[Overfishing] Important Overfishing mechanics

[Overfishing] Important Overfishing mechanics

(Originally written by マー (Marty) from the Overfishing Discord server, added here by me for easier access)

Splatoon 3 has introduced new movement options and actions that players should take advantage of to give themselves more options during gameplay.

Squid Roll

Squid Roll allows players to leap in a 180° semicircle behind themselves by flicking the left stick in a different direction and pressing B. Squid Rolls can also be performed off walls.
In addition to being a useful movement tool, Squid Roll provides brief armour while being used, provided the player does not cancel the armour effect by using weapons during the roll. The armour works like Ink Armour did in Splatoon 2, in that it can negate up to 100 damage completely. If the amount of damage received is between 100 and 180, the armour will negate 100 damage, but the player will still sustain the remaining damage. Unless the player had already received damage prior to the Squid Roll, they can still survive. However, any attack that deals more than 200 damage will bypass the armour’s protection completely. The armour will not break until 30 damage has been accumulated.

Squid Roll is both beneficial as a movement option and as a tool to prevent damage accumulation in Salmon Run. The following chart shows the effectiveness of Squid Roll as a damage prevention tool against Salmonids:
Salmon Run Squid Roll damage chart 1.png
Salmon Run Squid Roll damage chart 2.png

The following clips show various situations with Squid Roll and armour:

1) The Steelhead bombs did not land simultaneously, so it was only possible to prevent damage from one bomb. It is best to stay outside the lethal range of the bombs while using a Squid Roll so as to avoid any penetrating damage. The first bomb broke the armour, and the player received no damage. The second bomb still slightly damaged the player, as there was no armour. In this situation, Squid Roll allowed the player to avoid accumulating heavy damage from the two bombs or dying altogether.

2) The player sustained heavy damage beforehand and would have died without using Squid Roll. They made sure to avoid the lethal range of the Steelhead bomb to avoid any penetrating damage, which would have been fatal otherwise. In this situation, a Squid Roll within the lethal range would not have protected the player.

3) The player took advantage of the knockback provided while using Squid Roll to pick up golden eggs while being rushed by Salmonids. Chums cannot deal penetrating damage to the armour, so Squid Rolls could be used repeatedly when needed.

4) The player avoided damage accumulation by completely negating damage from Flyfish missiles. In this case, the player was far enough that the armour did not break while sustaining damage, allowing the player to partially mitigate damage from the Stinger’s beam. Since the Stinger’s beam is a continuous attack, and the armour provided by Squid Roll is brief, it is difficult to fully avoid damage from Stingers, although the armour will still negate all damage as long as it is active.

5) Squid Roll allows players to jump off walls without falling into hazards. This is particularly effective on low tide Gone Fission Hydroplant.

Squid Surge

Squid Surge allows players to climb walls and eventually perform a jump by holding B while swimming on a wall. The longer the button is held, the faster the climb and the higher the jump. Like Squid Roll, Squid Surge provides armour when the player jumps at the end of the Surge.

The armour provided by Squid Surge is the same as that provided by Squid Roll. Squid Surge is useful for climbing partially painted walls and Fish Sticks.

Egg Throwing

Egg throwing allows players to use 70% of their ink tank to throw a golden egg. The ink lock effect after using the egg throw is less apparent than after throwing a Splat Bomb, which consumes the same amount of ink. Throwing a golden egg deals 100 damage in a small radius around the player, which is enough to kill Salmonids such as Chum and Smallfry.

Provided ink efficiency is not an issue, players can combine egg throwing with certain weapons, such as the Rapid Pro:
to rack up damage more quickly against specific targets, ideally while depositing the egg that is being thrown.

To maximise throw range, players are advised to throw by pressing A and jumping with B immediately, all while swimming (for momentum). This has been shown to be especially effective on Spawning Grounds, where throwing before jumping makes a difference in successfully depositing golden eggs from low tide or from under the grating on normal tide.

Throwing an egg is also faster when not using the swimming form.

It is recommended not to use egg throwing when the player needs more than 30% of their ink tank for other actions.

When an egg is thrown shortly before the timer reaches 0, the wave will be extended until the egg lands. No other eggs can be grabbed or deposited, however.

When an egg is thrown into the water or onto certain platforms, the egg will bounce back to the player’s location when they threw the egg.

Egg Deposits

Direct egg deposits into the basket consume no ink and no longer reset the player’s state. This means that players can attack and charge their weapon while depositing eggs, which was not possible in Splatoon 2. For instance, it is possible to charge while depositing eggs with a Hydra Splatling

In Splatoon 2, doing so would reset the charge, unless the player was unleashing said charge while depositing. Other changes include:

-The egg deposit range around the basket has seemingly been slightly reduced. -If the player deposits eggs frame perfectly, no squid strafe-like effect will be provided upon depositing.
-The range is slightly increased when looking down.

Link here (Screw Youtube daily upload limits)


Healing remains unchanged in Splatoon 3. Players start healing at a rate of 100 HP per second while submerged after avoiding damage and any kind of contact with enemy ink for a full second. When not swimming, healing will be reduced to 12.5 HP per second.

Ink Lock

Ink Lock, also known as white ink, is a mechanic that prevents ink recovery from occurring for a set amount of time. This mechanic can be seen in-game as grey-coloured ink in the ink tank display when swimming.

The cooldown before refilling ink depends on main and sub weapons. For example, there is a 70-frame cooldown before the player is able to refill ink after shooting with the Explosher, but only a 15-frame cooldown after shooting with the Sploosh-o-matic.

Node Removal

In Splatoon 2, Salmonids mostly followed straight lines when moving around and only deviated to attack nearby players. In Salmon Run Next Wave, Salmonid movement is more dynamic. This change makes Salmonids more dangerous overall, as players can more easily find themselves cornered, especially by Steel Eels.
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