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Squidboards Splat Series - October Registration Begins Today!
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  • 2
Squidboards Splat Series returns with our second Splatoon 2 online competition of the year! Squidboards Splat Series - October is set for Saturday, October 7th! Registration is open!
Squidboards Update: SQSS September Wrap-Up, Incoming Art & Guide Contests
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Hello everyone! ^_^ If you don’t know me, I’m Rapture. I’m the GM of Squidboards, one of the site’s admins, and SQ’s head event organizer. You may see me on Twitter, the SQ Discord, or around the forums sometimes. If not, no big deal. This isn’t about me. I want to briefly discuss and touch on this past weekend’s Squidboards Splat Series event, as well as a few new things brewing for SQSS and the site as a whole. Although I think the outcome of our first Splat Series tournament speaks for itself, there are still a few spots I’d like to fill in. That goes for what’s in store for Squidboards in the near future, too
New Multiplayer Maps Launching This Week!
  • 1,517
  • 4
Nintendo of America's Twitter account is splatting our newsfeeds with some fresh Splatoon 2 details! Two new maps will launch online this week -- one for Regular, Ranked, and League Play, and the other for Salmon Run.
Squidboards Splat Series, SQ Discord, and Viewing Parties!
  • 5,324
  • 5
Happy Friday, Squids! We've got some FRESH news coming your way! This September, we'll be hosting our very first Splatoon 2 online competition to kick off the Squidboards Splat Series! The Splat Series will consist of online Splatoon 2 tournaments hosted every month. These tournaments are free to enter and will provide a prize for the winning team of each event. Players and teams of all skill levels are encouraged to enter, and each event will be streamed live on Twitch!
7/6/2017 Splatoon 2 Direct - Recap
  • 3,115
  • 15
Today's Nintendo Direct was early in the morning, but jam-packed with information on Splatoon 2, which launches on the Switch July 21st. We've got a quick recap for you on all the news you might have missed. While some information and modes covered may not be entirely new, there's certainly a lot in here that's certified fresh!
April Nintendo Direct Brings Splatoon 2 News!
  • 1,785
  • 0
Today's Nintendo Direct was chock full of gaming news -- including new footage from Splatoon 2! You'll see some new spots and shots, but also a brand-new game mode for up to 4 squids!
Ink Radio Podcast Debuts This Saturday at 7PM EST!
  • 1,283
  • 2
"From the people that brought you the Bleck n Spoon Tournament (BnS), it is time for a new organization designed for the highest quality in Splatoon 2 coverage! We would like to introduce InkTV, the central hub for all your essential content in Splatoon 2, from a tournament that comes as the next form of BnS to a new interview series where we will go one on one with some of the stars and notable members of the community. But perhaps one of our biggest items will be our podcast, called Ink Radio, where we will discuss pertinent topics in the game, the meta, the community, or whatever else has to revolve around the game we all know and love!"
Squidboards is Searching for New Staff Members!
  • 2,797
  • 13
Time to kick things up a notch! Splatoon 2 will be here before you know it. In our continued quest to make Squidboards your best resource for all things Splatoon, we're looking to get more hands on deck and strengthen our staff. Why don't you join us by applying for a Squidboards staff position?! We're looking for: Moderators, to keep the site clean and maintain healthy discussion; Writers, to provide coverage on current events, the competitive scene, community updates, and more; Content Creators, to produce original video/audio content and even promote their own content or channels on our site; Event Organizers, to help us run tournaments and fun community events; and Community Ambassadors, to lead and encourage discussion on the forums, work with our social media, and promote Squidboards and the Splatoon community at large. There's certainly something for everybody. Although these are volunteer positions, you'll get the opportunity to join a great team and do awesome work for...
Spectator and LAN Modes Confirmed for Splatoon 2
  • 2,091
  • 5
Sometimes it felt like yelling into the void. Ever since launch, the Splatoon community has clamored for a true, dedicated spectator mode and a LAN mode for 4v4 multiplayer. These features never materialized in the original game. Although hope was not lost, it was hard not to wonder if they would ever come.
Splatoon 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch in Summer 2017
  • 3,264
  • 14
Nintendo's heavily anticipated console presentation last night featured a slew of new games, as well as a couple of familiar titles with some new twists.
Nintendo Switch Reveal Includes Splatoon!
  • 2,714
  • 10
Nintendo surprised the world yesterday with the announcement of a preview trailer for their upcoming home console, the NX. This morning, that trailer has finally come -- our first look at the Nintendo Switch.
Extermination Are Your Splatoon Anniversary Invitational Champions!
  • 2,831
  • 4
Surviving two best of 7 sets in Grand Finals, Extermination are your Splatoon Anniversary Invitational champions![/CENTER] The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational main event consisted of teams that competed in the official SAI community qualifiers, which ran in the two weekends prior to the main event
SAI Main Event: Top 16 Bracket and Gametype/Map Rotation
  • 2,790
  • 0
The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational (SAI) is an online, double-elimination event on Saturday, May 28th. Sixteen teams invited from four community qualifier tournaments will battle it out to be crowned a new Splatoon champion! [Event Page] Main Event Bracket After four qualifiers and two weeks of competition, sixteen teams have qualified for the SAI double-elimination, main event! Here are your qualified teams and their Winner's Round 1 match-ups: [Full Challonge Bracket Page] Seeding was determined by qualifier points obtained and TO discretion. The bracket page will be updated throughout the duration of the event. Gametype/Map Rotation Each round of the event will follow the official Gametype/Map rotation list provided below. This list was created by randomization and TO discretion. Gametypes/maps are available for possible games in best of 5 and best of 7 sets, as well as a second Grand Finals if the bracket is reset. Winner's Round 1 1) Arowana Mall (Rainmaker) 2)...
SAI Event Update: Qualifier Points System Change, Sign-ups, and Discord Server
  • 3,186
  • 0
The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational (SAI) is an online, double-elimination event on Saturday, May 28th. Sixteen teams invited from four community qualifier tournaments will battle it out to be crowned a new Splatoon champion! [Event Page] Event Update: Change to distribution of qualifying points: We have changed the points distribution system for the four SAI qualifier events this weekend and next: Teams can still enter as many qualifier events as they want. However, only their two best finishes will be added together to determine a team's point total. Initially, every event that a team entered would count towards a team's point total. This would have given teams who entered more tournaments a better chance of qualifying, even if they may not have finished farther in a given qualifier compared to another team. Teams that only enter one qualifier will receive points from the one event they did enter and a "0" for not entering a second event. Teams that entered two qualifiers...
Squidboards Presents: The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational!
  • 4,107
  • 9
There's nothing quite like a celebration, and there's no celebration quite like a tournament of the best teams competitive Splatoon has to offer! For the one-year anniversary of the launch of Splatoon on Nintendo Wii U, Squidboards is proud to present: The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational (SAI), an online, double-elimination event on Saturday, May 28th. Sixteen teams invited from four official qualifier tournaments will battle it out to be crowned a new Splatoon champion! [EVENT PAGE] To qualify for the main event, you must earn qualifying points. To earn qualifying points, you must play in the official qualifying events. Out of all the teams that earn points, only the top sixteen teams with the most points will be invited. There's no minimum or maximum to the number of events you can join or points you can earn. Head to each tournament's event page to sign-up. If you do acquire any qualifying points, they'll be tracked and featured on the Invitational event page...
Nintendo Direct Delivers Fresh News - Another Splatoon Update!
  • 12,470
  • 49
Today's Nintendo Direct made it all worthwhile with some unexpected Splatoon news. Despite announcing that Splatoon would no longer receive waves of free DLC (and potentially little else otherwise), Nintendo bounced back with new information outlining major updates hitting the eShop this Spring.
Leagues Under The Ink - -Season 1 Signups Are Underway!
  • 9,057
  • 18
Through 2015 and into the new year, we've seen players come and go. Teams rise and fall. Tournaments and Twitch channels created, and a barrage of new weapons, maps, and gear. Although the future is uncertain, it's quite amazing to see how far Splatoon and its community have come since launch! We're lucky to have awesome community members stepping up to continue to support the competitive side of Splatoon, and now a select group of such players are back with a brand new Splatoon competition -- Leagues Under The Ink!
Squidboards Update #8 - New Boards!
  • 3,414
  • 16
We know you're all deep in the new Splatoon update, and rightfully so! There's a ton of content to play around with. But there's also another update you may want to give a try as well - a Squidboards update! We've got some new boards some squids have been asking for, and with more content and options now available in Splatoon, we felt Squidboards should expand its content and options as well. Check out the following additions to the forum! Splat Zone: Clan Wars -For any and all players, clans, squids, and squads looking to get involved in clan wars and other clan-related activities, this is the board for you. Here is where you can set up clan wars, challenge other clans, manage clan events, and more. Squid Locator -Looking for a team? Need a fourth? Light on subs? The Squid Locator is the tool you need to get that team together! Players looking for competitive teams, and teams looking for competitive players, can use this board to strengthen their search. Inkopolis...
Splatoon Version 2.0.0: Patch Notes
  • 8,278
  • 30
The big August update has been looming on the horizon for a long time, but it's finally here! This is the big one - party matchmaking, private games, level/ranking increases, map changes, and more. Truly the largest and most significant to the final product since launch. The developers were generous enough to provide us with official patch notes. Read on to learn more about what the update brings to the table: Update Details: Ver. 2.0.0 [To be released on 08/05/15] Squad Battle Users will be able to create a squad with friends and battle against other squads in Ranked Battle. *Squad Battle can be accessed by players who are at level 10 or higher. *Once a squad is created, friends of friends will be able to join the squad. *Passwords can be set if users wish to only play with specific friends. *Squad Battle can only be played against other users who are playing Squad Battle. (Ranked Battle players will not be matched up with Squad Battle players.) Users will be able to...
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