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Colossal Changes for Urchin Underpass - New Map Overhaul!
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  • 29
Thanks to the technicians and interns over at Splatoon HQ, the map that started it all is getting a major rehaul a few months following launch. Some changes include a different location for the base trees, opened-up chokepoints and mid, and different side-path structures. You can check out a full tour of the new map with the help of a new video from GameXplain:
The Official Squidboards Review - Splatoon
  • 6,558
  • 39
Splatoon Platform: Wii U Release: May 2015 Players: 1 (2 player local) Splatoon is the Wii U's ultimate pick-up-and-play package. Almost always, for the better. But at times, to a fault. What's at the core of Splatoon – diving in and out of ink, splattering opponents and taking objectives in the name of your paint color – still excites me today as it did when the game was first unveiled. I don't think a community like Squidboards nor the critical acclaim this game has received would be possible without what Splatoon is truly about. Splatoon works because the game provides cool tools to work with, a large amount of interactivity with the surrounding world, and a memorable style that compliments the game's rambunctious nature. Every session of Splatoon is frantically fiery. Players zoom around the map, dipping and diving past obstacles to get the upper hand on an enemy squid. Paint splatters here and there, explosions of color rocking the asphalt. Splatoon constantly wants you in...
Tower Control Launches for Ranked Battle Tomorrow!
  • 7,482
  • 59
Get your suckers ready for a new kind of battle! This week, Ranked Battle gains an additional gametype. This new mode, dubbed "Tower Control," will rotate alongside Splat Zones in Ranked Battle. "Once someone jumps onto the tower, it starts moving along a set path toward the other team’s goal. If the tower doesn’t arrive at either goal before time runs out, the team that’s moved it closest toward their opponent’s goal wins. Ride the tower all the way into the other team’s goal though, and you’ll get a decisive knockout victory." Tower Control will become available in Ranked Battle in North America tomorrow, July 1st at 7PM Pacific. In Europe, the mode will launch on the 2nd. Let us know what you think about the new mode when it launches! Check out our Ranked Battle discussion thread to chat about this new mode or leave your thoughts in the comments below.
Squidboards Update #7 - Splatoon Review "After 30" Submissions, Community Montage Update
  • 2,922
  • 20
Happy Saturday everyone! Time for a quick Squidboards update. Let's keep it brief and, of course, fresh. The Official Squidboards Splatoon Review - Looking for "After 30" Opinions! On the 29th, just a few days from now, we'll be posting the official Squidboards review for the reason we're all here...Splatoon! We decided to hold off on the review for a while as the game came into its own to give a more thorough and complete opinion on the game. However, we don't wanna limit ourselves to just that. We'd like to have you all get involved as well! Thus, we're looking for "After 30" opinions from you! Essentially, what this means is we'd like for you all to give some thoughts on Splatoon now that it'll be thirty days since the North American launch of the game by the time the review hits. We'd like to include some of the best comments in the tail-end of the review when it goes live. To submit: Simply post your thoughts in 500 words or less on Splatoon in the comments of this update...
Squidboards Update #6 - Meet the New Staff!
  • 2,966
  • 27
Hey everyone! Hope you're all enjoying Splatoon. Ranked Battles, N-Zap and Port Mackerel already? Hype as hell, if you ask me! Anyway, we've been working to put together a larger staff as the site grows and the community gets bigger. We had around 100 applicants apply for moderation and writing positions. But we had to cut that number down to a more reasonable one, and it was quite the process to do so! We had so many great applicants. Now, we'd like to formally introduce you all to your new staff members. You'll be seeing them around the forum and contributing content to the site from now on, of course alongside myself, AlphaZealot, and Warchamp7. Your new staff members are as follows: Global (Super) Moderators: @Trieste Sp and @IsmaR Welcome Center Moderator: @bluekentuckyboy Splat Zone Discussion Moderators: @Platypudding and @Undr Splat Zone Tournament Moderators: @Kat and @Mayday Booyah Base Moderators: @jp4464 and @Setu Inkopolis Plaza Mod: @<π. and @Mayana Writing...
Squidboards Update #4 - The Global Testfire Community Montage
  • 5,258
  • 30
Tomorrow is the final Global Testfire before Splatoon launches worldwide next week. To commemorate the Global Testfire sessions and the pre-launch Splatoon community hype, Squidboards is proud to present... The Squidboards Global Testfire Community Montage! This combination of clips will be an action-packed highlights video with some of the best gameplay the Splatoon community has to offer...all thanks to you! With submissions from the community, Squidboards will be editing together a montage to exhibit the best plays, kills, clutch moments, and more during the final Global Testfire session. We can't make this happen without you all getting out there, setting up your recording equipment, and capturing your best moments in the Global Testfire. All you have to do is record and submit the clips, and we'll handle the rest! Here's how to see your gameplay in the Squidboards Global Testfire Community Montage: 1) Record your Splatoon gameplay (in high definition preferably!)...
Squidboards Update #3 - Testfire Montage, New Boards, and Community Reminders
  • 5,588
  • 48
It's time for another Squidboards update! Splatoon launches next week, so the Squidboards staff is back in the kitchen getting ready for the big day. Hopefully you all are too! Heading into the final weekend before the splatting begins, we've got some reminders and hot news for lunch today. Community Reminders First, Squidboards staff applications will be open until this Monday, May 25th, at 12:00 PM EST. You can apply for a staff position by clicking here. We have a wealth of applications for moderator positions, but we'd like to see more writers, as well! And second, the Squidboards contest to win a copy of Splatoon continues until the launch of the game on May 29th. If you make at least 20 quality posts by this time, you are eligible for this contest. New Boards at Inkopolis Plaza Inkopolis Plaza will gain three additional boards – Forum Games, Original Content and Squid Social. Forum Games will be for fun threads to fool around in that have been populating the Crispy...
Squidboards Update #2 - Beta Users, Boards, and Staff Applications
  • 9,498
  • 97
Happy Friday! I'm sure many of you are getting ready for all the paint-splattering madness this weekend, so I'll be sure to keep this nice and concise. Boards We've got some shuffling to do here, so take some notes if you must. First, Splat Zone will lose the Guides board. Never fear, Inklings! The Guides board will be moving to Booyah Base to join Maps and Weapons. Further, additional boards will be added in the future alongside the Summer 2015 content updates, including regional boards, team/player/game search, Squidboards tournaments and events, and much more. For the News Board, it will now become the News & Features board. Features will now become part of the Squidboards homepage content alongside Splatoon news. For the General Discussion board, the Global Testfire Stream Directory thread has been pinned. This board will also gain an additional thread: Official Global Testfire Discussion, which will also be pinned. Beta Users Quite the awesome bunch! Before the launch...
May 7th Nintendo Direct - Splatoon Edition: Quick Recap
  • 8,072
  • 70
Quite a way to start the day, huh? We got a brand new, hot out of the fryer, Nintendo Direct dedicated solely to Splatoon, which hits shelves this month! So, of course we needed some new info as the game approaches as rapidly as it has been. For those of you who caught the Direct, we'd love to see your thoughts and discussion all across Squidboards. However, for those of you who may have missed some or all of the Direct, you've come to the right place. This will be a quick recap of all the information spewed during the Direct, which ran for just over half an hour. For anyone (a majority of us I'm sure) who has been keeping up with Splatoon over the past several months will likely find a good portion of this information redundant. That being said, Nintendo did surprise us with some new tidbits of inky info, so make sure you get a good fill of it all. Basics: -Inklings can change into "Humanoid" and "Squid" forms. They can be either male or female and have modifiable skin tones...
Nintendo Direct for Splatoon Announced for May 7th
  • 6,417
  • 76
Nintendo's ink-splattering team shooter gets its own Nintendo Direct online broadcast a week from today on May 7th. This special edition Nintendo Direct will air in North America, Europe, Oceania, and Japan at the following times: Japan - 11pm JST North America - 10am EST United Kingdom - 3pm BST Europe - 4pm CEST Australia/New Zealand - 12am AEST Be sure to stay with us here at Squidboards for the latest news that comes with this Direct!
Squidboards Update #1 - Intro, Staff Positions, Board Names, and Beta Forum
  • 5,115
  • 42
Hello everyone! It's been quite the day. With the official launch of the full Squidboards site, it's great to see the culmination of Squidboards happening before my very eyes. Last year when I was in the Smash Bros. Invitational, I didn't even know what Splatoon was. Hadn't heard a single bit of information about it. But when I got to the E3 show floor, finally getting the game in my hands for the first time, the game felt oddly familiar. Like I had played it before. But obviously I hadn't. I then realized what this feeling was. The gameplay felt like all of my favorite things from previous games – high intensity, competition, smooth and quick movement, tons of control. The Melee player in me, the Gears of War player in me, the gamer in me, all roared with excitement. I didn't stop playing Splatoon until I had at least a few hours of the game under my belt. It was that good. So deciding to create Squidboards was a pretty easy decision. I knew I'd be playing this game for a long...
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