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Ryanator: How Ryan uses the GamePad (More Handcam Footage)

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015.

Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015 at 7:00 AM
  1. Nintendome

    Nintendome Inkredible YouTuber

    Jun 3, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. It seems that many of you enjoyed @ThatSrb2DUDE's awesome handcam footage! If you are looking for more, @Ryanator from... Ryanatorr (funny how that works) has provided some excellent handcam footage of his own!

    Make sure to watch closely and take a look to see how he uses the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and the motion controls to move his Inkling around the turf!

    Watch here:

    For more fresh Splatoon videos, please consider subscribing to Ryanatorr's YouTube channel!

    Of course, be sure to stick around Squidboards for all things Splatoon! Stay fresh, squids!
    #1 Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015
    Lasted edited by : Nov 4, 2015
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015.

    1. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      well, was gonna actually read all that but then the walls of text came.
      ThatBerkawitzSquid likes this.
    2. ThatBerkawitzSquid
      The walls! They're closing in! Heeeeelp....

      Hmm, better make this comment on-topic somehow. Oh yes! Well, it's good to know I'm using the GamePad like the pros are, just with less skill :p I might consider turning my sensitivity up to do some more advanced stuff, though. I currently play with -4 sensitivity.
    3. Lazarus
      Watching someone's hands won't help you become a better Splatoon player. This is spam and it should be deleted.
      toxictower likes this.
    4. xCoCo
      No. But it might help visual learners as well as give people ideas.
    5. Lazarus
      What can you learn from this video that you can't learn without actually playing the game? (Outside of general strategy.) It's not like the controls are anything complicated.
      [EJ]_Locke likes this.
    6. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      agreed. I was a stick player up until a week and a half ago, then I tried sticks and I knew all there was to know about sticks in 2 days. I pray that there will be no more "news articles" of videos of people's hands.
    7. xCoCo
      Well - I can't answer that since I don't care for it - but it's probably useful to someone out there. Although I agree that it isn't important enough to be on the front page. Dude I understand since he is pretty famous (and people were curious as to how he turned so fast with -1.5 sensitivity) anymore eh.
    8. toxictower
      It doesn't help me! Can someone make a video on how to actually aim with motion controls? Like how to aim properly and effectively? I'm a bloody S rank and I still miss a lot of shots. I'm trying to learn Squiffer and still I'm not able to find a half decent video on aiming for chargers or something.
    9. xCoCo
      I think SND and Flc have some videos.
    10. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      dude. The best way to learn is to just do it. Try it in turf where it isnt that big of an issue if you lose. You WILL lose a bunch of matches, and that's ok. Once you're good at motion controls, it won't ever be an issue.

      Point is, JUST TRY IT PEOPLE
      you will never become skilled with it by watching videos. Just do it for yourself, and learn through your losses!
      ThatBerkawitzSquid and xCoCo like this.
    11. xCoCo
      Might be nice to have a starting point and some tips though XD
    12. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      sure. Fine, agreed. But by god I want people to understand that they will need to actually learn for themselves in battle how to use these motion controls, even though they WILL lost their first few matches.
    13. toxictower
      I'm an S rank bro, I have a pretty good idea on how to stay afloat. I even bobbled from S to A- and back up again. My point is there's literally tips for the most basic weapons, sub weapons, and specials etc. but I've never seen any tips on how to aim better. If you have a good video, link me. Otherwise, telling me that learning through my losses isn't gonna help me with squid poop. After all, I went from a solid C to an S just by changing the way I play after watching a few streamers. Getting a bit of help always trumps figuring the thing out for yourself.
      The ΩS likes this.
    14. Lazarus
      You know that thing in the middle of your screen? It's called a crosshair. When another inkling or turf without ink is in your crosshair, shoot. That's it! No one can "teach" you to aim, you gotta play around and get better at it yourself. There are no guides, no FAQs, no videos, and no cheat codes.
      Last edited: Oct 29, 2015
    15. Phlox
      I believe Squids Next Door did an article on flick snipes, which is a technique that you should be using with the Squiffer. There's also a guide somewhere here on how to practice flick snipes in the training room, which starts with Squiffer (because it's the easiest to flick snipe with) and ends with E-Liter (because it's the hardest to flick snipe with).
    16. spookyBluetail
      I think they made a big deal about 'handcams' just from a few words
      Lazarus likes this.
    17. Jeane JWE
      Jeane JWE
      Welcome to a competitive scene spawned by Smash players. Every action in the game must have a goofy name, and all of the most trivial aspects of gameplay are astonishing.
      MissingNumbers likes this.
    18. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      pls no

      I don't like the term "burst canceling" and stupid things like that

      pls no more
    19. ThatBerkawitzSquid
      Wavedashing in Sploon confirmed!?
    20. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      The Not So Dank Kid-Squid

      Try out this new technique! It's called super sloshing! All you gotta do is equip a Slosher weapon, jump, and then use the slosher to ink turf from above! New strategy! Wow!

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