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[Overfishing] Optimizing Cohock charge waves

[Overfishing] Optimizing Cohock charge waves

(Originally written by マー (Marty) from the Overfishing Discord server, added here by me for easier access)

Rules for normal waves apply to this wave as well, although there are strategies unique to Cohock Charge due to cannons.

Cannon Usage

Cannon usage varies per stage.

Players with heavy weapons may want to use cannons more often to let players with lighter weapons collect eggs faster.

Swapping players for cannons can also be effective when the cannon player is being targeted by Steel Eels or Scrappers, especially on Spawning Grounds.

Back cannons, while they tend to be unable to reach Flyfish and Stingers, are effective against Fish Sticks and Slammin’ Lids. In most cases, Big Shot attacks are also ineffective against back cannons. Players should heavily consider using them when the basket is being overrun or when Fish Sticks and Slammin’ Lids prove troublesome.

In lower hazard, it is usually considered effective enough to have 1 player using cannons. At higher hazard, however, it is recommended to have 2 players using cannons when multiple Flyfish, Stingers and Big Shots appear at once.

Players collecting eggs should be mindful of bosses targeting them to avoid causing damage to players using cannons, and mindful of Flipper-Floppers around cannons.
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