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Poll: Squid Sisters vs. Off The Hook!

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, Oct 20, 2017.

TheRapture, Oct 20, 2017 at 10:37 AM
  1. TheRapture

    TheRapture Dystopian Future Paint Desperado

    Sep 20, 2009
    Likes Received:

    It's the face-off of the century!

    Take your picks! Which Inkopolis idol group stands above the rest?

    Is it the splendidly spectacular Squid Sisters?

    Or do you have an outstanding obsession with Off The Hook?

    Tell us which duo is your favorite, or which you think is the best! Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

    Until next time...well, you know what to do!
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Squid Sisters or Off The Hook?

  1. Squid Sisters!

    154 vote(s)
  2. Off The Hook!

    79 vote(s)


Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, Oct 20, 2017.

    1. Phoeniix
      A little late to the party here but... there isn't a doubt in my mind that I love off the hook more. The contrast between the 2 is so much more pronounced making both pearl and marina shine brilliantly. I think most people still veer towards the squid sisters is that they have a better, more descriptive backstory helping everyone see the chemistry between the two. While off the hook has not (at least not yet) released any information regarding how they came to be best friends I still feel so much more love between them. Plus I'm one of the few who absolutely adores pearl. She has so much spunk for a short inkling that is makes her stand out so much more. Of course this all my opinion, I'm aware that most everyone loves marina and even most people love the squid sisters more but that doesn't change the fact that I love pearl and marina so much more than I did the squid sisters.
      flowicial and SilverBlue-Neko like this.
    2. david Squidkid
      david Squidkid
      Got To Go With Callie And Marie Baby!
    3. Windstar
      I gotta go with Marie on this one. Oh yeah, Callie too, forgot about her.
    4. Yoshima!
      Oh my gosh this is the hardest poll ever. ( for me, that is )
      I love Off the Hook and Squid Sisters! But Fuel the Melody is my favorite song ever, so I have to go with Squid Sisters.
      ( Though "I like Don't get Cooked, Stay off the Hook!" catchphrase wise )
    5. _Koriko_
      I think for me, Off The Hook, cause I feel they match the theme of Inkopolis Square more than the Squid sisters did with Inkopolis Plaza.
    6. Moises ♪
      Moises ♪
      Off The Hook! They have more songs than them and personally I like the rapper&DJ combo those two have going on.
      Ebb & Flow + Acid Hues > Ink me up. Marina's voice is <3 and Pearl's rapping and voice is cute.
    7. CjSquidGirl
      How do y'all like Off the Hook more... I don't understand too much...
      While Off the Hook are cool, I MUCH prefer the Squid Sisters, both music and comedy wise...
      But everyone has their own opinion, I guess...
    8. maru
      Squid Sisters all the way!
    9. UraSquidKid
      Squid Sisters all day everyday
    10. InklingCaitlin
      I love both my squid and octo girl groups.. If there was a both option I would pick both but I love marina too much to say squid sisters. Plus off the hook doesn't interrupt you every 2 hours to tell you the map lineup like the squid sisters did.

      I gotta say though, I LOVE Callie and Marie's designs in splatoon 2. Callie's being my favorite.

      Marina has such a good backstory in splatoon 2 Octo expansion as well.
    11. HelloSpy
      Off the Hook generally has more personality and backstory. Pearl and Marina are much different from each other design wise. Callie and Marie just seem based off each other. The backstory is fleshed out in the Octo Expansion and really gives some character.

      Also "Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!" seems like an anti-drug phrase so it brings me laughs.
      I prefer Pearl out of the two.
      LycanAnimates and Phoeniix like this.
    12. LordNgyes
      I like Off the hook better because of the Octo Expansion's epic ending.
      KrakenPineapples likes this.
    13. KrakenPineapples
      Amazingly well said and I agree with the "I like both"
    14. Hiro Protagonest
      Hiro Protagonest
      Post-DLC, Squid Sisters are still better characters. Granted, it helps a lot that Splatoon 2 progressed them to having Marie be more music and radio while Callie is a TV star, so we'll see about Splatoon 3 for Pearl and Marina.

      But Marina kinda does... everything. She has a ton of hobbies and still hangs out with Pearl, how does she find the time? She never seems worn out. The only time she shows irritation is occasionally when Pearl is actually being really annoying. Pearl shows a more distinct self through her dialogue than Marina, with cute quirks and mild flaws, she just needs to be fleshed out a little more.

      Off The Hook has more consistently great music and more variety, but my favorites are two from each; Ink Me Up, Fresh Start, Shark Bytes and Fly Octo Fly.
    15. Arc1Dragon
      Personally I prefer the Squid Sisters. I still like Off the Hook but it wasn't until when Octo Expansion when I actually started to like them, while on the other hand Callie and Marie have always had a major part in Splatoon's story modes. Also Calamari Inkantation and the Splatoon 2 version are awesome songs
    16. NightShine706
      I like them both! Without Callie and Marie, Pearl and Marina wouldn't be around, yet without Pearl and Marina, Marie would not be in the Single Player Campaign without an excuse (Like Callie being a one star show) but it wouldn't work (As Callie is in the Single Player Campaign!). So both are equal.
    17. Fearful
      come on people, the squid sisters don't actually have that much personality, especially in comparison to RAP GOD PEARL.
    18. SteakTartar
      Off the hook and squid sisters are both great. Personally, I prefer off the hook. I did not play splatoon only splatoon 2, but have listened to all there music and their personalities and I just enjoy off the hook more(especially Fly Octo Fly~Ebb and Flow
    19. Cephalobro
      I like both equally, and I do have to be honest, City of Color is more memorable than Color Pulse, but I like the fact that Marina being an Octoling started the road of Octarians in Inkopolis, which I hope it goes through completely one day.
    20. LycanAnimates

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