioning by learning how waves travel when using this special. Here are a few spots of interests for Wave Breaker:

-Low tide, Gone Fission Hydroplant: Example Video here
-Normal tide, Gone Fission Hydroplant:
Example Video here
-Normal tide Spawning Grounds:
Example Video here

As previously mentioned, players should keep in mind that waves can travel downward further than they can upward, relative to the Wave Breaker’s activation spot.

This special weapon will disappear if thrown onto a Slammin’ Lid, against a Fish Stick or a Crab Tank. It can be destroyed by bosses, and is especially vulnerable to Maws and Steel Eels. Players can still deposit eggs and swim while holding the Wave Breaker.

Wave Breaker can block the Goldie on Goldie Seeking, making it easier to kill it in convenient spots. Example Video here

Wave Breaker can also revive players, although using a Wave Breaker will not extend the wave if all players die, unlike other specials. Lifesavers can dodge the wave by jumping. Wave Breaker cannot reach Flyfish and Snatchers. Example Video here

Players are advised to use this special whenever lesser Salmonids become a threat or to stop all Scrappers (and damage them) around the Wave Breaker. On normal waves, the special weapon is especially useful around the basket or around Big Shot cannons.

Wave Breaker is also important on Goldie Seeking if the main weapons do not deal high DPS, as the Goldie can be temporarily stopped with good positioning.

On Rush, the weapon can kill all Chums with each wave, providing players with an opportunity to refill their ink tanks.

Booyah Bomb

This special weapon is charged using “Booyah!” callouts and can be charged faster when teammates use the callout, although there is no bonus effect for them, unlike in PvP modes.

Shortly after activation, players gain armour, its durability being 470 HP. Maws can instantly destroy this armour and damage the player without killing them. When launched, the Booyah Bomb deals 7 damage per frame, and 637 damage total.

The attack can pierce through armoured enemies. When launched, the bomb itself can stick to enemies, including Snatchers, flying Drizzlers and their torpedoes, Slammin’ Lids and their shields, and Fish Sticks.

On normal waves, this special weapon is quite flexible, as it can be used to deal massive damage to multiple targets around the basket or to kill far bosses.

On Rush waves, using this special when targeted allows teammates to recover their ink and collect eggs, although unlike Inkjet, the player using Booyah Bomb cannot deal damage until throwing the bomb.

On Mudmouth waves, a Booyah Bomb can kill a single Mudmouth if thrown very close to its throat.

Since version 2.0.0, Booyah Bomb players lose most enemy aggro while using this special. Therefore, using it will not stop Steelhead, Slammin’ Lid or Drizzler lures.

Triple Inkstrike

This special weapon allows players to throw three different missiles. These can pierce enemies. The beacons for their activation can stick to Fish Sticks and Flyfish, but they go through Slammin’ Lids (unlike Booyah Bomb) and they do not stick to the Mothership. If a single Inkstrike hits a target for its full duration, it will deal 550 damage: more precisely, an Inkstrike deals 50 damage every 5 frames, for 50 frames. While the special is being used, players cannot swim. While the special’s upward vertical distance is good, its downward range is much shorter. This only affects the special if it is accidentally thrown against some terrain elements.

This special can deal with most armoured bosses, and it is especially good against Flyfish, Stingers and Fish Sticks due to its ease of use and area of effect. On normal waves, this special should be used first and quickly when dealing with multiple Fish Sticks at once, as each missile can deal with them. Example Video here

On Mudmouth waves, a Triple Inkstrike can kill a Mudmouth.

On Griller waves, Triple Inkstrike can help players stun two Grillers at once.

On Mothership waves, Triple Inkstrike can damage and kill some respawning Chinooks while the Mothership is near or at the basket.


Inkjet is a returning special. Direct hits deal 300 damage. Blast damage is 100, and the exhaust deals 120 damage per second.

Due to its long duration and range, and since it provides players with the ability to fly, Inkjet is considered ideal for dealing with most bosses, except Maws, entangled Steel Eels and Scrappers. It can kill most bosses with few shots, even Fish Sticks. As a bonus, players can end the special weapon early if necessary by jumping into the water, and they return to where it was activated. While swimming with Inkjet, players can still squid roll.

Since players are able to fly with Inkjet, Steelheads can be lured using terrain elevation. It is possible to fly over the basket with Inkjet. Unlike in the previous game, it is no longer possible to fly over Scrappers with Inkjet.

On normal waves, players should rely on this special when multiple far bosses spawn in different directions, or when players require high power for a long duration.

On Rush, using Inkjet while targeted makes it possible for other players to refill their ink and collect eggs.

On Mothership, Inkjet can reach Chinooks over the basket, although it may have trouble keeping up near Hazard Level Max.

Since version 2.0.0, Inkjet players lose enemy aggro when returning from Inkjet. This means that players lose Maws and won’t interrupt Drizzler lures before landing.

(Copier's note: Mods, can you please add a native video feature to this site? I had to link to Twitter for all of these example videos, and with Musk taking Twitter in the current direction it's going, I really don't want all these learning resources to become inaccessible. Thanks :) )
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