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Splatoon 3


Inkling Fleet Admiral
May 1, 2018
Search it on Google. I did that multiple times on different occasions.
Not every website has true information, you have to find the right source. What you could have seen were theories being treated as facts, even though theories and facts are two different things. Inkipedia is the only source I know at the moment where information is updated when needed, most others I have seen either have misconceptions, didn't update certain pages that needed to be updated (like removing a false statement), or heavily relied on mostly pure fan speculation. There so many more examples of many of those sources passing off fan speculations and headcanons as confirmed canon, the whole Agent 5, 6, and 7 fiasco is not the only false statement being passed off as canon.

And besides, there are members of both the New Squidbeak Splatoon and its previous version that aren't Agents nor have necessarily fought on the front lines.
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