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Splatoon Passes One Million In Sales!
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Welcome squids and kids for this inkredible news update! The game we all know and love has managed to surpass ONE MILLION IN SALES NUMBERS!!! That's a lot of inklings out there covering turf and Splating friends and foes alike. This news came from SplatoonJP, the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account in this Tweet. In celebration of this latest triumph, a new commercial for Splatoon has been released in Japan and is available for viewing! An official statement has been released from Nintendo on the subject as well, inkluding the sales figures by region: --- REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nintendo has hauled up its nets, tallied its catch and crossed another milestone. Sales of Splatoon, the new squid-based game for Nintendo’s Wii U home console, have crossed 1 million worldwide, according to Nintendo’s internal figures. That figure includes more than 476,000 physical and digital units sold in the Americas, more than 368,000 sold in Japan, more than 230,000 sold in...
Inkoming Weapon: Luna Blaster!
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Inkoming weapon squids and kids; get ready to blow the competition away with the latest and greatest in Splating technology: the Luna Blaster! "The Luna Blaster is a specialized shooter that can unleash explosive power at close range! Its rate of fire is good, and its blasts cover a wide area, but you'll need the Inkzooka to hit far-off foes. Oh, and the Ink Mines can really make a difference in the right hands, so this set is perfect for veterans!" - Sheldon Owner Of Ammo Knights Some screenshots of this weapon in action were shown on SplatoonJP, the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account. The release times for this weapon are as follows: Europe: 4AM (June 24th) UK: 3AM (June 24th) North America (EDT): 10PM (June 23rd) North America (PDT): 7PM (June 23rd) Japan: 11AM (June 24th) So be sure to give Sheldon a visit and check out the latest weapon to join his expansive inventory! To keep up with any upcoming weapon news be sure to stay tuned to Squidboards. Spread ink...
(Spoilers) Inkoming Leak: Weapons, Stages, Game Modes, and More!
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Hello squids and kids! It seems that a particularly sneaky Octoling hacked into Splatoon and discovered top secret information! We've made sure that our turf is secure here at Squidboards and got all of the information we could on this leak. New stages, weapons, and even game modes have been revealed by mining data so there is a lot to explore. From here on out spoilers will be abundant, so for those who want to keep all of this fresh upon release leave while you still can! --- Alright, ready for the excitement? Let's start with weapons! Thirty-Three weapons were discovered within the game's files, some with details on their special and sub weapons and others still with more cryptic names. A list has been provided below. The leaker even managed to record in game footage using one of these weapons: the Sploosh-o-matic. Give it a watch and get a sneak peak at this inkoming weapon! Descriptions from Sheldon upon buying certain weapons were found as well. For those who want...
Inkoming News Update: North America Splatfest Delayed
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It is with great sadness we come to all of the Squidboards Inklings with this news. It has been announced that the first Splatfest in North America has been delayed. Confirmed by both the Splatoon Tumblr and Nintendo Of America's Twitter, it seems this is due to an issue that took place during the first Splatfest in Japan (Rice vs Bread). Here is the official statement: "Unfortunately, a matchmaking issue was discovered in the first Japanese Splatfest that resulted in long wait times and players unable to join matches. We have been working on a solution but will need a little more time to resolve the issue. In order to ensure that fans have the best possible experience and can enjoy the fun they’ve come to expect from Splatoon, we have decided to postpone the first North American Splatfest. We’ll have details on a new date soon!" It seems that Splatfests are just too fresh for the game to currently handle. Be sure to stay tuned to Squidboards for news and updates on the situation.
Keeping It Fresh: Cats vs Dogs And Inkoming Stage: Bluefin Depot
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Hello to all them squids and kids, it's time for a Splatoon update! Here's the freshest news hot off the battlefield. The second ever Splatfest will be taking place this weekend in North America. Cat lovers will take on dog lovers in an epic battle to decide which is the best pet! Nintendo has released another video to get players excited for the event as well. While mostly similar to the previous video released for the first Japanese Splatfest, Rice vs Bread, the kicking tunes of the stunning Squid Sisters are still a great way to get pumped for the event! Who will prevail, cats or dogs? If that's not funky fresh enough for all those Inklings out there how about a new stage: Bluefin Depot! Confirmed to be inkcoming by SplatoonJP, the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account,"the Central Valley is divided into two main areas" according to a translation. Several pictures of the stage were provided, one showing several spots with water to fall into, one sniper spot, and what...
Inkoming Weapons: L-3 Nozzlenose And Custom E-litre 3K
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Splatoon just can't stop staying fresh! Another small wave of new content is coming to Splatoon in two weapons: L-3 Nozzlenose and the Custom E-litre 3K! Pictures of them were released across several Nintendo Splatoon outlets with small pieces of information as well. The Custom E-litre 3K will have the Squid Beacon as its sub weapon and the Kraken as its special weapon. The L-3 Nozzlenose will fire 3 shots whenever the trigger is pulled, and is described to have high "hit accuracy". Its sub weapon is the Disruptor and its special weapon is the Killer Wail. Their release times for these new weapons are as follows: Europe: 4AM UK: 3AM North America (EDT): 10PM (June 16th) North America (PDT): 7PM (June 16th) Japan: 11AM So be sure to visit Sheldon over at Ammo Knights and get a look at the newest items in the inventory. To keep up with any upcoming weapon news be sure to stay tuned to Squidboards. Spread ink, cover some turf, but most importantly stay fresh!
Weapon Incoming: Splash-o-matic!
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Splatoon really knows how to stay fresh! Tonight at 7pm PT the Splash-o-matic will become available to use. While no official stats have been released it was described by Splatoon JP as a "blazing fast shooter." It's sub weapon is the Suction Bomb and the special weapon is Bomb Rush. Pictures of the Splash-o-matic in action can be found below. So get ready for another inkcredible weapon for Splatoon, and be sure to stay fresh!
New Stage Incoming: Kelp Dome!
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Splatoon just keeps itself so inkredibly fresh; the game has gotten the Ink Brush, Splatfests are on the way, and yet another exciting addition is coming in the new stage Kelp Dome! It seems to have an interesting layout, with an inner, maze-like structure that's covered in ink resistant glass which should make for very interesting strategic entry and defense points on the map. Accord to the Tweet above from SplatoonJP (the official Japanese Splatoon twitter) will becoming on 6/11 at 11:00. There is no official news on when they will be will be releasing Kelp Dome in other places, but it seems safe to assume that like other DLC it will be added to the game around 7pm PST on 6/10. So get prepared for more squidtastic excitement and remember to stay fresh!
Promotional Splatfest Video Released: New Information On Splatfests!
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If you weren't excited enough for the first ever Splatfest in Japan, here's something else to keep things fresh until it begins! A pre-Splatfest video has been released featuring music from Squid Sisters; Callie and Marie. The video shows off what look to be new maps, shows how Inkopolis and stages look at night, give previews of Splatfest shirts for the three currently announced upcoming Splatfests, and more! "We have released the PV for the upcoming Splatfest this weekend. We want the fishes and flounder...no wait, squids and jellyfish to dance lively. The song, paradise is where the heavens sing and you listen, but everyone may know it as "Salted fish (entrails) time." - SplatoonJP (Thanks to PushDustin for the Tweet Translation!) There is currently no information as to if what looks to be new stages will be coming to the game alongside the patches. The original Tweet announcing the video can be found here. For more information keep tuned in to Squidboards and be sure to...
Splatoon Canadian Summer Tour: June 20th - September 7th
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All of the squids and kids in Canada are in for a real treat this summer. Nintendo Canada has announced they will be running a Splatoon Canadian Summer Tour! They'll be traveling along in the Splatoon Splatter truck and letting Nintendo fans try the game. Alongside this, there will be a chance to enter a drawing to win a Splatoon Prize Pack. The drawing will take place each week and two luck winners will take home a copy of the game, a Splatoon amiibo 3-pack, and a Splatoon themed skin to customize a Wii U GamePad controller. Here's What They Could Win! There are currently plans for thirty-seven stops all across Canada in many locations. The schedule can be found here however they "will also be traveling to more locations that are not outlined on this schedule." Updates on any other stops will be given out via their Twitter and Facebook.
Splatfests Added To Japanese Splatoon Website: First This Weekend!
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The official Japanese Splatoon account on Twitter announced today that Splatfests have been added to the Japanese Splatoon website. It seems the first Splatfest in Japan will have Rice against Bread to decide which is the better breakfast option! It will take place from June 13th through 14th starting at 6pm the 13th and ending at 6pm the 14th. Players will be able to vote for their choice on a machine found in the Inkopolis plaza. Players will only be able to be done once, and once voted upon the choice cannot be changed. Participants will receive a temporary t-shirt with three slots for abilities. The Miiverse box in Inkopolis can also be used to make messages supporting either team. Don't forget that rare and valuable Super Sea Snails are also up for grabs at the end of the event, making the stakes even higher! Rice And Bread Shirts Respectively Players in the North America and PAL regions will have to wait just a little bit longer for their first Splatfests. Players in...
Splatoon Themed New 3DS Cover Plates Coming to Europe June 26th
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Any squids, kids, or squidkids in Europe who just can't get enough Splatoon in their lives here is some good news! Nintendo Europe announced on their Twitter account that Splatoon themed New 3DS cover plates would be available on June 26th in Europe. This comes as an extra pleasant surprise as they were originally planned to be released in July. Here's to keeping New 3DSs everywhere inkredibly fresh!
Contest Winner and Update
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When Squidboards was launched we mentioned that there would be some contests! The first contest drawing was originally meant to have a poll which was left out by mistake in all the hussle of launching the site and preparing for 2015's Game of the Year. Sans this poll, we have completed a drawing with the Squids who posted in our very first news story on the site and who also had at least 20 posts! The winning Squid is member @pixelatedcody who will be mailed a copy of Splatoon! Missed the boat? Don't worry we've got another contest starting...right...now! Contest #2 - This contest is all about guides! Let's keep the celebration and exploration of Splatoon going into June - for this next contest, we'll be awarding a brand new GameCube controller to the Squid who has the "best guide" as of June 30, 2015. What makes for the best guide? We'll be considering three factors: Must have at least 10 ratings and average at least 4 stars Must include pictures and awesome formatting The...
Ink Brush To Be Added Tomorrow! (6/6)
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Ever since the Splatoon Nintendo Direct back in May, players have been wondering when the Ink Brush would be usable and have been speculating on how it would work. It seems the speculation wont last much longer however, as the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter Account posted four pictures of the Ink Brush in use! Nintendo of America has stated the Ink Brush will be available at 7PM PST tonight! Alongside the pictures, we received new information on how the weapon will work as well. The weapons seems to be named "Pablo" according to the translation, a playful nod to famous painter Pablo Picasso. The sub weapon for the Ink Brush will be the Sprinkler, and its special weapon looks to be the Ink Strike. The Tweet also mentions that the rate at which you can spread ink with the weapon is fast, however the weapon itself is a bit weak. For those who would like to see the other pictures there are available here and here. Excited for the addition of the Ink Brush? Tell us about it in...
Ika Musume (Squid Girl) Costume Coming To Splatoon With August Patch!
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Recently for an issue of Famitsu, a special collaboration illustration was included where Splatoon crosses over with the Manga Ika Musume (Squid Girl). For those who don't know the manga, it is a series by Masahiro Anbe that has been serialized since 2007. In it a cute Squid Girl sets out to take revenge on mankind for polluting the ocean. However she manages to accidentally do some damage to a beach house and must work as a waitress to pay off her debts and her unusual life on the surface begins from there. Two other collaborative pictures were also released that you can see here and here. However there is even more exciting news! According to the picture taken from the magazine above it seems a special Ika Musume costume will be coming to Splatoon. It would appear to have a white dress and triangle hat just as the main character of the manga as well. It says it will be coming for free with an update in August. At this time the announcement only seems to pertain to Japan. Stay...
Squidboards Update #6 - Meet the New Staff!
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Hey everyone! Hope you're all enjoying Splatoon. Ranked Battles, N-Zap and Port Mackerel already? Hype as hell, if you ask me! Anyway, we've been working to put together a larger staff as the site grows and the community gets bigger. We had around 100 applicants apply for moderation and writing positions. But we had to cut that number down to a more reasonable one, and it was quite the process to do so! We had so many great applicants. Now, we'd like to formally introduce you all to your new staff members. You'll be seeing them around the forum and contributing content to the site from now on, of course alongside myself, AlphaZealot, and Warchamp7. Your new staff members are as follows: Global (Super) Moderators: @Trieste Sp and @IsmaR Welcome Center Moderator: @bluekentuckyboy Splat Zone Discussion Moderators: @Platypudding and @Undr Splat Zone Tournament Moderators: @Kat and @Mayday Booyah Base Moderators: @jp4464 and @Setu Inkopolis Plaza Mod: @<π. and @Mayana Writing...
May 7th Nintendo Direct - Splatoon Edition: Quick Recap
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Quite a way to start the day, huh? We got a brand new, hot out of the fryer, Nintendo Direct dedicated solely to Splatoon, which hits shelves this month! So, of course we needed some new info as the game approaches as rapidly as it has been. For those of you who caught the Direct, we'd love to see your thoughts and discussion all across Squidboards. However, for those of you who may have missed some or all of the Direct, you've come to the right place. This will be a quick recap of all the information spewed during the Direct, which ran for just over half an hour. For anyone (a majority of us I'm sure) who has been keeping up with Splatoon over the past several months will likely find a good portion of this information redundant. That being said, Nintendo did surprise us with some new tidbits of inky info, so make sure you get a good fill of it all. Basics: -Inklings can change into "Humanoid" and "Squid" forms. They can be either male or female and have modifiable skin tones...
Official Splatoon Art Contest
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The official Splatoon Tumblr announced today that they are holding an art contest! Starting today and running until the launch of the game on May 29th, anyone from the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) can post up their Splatoon fan art on Tumblr with the tags #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry. The grand prize winner will receive a Wii U and copy of Splatoon, while 5 more first place winners will receive a copy of Splatoon.
Welcome to Squidboards!
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Hello Squids! Today we are excited to announce the (re)launch of Squidboards. Nearly a year ago, TheRapture launched a beta version of the site on free forum software. Over the last month we've been working on a big update to the site with new features and functionality through the Xenforo forum software. Several users on the previous version of Squidboards asked for features similar to Smashboards and we are excited to launch with very similar functionality. Before going further, the team behind the new-look Squidboards @AlphaZealot - As the owner of Squidboards and Smashboards, he'll mostly be handling the business end of things. Follow him on Twitter here. @TheRapture - General Manager of Squidboards, you know him as the man from the E3 Invitational and the voice of Splatoon. Follow him on Twitter here. TheRapture will be writing another article introducing himself and some of the endeavors to look forward to with the new site. @Warchamp7 - Head admin of Squidboards and...
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