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[Overfishing] Optimizing Griller waves

[Overfishing] Optimizing Griller waves

(Originally written by マー (Marty) from the Overfishing Discord server, added here by me for easier access)

Griller waves test the team’s ability to play their weapon’s roles, assume the right positions and collect eggs between Griller spawns.

Weapon Roles
Players whose weapons deal high damage per shot and/or per second should focus on stunning the Grillers. Players with weapons good against Smallfry should focus on Smallfry, as it is easy to be overwhelmed by them.

Weapons like Dynamo Roller may have different roles depending on the stage. For example, Dynamo Roller is ideal for killing Grillers on Gone Fission Hydroplant and Spawning Grounds due to terrain elevation, making it possible to use roll damage instead of flick damage:
Example Video

Some weapons are able to damage both Grillers and Smallfry at once, such as Grizzco Blaster. Players who are focused on Smallfry should position themselves so as to lure Smallfry towards themselves without the Smallfry targeting teammates.

Lure and Stunning
Grillers have 2,200 HP. In Splatoon 2, they required between 400 and 401 damage to be stunned. In Splatoon 3, they may only require 400 damage.

Killing Grillers as fast as possible is important so that more Grillers can spawn sooner. This can also be combined with Snatcher optimisation to kill Grillers even sooner.

Special weapons can be used to stun and kill Grillers faster, while dealing with Smallfry. Piercing specials, such as Booyah Bomb and Inkstrike, are especially useful.

Players who are being targeted by Grillers should be mindful of their positioning, so that Grillers can reach the basket using the fastest paths and their teammates can easily stun those Grillers. Fastest paths are usually straight paths towards the basket or nearby (so that eggs can be deposited quickly), but some paths require more mindful positioning, such as luring the right-side Grillers towards the middle on Gone Fission Hydroplant.
Example Video here

High-damage, slow weapons should avoid focusing on eggs to the point they are unable to deal damage when the Grillers have reached the basket, such as the Hydra Splatling and E-liter. Nevertheless, players can now afford to focus on eggs more often with these weapons, as unlike in Splatoon 2, players can now fully charge their weapons while depositing eggs.

Difference between Normal Tide and High Tide

On normal tide, there is usually time for egg collection between Griller spawns. On high tide, this time is shorter or even nonexistent until a spawn direction change occurs, meaning that the pace is more demanding. In this case, it is recommended to use special weapons before eggs start piling up to speed up Smallfry and Griller kills, so that more time can be dedicated to egg collection.
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