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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Available for Download
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The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire is now available for download on the Switch eShop! If you've got a Nintendo Switch, be sure to download it so you're ready to go on March 24th when the Global Testfire begins!
Splatoon 2 Launches on Nintendo Switch in Summer 2017
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  • 14
Nintendo's heavily anticipated console presentation last night featured a slew of new games, as well as a couple of familiar titles with some new twists.
Nintendo Switch Reveal Includes Splatoon!
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  • 10
Nintendo surprised the world yesterday with the announcement of a preview trailer for their upcoming home console, the NX. This morning, that trailer has finally come -- our first look at the Nintendo Switch.
Extermination Are Your Splatoon Anniversary Invitational Champions!
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Surviving two best of 7 sets in Grand Finals, Extermination are your Splatoon Anniversary Invitational champions![/CENTER] The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational main event consisted of teams that competed in the official SAI community qualifiers, which ran in the two weekends prior to the main event
SAI Main Event: Top 16 Bracket and Gametype/Map Rotation
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The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational (SAI) is an online, double-elimination event on Saturday, May 28th. Sixteen teams invited from four community qualifier tournaments will battle it out to be crowned a new Splatoon champion! [Event Page] Main Event Bracket After four qualifiers and two weeks of competition, sixteen teams have qualified for the SAI double-elimination, main event! Here are your qualified teams and their Winner's Round 1 match-ups: [Full Challonge Bracket Page] Seeding was determined by qualifier points obtained and TO discretion. The bracket page will be updated throughout the duration of the event. Gametype/Map Rotation Each round of the event will follow the official Gametype/Map rotation list provided below. This list was created by randomization and TO discretion. Gametypes/maps are available for possible games in best of 5 and best of 7 sets, as well as a second Grand Finals if the bracket is reset. Winner's Round 1 1) Arowana Mall (Rainmaker) 2)...
SAI Event Update: Qualifier Points System Change, Sign-ups, and Discord Server
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The Splatoon Anniversary Invitational (SAI) is an online, double-elimination event on Saturday, May 28th. Sixteen teams invited from four community qualifier tournaments will battle it out to be crowned a new Splatoon champion! [Event Page] Event Update: Change to distribution of qualifying points: We have changed the points distribution system for the four SAI qualifier events this weekend and next: Teams can still enter as many qualifier events as they want. However, only their two best finishes will be added together to determine a team's point total. Initially, every event that a team entered would count towards a team's point total. This would have given teams who entered more tournaments a better chance of qualifying, even if they may not have finished farther in a given qualifier compared to another team. Teams that only enter one qualifier will receive points from the one event they did enter and a "0" for not entering a second event. Teams that entered two qualifiers...
Amiibo Announcement! Callie, Marie and Original recolours
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  • 39
Today Nintendo announced a new wave of Splatoon Amiibos hitting stores in North America on July 8th. Alongside brand new Callie and Marie Amiibos, we'll also be getting recolours of the original three Splatoon Amiibos. The original Splatoon Amiibos unlocked special challenges for the single player missions, and the recolours will function the very same. The Squid Sisters Amiibo however will instead allow you to listen to various Squid Sisters songs, including a couple from the Chogaki concert in Japan! Alongside those songs, you'll also be able to change Inkopolis Plaza to it's night time appearance featured during Splatfests, and unlock new dance animations for the Squid Sisters from their live concert performance.
Team SpongeBob vs Team Patrick Splatfest Announced!
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  • 21
The official Splatoon Tumblr has announced the next Splatfest and they couldn't be more correct in calling it a doozy! It's going to be Team Spongebob vs Team Patrick Check your calendars because it's not April 1st anymore, it's the 14th, and this is the real deal! You'll be able to place your vote tomorrow for #TeamSpongeBob or #TeamPatrick. We can only assume Squidward is sitting out from the fun as he often does. Which team will you be playing for this weekend squids?
New Squid Sisters Concert Announced + Gachibon Festival!
  • 8,495
  • 16
Nintendo has just announced two new events for fans of Splatoon in Japan! This April, there will both be a second Squid Sisters concert as well as the brand-new Gachibon Festival. It's going to be an exciting month! The first announcement is a new Squid Sisters live performance. Following up on their wildly successful first concert, the pop duo will be at Nico Nico Choukaigi, a conference for Japan's streaming site Nico Nico Douga, taking place April 29th and 30th. Like the last concert, it will feature hologram projections of Callie and Marie accompanied by a live band. Further details have not yet been announced.
New Splatfest Update! Splatfest 100!
  • 15,354
  • 28
Nintendo has upped the ante of Splatfests just a bit more! In addition to the the new power system for each Splatfest, you will now be able to get some serious bragging rights with enough determination. The Splatfest 100 will show on Splatnet the top 100 players for each side of the fest. If you happen to be one of them, you'll get a fresh lil badge next to your name! Once the ink has settled and the partying dies down, Nintendo will then post the names of the top 100 players for each side on their official Tumblr page (Click here to go to the Squid Research Lab)! The top 100 will be determined by their Splatfest power, so be sure to get those Areosprays & Splattershot Jr's ready! To learn a bit more about this new feature, click here! What do you think of Top 100? Lemme know down in those comments!
Introducing the Squidboards Event System
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  • 4
Tonight's maintenance has brought with it a fresh new feature for the site! Our awesome community event organizers can now post their events via this system and have it automatically appear on an easily browsable calendar. Read all about this new system!
Nintendo Direct Delivers Fresh News - Another Splatoon Update!
  • 14,941
  • 49
Today's Nintendo Direct made it all worthwhile with some unexpected Splatoon news. Despite announcing that Splatoon would no longer receive waves of free DLC (and potentially little else otherwise), Nintendo bounced back with new information outlining major updates hitting the eShop this Spring.
Calamari Cup 3 - The Tides of Change
  • 5,135
  • 6
Calamari Cup 3 looms around the corner. The third installment to a popular online Splatoon tournament series is set to feature some of the best talent in the Splatoon community. While the previous two have featured a group stage to single elimination format, Calamari Cup 3 will be adopting a simpler format, going for a straight Double Elimination bracket. Along with the changes in the tournament series, the young Splatoon competitive scene itself is experiencing its own growing pains. Many teams that were once dominant have become defunct in the last few weeks, while teams that are currently leading the scene have either remade their rosters or adopted new teams altogether. Two such teams competing in the Calamari Cup 3 epitomize this trend. One is a new team with old members looking to stomp the competition once more. The other is an old team with new faces aiming for the elusive gold. KUSA HUKAHI is a new joint venture between American and Japanese players out to make a name...
Leagues Under The Ink - -Season 1 Signups Are Underway!
  • 10,394
  • 18
Through 2015 and into the new year, we've seen players come and go. Teams rise and fall. Tournaments and Twitch channels created, and a barrage of new weapons, maps, and gear. Although the future is uncertain, it's quite amazing to see how far Splatoon and its community have come since launch! We're lucky to have awesome community members stepping up to continue to support the competitive side of Splatoon, and now a select group of such players are back with a brand new Splatoon competition -- Leagues Under The Ink!
Inkoming Weapon: Sloshing Machine!
  • 11,225
  • 55
Hey there Squids and kids! See that awesome new weapon shown above? It's the Sloshing Machine and it's coming to Splatoon TONIGHT! Confirmed earlier today by SplatoonJP, the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter, the weapon will feature Splat Bombs and Bomb Rush. This Slosher will be slightly slower but also have a higher damage ratio with a signature swirling ink shot.
Splatoon Wins BAFTA Award!
  • 6,880
  • 29
Hey there squids and kids! Some more fresh news coming for our favorite games. As readers may know.Splatoon has been nominated for as well as won several awards within the world of gaming already. Well it seems the list of accolades isn't over just yet as Splatoon was given a BAFTA award for 'Best Children's Video Game For 2015'!
New Maps, Gear, And More Coming To Splatoon!
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  • 48
When the first Nintendo Direct was announced since the passing of Satoru Iwata Nintendo fans were excited. Well in proper fashion Nintendo brought on the announcements and talked about how they would be keeping Splatoon VERY fresh. New maps, gears, a special tournament, and more were all included among the announcements so sit tight and get ready for some exciting news!
Help Squidboards Produce Content! (Livestreams & Videos)
  • 3,898
  • 13
Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. As some of you inklings probably know, I am reasonably familiar with Splatoon content production. Well, today I am happy to announce that @TheRapture will be starting a Squidboards content initiative and we need YOUR help to make this happen. If you have experience with Twitch streaming and/or YouTube video production, please send me a private message either here on Squidboards or on Twitter. As always, stay fresh!
A Wild Splatoon Update Appears! (Version 2.2.0)
  • 29,145
  • 155
Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome! Nintendo just announced a new 2.2.0 update for Splatoon. They made some adjustments to the ranking system, as well as some light tweaks to game mechanics within ranked game modes. However, the big news with this update comes from Nintendo's weapon balancing. Notably, Splash Walls, Krakens, and even Inkzookas were all nerfed. Not even the mighty Dynamo Roller was able to escape weapon balancing this time. If you want all of the specifics, Nintendo has actually provided a comprehensive list of all of the changes it has made to various weapons in the 2.2.0 update. Take a look at all of the changes in the PDF linked below: For more Splatoon updates, be sure to check back in at Squidboards!
New Weapons Inkoming: Custom Range Blaster and Custom E-liter 3K Scope
  • 8,962
  • 59
Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. Nintendo has just announced its weekly content release; this time we are getting the Custom E-Liter 3K Scope as well as the Custom Range Blaster. They are going to be hitting Inkopolis tonight at 7 PM PT! These are subtle variations of weapons that we already have. The Custom E-Liter 3K Scope gets added range and decreased mobility with the addition of the scope whereas the Custom Range Blaster gains the Splatterbomb sub weapon as well as the Kraken special weapon. Let me know what you guys think of these new weapons down in the comments section below and be sure to stick around Squidboards for more Splatoon news updates!
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