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Poll: Squid Sisters vs. Off The Hook!

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, Oct 20, 2017.

TheRapture, Oct 20, 2017 at 10:37 AM
  1. TheRapture

    TheRapture Dystopian Future Paint Desperado

    Sep 20, 2009
    Likes Received:

    It's the face-off of the century!

    Take your picks! Which Inkopolis idol group stands above the rest?

    Is it the splendidly spectacular Squid Sisters?

    Or do you have an outstanding obsession with Off The Hook?

    Tell us which duo is your favorite, or which you think is the best! Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

    Until next time...well, you know what to do!
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Squid Sisters or Off The Hook?

  1. Squid Sisters!

    159 vote(s)
  2. Off The Hook!

    83 vote(s)


Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, Oct 20, 2017.

    1. ZEROrevive
      As much as I like both...I got to go with the classic duo. Something about them just stuck out to me a little more than Off the Hook does. Maybe because we got to hear more of their backstory than with Pearl and Marina.

      Both of their musics is equally good, though.
    2. Leronne
      Off the hook. I like their music more (Ebb & Flow FTW) and marina's hot. Pearl's aight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      hylianmike and SilverBlue-Neko like this.
    3. Jason Avis
      Jason Avis
      Both groups are great but "Stay Fresh" is the best catch phrase hands down.
      Enperry, Kamliee, DDatomica94 and 6 others like this.
    4. Drew Sebastino
    5. Mr. Squiggly Squid
      Mr. Squiggly Squid
      Definitely the Squid Sisters! Well, I guess they're the squid cousins now, but you know what I mean. Both of them are super cute and their dialogue is just hilarious. Oh, and Pearl and Marina can make all the songs they want, but NOTHING WILL BEAT INK ME UP! (Except for Splatattack, Ink or Sink, Seaskape, Kraken up, Metalopod...yeah, forget I said that.)
      Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
      Drew Sebastino likes this.
    6. BBGrenorange
      At the start of S2, I hated Off the Hook, but I must admit that they've grown on me.

      I think it's the sharper difference between the 2 characters, in terms of design and personality that really settled it for me
    7. J'Wiz
      This was incredibly difficult for me. I like both.

      I mostly know the Squid Sisters through fancomics....which are really good. They're more iconic than Off the Hook, and you get to know them better in their game.

      Off the Hook is the group I started with, so I'm more familiar with them. I personally think their presentation is much better than the Squid Sisters, which admittedly should happen in a sequel.

      I chose Squid Sisters, but I still might change my vote. I'm really torn on this. Admittedly I'll choose Off the Hook without hesitation if that became a Splatfest theme.
      AA Battery and SilverBlue-Neko like this.
    8. Sifu
      Off The Hook - I mean, the cousins are cool, but they are way too similar to eachother, and don't feel like much more than random squids who got famous... and happen to be related to an important Inkling leader.

      Off The Hook, on the other hand, feel really distinct, from eachother, but also distinct from the rest of Inkopolis. A (super cute) black octoling who happens to be a DJ? A short, bratty inkling rapper? That's quite the character they have, unlike the Squid Sisters.

      But they can probably workshop their catchphrase a bit, though.
      Enperry and SilverBlue-Neko like this.
    9. seaWEED
      Marina has moldy fingers.
    10. ThatOneGuy
      Is this even a debate tho?
      Drew Sebastino likes this.
    11. Green Waffles
      Green Waffles
      Too conflicted
      So I voted Off the Hook
      because octolings '3'
      Yin_ and SilverBlue-Neko like this.
    12. SilverBlue-Neko
      Oh boy, this topic. I'm pretty sure most prefer the Squid Sisters since they're more iconic. They also were more developed than Off the Hook and you actually got to directly interact giving you more of a connection with them. Heck, you even got to read a little bit about their lives in those little shorts.
      Actually working together with Marie in 2 was pretty great too. You got to see more of her puny personality and her actually upset about her sis-I mean- cousin's disappearance. The final battle wasn't about saving the Great Zapfish but more about finally reuniting the two cousins and I actually got sentimental when Callie rejoined Marie and they preformed together. It was perfect.


      I actually prefer Off the Hook. As great as Callie and Marie are, they feel a little bland to me. Their personalities are a little too obvious and they look and sound the same as each other. Seriously in the beginning, I couldn't tell their voices apart at all. Pearl and Marina really stand out to me. All though Marina does have the obvious better design of the two, Pearl's design does a good job at standing out as well. Their personalities are what really makes them stand out though. Pearl is rapping little diva and Marina's a surprisingly smartalec shy nerd. I love how much their personalities blend with each other! They pick on each other so much you can truly believe they're close friends and also make for some amazing fan art and comics. There's just so much personality between the two! And it even shows even in their songs. And while I still prefer most of the songs in Sploon 1, Off the Hook songs are the only exception. I'm sorry but, Marina alone sings so much better than Callie and Marie. It actually caught me off guard how good she sounded. And it combines perfectly with Pearl's rapping and occasional singing. If I had to describe Off the Hooks music I would call it "modern pop". They really sound like what would be comsidered modern pop music in the world of Splatoon. I can legit imagine Inklings listening to songs like Ebb & Flow while driving. My cod is Ebb & Flow such a good song! It blows Ink Me Up way out of the water! I'm sorry but as good as Ink Me Up was, I was so sick of that song by the second Splatfest. And don't get me started on Acid Hues! I love that song THE MOST.

      To wrap this all up, the Squid Sisters are still good, iconic and more developed in certain aspects, but I just find Off the Hook more enjoyable to watch and listen to and also, in a way relatable. In the end though, I can't see Off the Hook as more than just place holders for the Squid Sisters unfortunately. I'm pretty sure the Squid Sisters will be back in control for the next game. Hopefully we'll still see some more of Pearl and Marina and maybe even learn more about them!
      Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
      kowowo, Green Waffles and J'Wiz like this.
    13. Green Waffles
      Green Waffles
      Flourescent fingers, you fungal fearing foibleoid. '3'
    14. Mr. Squiggly Squid
      Mr. Squiggly Squid
      Yeah, but you gotta remember that they never stop singing that one song in Inkopolis Square during a splatfest...NEVER. It makes me just want to ignore everything in the square and get to deca tower as fast as possible. Honestly, I would've rather had this as our splatfest theme:

      He he ;)
      Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
    15. Mr. Squiggly Squid
      Mr. Squiggly Squid
      Did I accidently kill this thread with this post I made?
    16. Nathan99
      I think they are both ok, but I never played a whole lot of the original game, so I have to go with Off the Hook.
      SilverBlue-Neko likes this.
    17. Drew Sebastino
      Drew Sebastino
      Basically the only reason anyone would choose Off the Hook over the Squid Sisters.
      Mr. Squiggly Squid likes this.
    18. Mr. Squiggly Squid
      Mr. Squiggly Squid
      We've got people writing whole paragraphs about why they like Off The Hook more, though. Hey, at least they're tryin'.
      Drew Sebastino likes this.
    19. SilverBlue-Neko
      Squid Sisters are just a little too meeeeeeeeeeh, for me. But to each their own~

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